Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 392

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Chapter 392 I Want to Stay With Him

Melissa looked at Murray‘s slightly angry face, took a deep breath, forced herself to calm down, and

“No matter what, we‘ll talk about it after Jaylin‘s operation. Otherwise, the impact will not be good if it
spreads out.”

Although Murray was angry, he had to admit that Melissa was right at this time. He forced a breath and

“We will talk about this matter after Jaylin‘s surgery then. You must give me an explanation.”

Time passed, and the sign at the operating room door was still the word “Surgery“.

Melissa did not know how the situation was on the set. She was getting more and more anxious.
Melissa kept thinking about what Jaylin had told her, and Murray was pacing back and forth.

It was dead silent outside the ward.

After about two hours, the sign finally turned green. Before long, the doctor opened the door and
walked out.

When Melissa heard the noise, she turned around and quickly walked forward to ask, “Doctor, Jaylin ...
how is he


Murray stood at the side. When he heard Jaylin‘s name, he only frowned imperceptibly but did not say

The doctor was relieved, and his tone turned relaxed, “Don‘t worry. His operation was successful,
thanks to your timely delivery. Moreover, the bullet did not hit his heart but deviated a little, and it has
been successfully extracted. However, it would take a few months for him to recover. He could not be
too emotional in these months, nor could he exercise violently. He has to stay in the hospital to be
observed. The patient can only leave the hospital after confirming that his wound is completely healed,
but, he needs rest.”

Melissa heaved a sigh of relief and smiled unconsciously. “Alright, I remember it. Thank you, doctor...”

“Of course.” The doctor shook his head with a smile. “The operation has just ended. The patient is still
resting. Be quiet, and don‘t disturb him.”

“Yeah. Okay…”

After watching the doctor leave, Melissa calmed down. She was really scared just now.

Il Jaylin died because of her, Melissa would be burdened with guilt and sadness for a lifetime.

Murray had been paying attention to Melissa‘s expression. When Murray saw Melissa heave a sigh of
relief, he pursed his lips and turned his gaze to the side, his heart filled with mixed feelings.

No man would like to see his girlfriend worry about others.

Jealousy was an instinct.

“We...” Murray only said a word. However, Melissa had turned around and went to the ward. The door
was tightly closed. She stood at the door and looked at Jaylin, lying unconscious on the ward bed.
Melissa‘s eyes were full of complicated emotions but more of happiness.

What Jaylin said to Melissa before the operation...

Melissa thought, forget it. I don‘t want to think about it anymore.

“Jaylin is fine now. Can you explain it to me?”

Murray asked. He tried to talk to Melissa calinly. Chapter 3921 Want to Stay With Him

Melissa lowered her eyes. She had no idea how to respond to Jaylin‘s attection, especially after Jaylın
had alrost lost his life for her.

To some extent, Melissa could never repay the debt she owed Jaylin.

As for Murray...

Melissa lowered her eyes and thought for a moment. Then, she turned around and said to Murray,
“Murray, why

don‘t you go back first? I will call you later. I want to stay with Jaylin now.”

Jaylin was injured for her. It was impossible for Melissa to leave with Murray.

Murray was holding back his anger. However, when he heard what Melissa said, his face immediately
darkened. Murray turned around and said to Melissa in a serious tone, “Melissa, you are my girlfriend.
Jaylin is now awake, and doctors will take care of him.”

“He was injured because of me. I think I should stay here... Umm!”

Before Melissa could finish explaining, her jaw was pinched and lifted forcefully. Murray‘s face was right
in front of her, and there was a warm touch on her lips. Melissa‘s mouth was forced open, and the
tongues of Melissa and Murray were tangled together.

Murray‘s kiss was overbearing and forceful, almost making Melissa breathless. Melissa half raised her
head and stretched out her hands, pushing Murray away with great difficulty.

Melissa panted heavily. At this time, she was angry. Her face was red, and she raised her hand to slap

“Crazy. You are crazy!”

Murray‘s head turned to the side, and he was stunned. He never thought Melissa would hit him.

Murray slowly raised his hand and touched his left cheek. The tip of his tongue touched his lips, and his
eyes turned back with a hint of a mocking smile but more of anger.

“You hit me for him, didn‘t you?”

When Murray finished speaking, his gaze completely changed. He glared at Melissa in confusion and
blame. His throat moved, but he did not say anything. Murray turned around and strode away.

Melissa looked at his back, her eyes sour and bitter, but she did not stop Murray.

It was inappropriate for Murray to be jealous at this time. Murray should think about it himself.

When Murray returned to Moonlight Mansion, his face was still gloomy. Ryleigh was sitting on the sofa
watching TV. Seeing Murray enter, Ryleigh smiled.

“Murray, where did you go today?”

Murray only looked up at her. Ryleigh and Murray were just acting. Moreover, he had suffered a
setback from Melissa and was in a bad mood. How could he want to tease Ryleigh?

“Company business.”

After saying that, Murray was about to go upstairs. Ryleigh noticed his mood and quickly poured a
glass of water. She walked to Murray with the glass of water and comforted him softly.

“It is inevitable that there are many matters in the company. Since you are home, don‘t frown. Come
and have a glass of water to calm down. In the last resort, leave them to your subordinates.”

Murray was upset, but he took the glass of water and sipped. Then, he went into the home office.

Ryleigh lingered in the living room for a while Then, she went to get the desert she seniy made in the
garden and put them by Murray‘s hand in the home office she smile anz. V e

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Ryleigh took the opportunity to sit nemt to Murray and put ber 12.0 and his are 5522 chest.

“I don‘t have much appetite right now. I‘ll eat late. In still a Frete bust. V

“Murray, it took me a long time to make it. Have a bite for my sabe

Murray withdrew his arm from Ryleigh‘s hand, froved, and pinched his nose T h “I‘m not in the mood
and busy with work now. If you have nothing else, you can go ou

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