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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 391

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Chapter 391 Sald It Right, Didn‘t 1?

The medical stall who had rushed over had already given aylin first aid measures in the ambulance
Seeing that Jaylin‘s costume was soaked in blood, Melissa was in a panic

Melissa had never seen such a scene, not to mention watching her friend block a gunshot for her.

As for the situation on sel, Melissa had no time to care about that. After arriving at the hospital, the
doctors rushed Javlin to the operating room. Melissa sat on the chair outside with her hands clasped

Even Melissa‘s fingertips were trembling.

The doctor came out not long after entering. He looked at Melissa outside the door and said, “Are you
the patient‘s family!

Melissa quickly raised her head, walked forward, and said nervously. “I am his friend... How is Jaylin

The doctor frowned and said seriously, “He was deeply shot and we must immediately take out the
bullet. Otherwise, he might be in danger. Can you contact his family and sign the informed consent?”

Melissa quickly picked up the pen, controlled her trembling hand, and signed the surgical agreement.

For Melissa, there was nothing more important than saving Jaylin at the time.

“Doctor, I‘ve already paid the surgery fee. Can ... can I go see him now?” Melissa looked at the doctor

After seeing the doctor nod, Melissa pushed the door open and walked quickly into the operating room.
The nurses were preparing the equipment for the operation. Jaylin was lying on the bed with a
respirator on his face to maintain normal physical signs.

The hot tears welled up in Melissa‘s eyes.

Melissa walked to the side of the bed and held Jaylin‘s hand tightly, calling out tentatively, “Jay, Jaylin,
how do you feel? Are you alright?”

Jaylin heard Melissa‘s voice in his hazy consciousness. He forced himself to open his eyes. When
Jaylin saw Melissa beside him, he smiled weakly.

“Melissa, are... are you alright...”

Melissa‘s hands tightened, and she nodded. “Yes, I‘in fine. The doctor will prepare you for surgery later.
You must be alright...”

“I‘ll be fine, Melissa...” Jaylin‘s voice was low, but he kept looking at Melissa. “I just want to tell you that
I really love you. As long as you are happy, I can dedicate everything. Even if it is in exchange for you
to look back at me and be willing to accept me...”

“Why are you still saying, such things at this time?”

Melissa spoke with a fasal voke. She lonew Jaylin liked her. Not to mention whether Melissa had
rejected Jaylin, the current situation was improper for romance

“You you need to accept the operation at ease right now. Do you understand? We can talk about the
other things When you are better”

At the same time, Melissa‘s phone had runt more than three times in the bag, but Melissa was not in
the mood to answer the phone at all.

After such an incident, how could Mellasa still remember to keep the appointment?


Murray stood at the entrance of the hotel, and the notification of “not available” from the receiver
sounded again.

Murray hung up impatiently.

Murray stood in the same place, his eyes searching around. He showed an agitated mood for the first

Murray had called Melissa four times. It was either “busy” or “not available“, and Melissa didn‘t call
back. Didn‘t they agree to come out for dinner? According to Melissa, she should have finished filming
at this time. Why didn‘t Melissa pick up Murray‘s call?

Did something happen to the set?

Murray scrolled through his phone, and a message suddenly popped up at the top of the screen.

“The filming site of ‘The King Saying Farewell to His Queen‘ is in chaos! Mr. Segar was shot, and his
life and death are uncertain now!”

Murray frowned.

Jaylin was shot!

Murray seemed to think of something and quickly drove to the hospital.

When Murray arrived at the hospital, he almost ran to the floor of Jaylin‘s operating room. The doctor
was about to enter the operating room with tools when he saw Murray rushing over.

“Sir, sir, you cannot enter!”

Murray did not care about that. He had just run to the operating room door when he heard Jaylin telling
Melissa that he liked Melissa

Murray‘s expression immediately changed. When he saw Jaylin holding Melissa‘s hands, he became
even more jealous.

Melissa! Didn‘t Murray say that Melissa was not allowed to look at other men?

Especially Jaylin, who had rumors with Melissa a few days ago! What if someone else took a picture of

“Make way. The patient is about to undergo surgery. Please leave.”

The doctor came in from outside the door and blocked Murray, who unconsciously took a step back.
Melissa was also asked out.

When Melissa turned around and saw Murray standing outside the door, she was stunned.

But in the end, Melissa did not say anything. When Melissa was outside the operating room, she stood
face to face with Murray. Melissa was not in the mood to speak at all. She was thinking about whether
Jaylin could survive this


After all, Jaylin was injured because of Melissa.

“Aren‘t you going to explain?” Murray finally couldn‘t restrain his feelings and spoke first with a distant
and cold tone.

Murray felt jealousy at that moment. To be exact, as long as it was something related to Melissa, he
would not be able to calm down.

Seeing that Melissa had no intention of speaking, Murray became even more depressed. He pointed in
the direction of the operating room, lowered his voice, and asked with a frown.

“Did you fall in love with Jaylin? He blocked a shot for you, so you fell in love with him, didn‘t you?”

Get Borus

Murray was unreasonable!

Melissa felt disturbed. Hearing Murray‘s words, she raised her head, looked at him in a daze, and said

“Murray, Jay is currently having an operation. We still don‘t know what exactly is going on. Can you
stop making a fuss?”

“Am I making a fuss? Who took advantage of the situation?”

Murray felt that it was somewhat funny.

As Melissa‘s boyfriend, Murray waited for her outside the hotel for an hour and called her four times.

Melissa didn‘t call back. Instead, Melissa was here romancing Jaylin.

Melissa didn‘t say a word.

The more Murray said this, the more unwillingly Melissa explained it to him. She had gone through
enough recently, and Jaylin‘s life was at stake. However, Murray was still arguing here because of
whether Jaylin liked Melissa.

– Melissa sat on the chair and turned her face away, not speaking to Murray.

Murray saw her attitude and became furious. He felt that he said it right. Thus, Murray‘s jealousy was
even stronger.

“I said it right, didn‘t 1?”

“Murray.” Melissa sighed. She really did not have the extra energy to argue with Murray. Melissa raised
her head and looked at Murray solemnly.

“This is the hospital, and now is not the time for us to quarrel because of our relationship. I feel
disturbed. I just want to confirm whether Jaylin‘s operation is successful.”

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