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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 379

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Chapter 379 Steal the Proposal

Sebastian couldn‘t swallow this anger. He had always regarded Murray as an enemy. And the BPL
Group never gave up any chance to go against the Gibson Corporation.

Sebastian and Murray were incompatible.

Sebastian closed the web in frustration. He did not want to see any more reports about North Bay
Amusement Park.

The more he thought about it, the more uncomfortable he felt.

North Bay could have belonged to him, yet because of Murray, he suffered a great loss.

“Alright, go back to your work.”

Sebastian looked up at his assistant with a gloomy look and waved his band impatiently. His
unhappiness was out there to be seen.

The assistant had been carefully observing his face. The moment Sebastian waved his hand, he
breathed a sigh of relief and quickly turned and left.

Sebastian supported his forehead with his right hand, looking gloomy yet didn‘t show much emotion.

He thought, North Bay Amusement Park? Nice!

Murray, I won‘t let you make it this time.

I will make the Gibson Corporation‘s wishful thinking come to nothing, no matter at what cost.


Sebastian suddenly thought of this woman. She had told him last time that Murray was now very
obedient to her, so it was better to start with her.

Thinking of this, Sebastian called Ryleigh.

The nurse Murray hired had just finishied measuring Ryleigh‘s blood pressure and heart rate. Ryleigh
nodded and smiled politely. “Thank you. Please, take a rest. I‘m fine.”

She thought, I am not sick at all. If this nurse kept watching me, sooner or later, she‘ll find out that I am

No, I need a better way to make Murray mine.

As Ryleigh was thinking, her phone rang.

It was Sebastian.

When Ryleigh saw the name, her heart skipped a beat. She controlled her emotions before pressing
the answer button.

“Sebastian, what‘s the matter?”

Her voice was very low in case the nurse heard her.

“What are you doing?”

“I‘m resting.” Ryleigh‘s fingers tightened. Unconsciously, she felt a little nervous.

“Alright, let‘s get down to business.”

Sebastian loosened the tie and asked, “How is the thing between you and Murray now?”

When Ryleigh heard this, her heart sank. She subconsciously looked in the direction of the nurse‘s
room and lowered

Chapter 379 Steal the Proposal


her voice. “I‘ve already moved into Moonlight Mansion, he rarely has the ulme to come back, but he
treats me very well. Moreover, lie and Melissa had a big light on the day I moved in. They should not
have any contact. Sebastian, don‘t worry.”

“Very good,” Sebastian said.

Ryleigh breathed a sigh of relief. Then she heard Sebastian say, “When Murray goes back these days,
be nicer to him, ask him about North Bay Amusement Park.”

“North Bay Amusement Park?”

Ryleigh was a little confused. Murray hadn‘t mentioned anything about the North Bay project in front of
her for a long time. Where did North Bay Amusement Park come from?

There was a long silence on the other side of the line. Sebastian‘s eyes darkened.

“You don‘t know about it, do you? I know that Murray is very cautious. He won‘t tell you so easily.”


Ryleigh quickly denied it. She was afraid that Sebastian would think that she was useless. If the
Lawford family abandoned her, she would lose everything and live in poverty again.

She didn‘t want this to happen.

Cold sweat broke out on Ryleigh‘s forehead. She managed to adjust her breathing and then whispered,
“Murray is really good to me now. And he looked reluctant to mention Melissa when I talked about her.
Sebastian, give me some time...”


Sebastian impatiently stopped Ryleigh. He did not call just to reminisce with her.

“I‘m calling this time to ask you to steal the Gibson Corporation‘s proposal for the annusement park.

“Murray should have a taste of what it feels like to be stepped on by someone...”

Hearing this request, Ryleigh subconsciously frowned. Murray always closed the door of the home
office while working. And he couldn‘t possibly leave such an important proposal at home.

“But I might not have the chance to see this proposal, and he might not put it here...‘

Ryleigh sounded a little hesitant, but Sebastian was not moved at all.

“This is your business. If you fail, you know what will happen! You must make it, understand?”

Byleigh felt helpless. Yet thinking of the thing Sebastian could do, she agreed absent–mindedly. After
the phone was hung up, she secretly clenched her fists.

She was done with Sebastian. She thought that she had to marry Murray as soon as possible so as to
escape from the prips of the lawford Camily,

After marrying, Murray and becoming Mrs. Gibson, Sebastian wouldn‘t be able to do anything to her

At the hotel

“Melissa? Why are you here?” Hearing, someone knock on the door, Nina went to open it and
surprisingly found it was Melissa

Chapter 379 Steal the Proposal

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Nina stroked her hair and invited Melissa in.

Nina hadn‘t returned to the apartment these days. She had been living in a hotel. Her mind was messy,
she needed some peace.

Walking into the room, Melissa casually sat on the bed. She looked at Nina with a worried expression.
“You have been living here for the past few days? When are you going back?”

She knew Nina couldn‘t accept the fact that she had sex with Harley after drinking. But staying in the
hotel was not a long–term plan.

Nina shook her head silently. What had happened these past few days had made her look a lot more

She sat next to Melissa and looked down at her fingertips. After a long time, she said, “How has Tom
been recently?”

This was the first time that Nina had mentioned Tom in front of Melissa during this period of time.

Melissa did not want to bring up anything that could upset Nina. Hearing her ask about Tom, Melissa
patted the back of Nina‘s hand. “Oh right, I haven‘t told you yet. During this period of time, Luca has
been treating him. Tom is no longer against the treatment as much as the beginning. Instead, he is very
cooperative. Sometimes, he even talks to Luca. Anyway, he looks much better than before.”

“Really?” Nina smiled faintly, looking different from before too.

“What a relief! Thank you, Melissa,”

Chapter 380 Propose at the Airport

When Melissa saw Nina‘s appearance, her heart was also filled with mixed feelings. She patted Nina‘s
shoulder, trying to cheer her up.

Melissa said with a smile, “Don‘t mention it. We are good friends. I should help you take care of him. By
the way, his right leg is much better now. He can even walk a little. Luca said that it would be helpful.”

Hearing this, Nina was finally relieved. She nodded with a smile,

However, at the same time, the bitterness that had been suppressed in her heart also surged up. Her
nose was sour and her eyes were hot. However, she did not want to let Melissa find out about her
change. She silently turned her head to the side, secretly wiping off her tears.

Nina said to herself, no matter what, Tom‘s right leg would be fine. That‘s good news.

It would be worth it even if we broke up.

Nina was sad, yet she knew that there was nothing she could do. Holding back her tears, Nina held
Melissa‘s hand and pleaded, “Melissa, I want to see him... Please, take me there.”

Hearing this, Melissa heaved a sigh of relief.

It had been a hard time for Nina. As a good friend, Melissa was worried about Nina. Seeing that Nina
would like to go out, Melissa felt relieved.

“Alright, I‘ll take you there.” Melissa nodded, released her hand, and walked to the door to wait for Nina.

Nina walked out of the hotel with Melissa. She still felt uneasy. She brushed her hair that was blown to
the front of her eyes and asked worriedly, “Melissa, what if Tom refuses to see me?”

Melissa furrowed. She remembered that Tom sometimes stared out the window in a daze these days.

Although he did not mention anything, Melissa could guess that he might be missing Nina.

Melissa thought about it and decided not to say it. She shook her head and said, “It won‘t happen. You
guys have had a conversation. He won‘t treat you like before. Let‘s go.”

Nina was relieved. Melissa drove the car to the hospital. Nina was very nervous all the way, thinking
about Tom.

She was thinking about what to say after seeing Tom.

Just as she was thinking, her phone in the bag rang.

Nina took out her phone. Seeing that it was her father‘s call, she adjusted her mood and connected it.
She said calmly. “Mom, what‘s the matter?”

Nina‘s mother‘s weak voice came from the other side of the receiver, “Nina....... I‘m sick. Can you hurry
back? I miss you very much

Wien Nina heard this, she frowned and shouted to the receiver, “Mom, Mom, what‘s wrong? Don‘t
worry, I‘ll buy tickets and rush back!”

Melissa noticed Nina‘s movements and quidy stepped on the brake, asiding in contusion, “What is it?”

Nina did not have time to pay attention to her question. She comforted her mom on the phone for a
while and then hung up in a hurry She spoke quickly, “Melissa, iny mother in slek, I can‘t go to see tom
right now. Can you send me to the airport quickly? I need to go home!”

“Your mom is sick? What happened?”

Chapter 380 Propose at the Airport

When Melissa heard Nina‘s words, she couldn‘t help but feel anxious. She had seen Nina‘s parents
and liked the very much.

As she asked, she turned around and drove to the airport. Nina‘s eyes were full of anxiety. “I don‘t
know either. What is going on.”

Under the pressure of multiple things, Nina cried out, her hand on her forehead. She was exhausted.

She had thought that she would not be sad anymore.

Melissa was also burning with anxiety. She was driving, at the same time comforting Nina. She couldn‘t
stand seeing Nina in such a terrible state. “It‘s fine. Your mom is a good person, she‘ll be alright.”

Along the way, they surpassed cars one by one and finally arrived at the airport within twenty minutes.

As soon as the car stopped, Nina opened the door and ran out. Melissa quickly took her bag and
chased after her. “Nina, your bag!”

Seeing Nina turn around and run back into the airport lobby like a spiral, Melissa couldn‘t help but sigh,
her eyes filled with worry.

Melissa took out her phone and dialed a number. “Hello, where are you...”

She called Harley.

Not long after Nina entered the airport, Harley‘s car stopped outside the airport. When she got out of
the car, she happened to meet Melissa. Seeing her eyes, Harley nodded firmly and ran in.

There were a lot of people at the airport. Harley had been looking for Nina and finally saw her on the
bench outside the


He clenched the bouquet in his hand and walked through the crowd to Nina‘s side. Suddenly, he knelt
on one knee and handed the bouquet of roses to Nina.


Nina was thinking about her mother‘s condition. Harley‘s sudden appearance caught her off guard.

“Harley, why are you here?”

“I followed you to the airport...” Harley touched the back of his head and muttered. Then, as if he
remembered something, he solemnly extended the bouquet again and said to Nina.

“Nina, I am here to propose to you. I know that you have been in a mess these days and have been
avoiding me. But I want to tell you that I am sincere. You are the girl I want to marry. Marry me and let
me take good care of you, okay?

The people around them were attracted by the couple. They looked at them curiously or in surprise,
some even started to applaud.

Nina had never experienced such a scene, or perhaps, she had imagined it, but the person who
proposed to her was Tom.

She pursed her lips. Looking at Harley‘s burning gaze, she touched her arm and shook her head in

“I‘m sorry, Harley I don‘t want to talk about these things right now. Besides, it was an accident between
us. I ...! don‘t have feelings for you.”

Harley had expected this answer, but when he heard it from Nina, he was still a little disappointed

Seeing this, the crowd also dispersed in disappointment.

Chapter 280 Propone at the Altport

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Nina was not in the mood to deal with Harley at all, and she had no time to care about his emotions.
After saying that, she turned her face to the side and looked at the sign at the airport.

Three hours later, the plane landed at Houston’s airport.

Nina walked out of the airport in the flow of people. Yet when she left the hall to take a taxi, she saw
Harley at another exit.

Nina looked at him helplessly. “Why are you...”

Harley said seriously, “Nina, I know you won‘t accept me now, but I wish to be there for you.”

“Harley, I said I don‘t like you. The thing between us was just an accident.” After Nina finished
speaking, she walked forward. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of the figure behind
her. She turned her head and said seriously, “Don‘t follow me.”

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