Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 376

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Chapter 376 Your Chances Run Out

“No, I didn‘t. I am innocent.”

Julie stepped backward with a panicked expression. However, the police officers didn‘t listen to her,
Julie kept explaining when she was taken away.

The moment she passed by Adela, Adela looked away. Melissa saw it all.

The reporters who had arrived at the ceremony had not completely left yet, and many of them had
witnessed this scene. For a time, the sound of pressing the shutters sounded loud.

Julie tried to steal the secrets of the entertainment company and was taken to the police station. What
big gossip!

It could be a good report that ould attract a lot of attention.

The next morning, several trending topics about Julie being brought back to the police station appeared
on social media. Moreover, there were a few hashtags related to Star Entertainment and were among
the top trending topics.

“Julie is suspected of stealing the secrets of Star Entertainment!“, “Star Entertainment and ‘The King
Saying Farewell to His Queen‘.“, “Julie has been brought to the police station.”

After such a mess, Star Entertainment and its film received a high level of attention, and the company
even enjoyed popularity on the stock market.

On the contrary, the White family wasn‘t as good as before. And Julie‘s gossip made the situation
plummet for the family whose business was also stagnant. Many companies who cooperated with the
family called to cancel contracts.

At the police station.

Julie sat in the interrogation room, staring blankly at the table. She didn‘t know how to cope with the
situation. An officer who sat opposite her began to question her seriously.

“Why did you steal the internal secrets of Star Entertainment? Do you know that this is illegal?”

Julie kept shaking her head and repeatedly retorted, “I didn‘t. I am innocent. It wasn‘t me. It was Adela
of the Yale Lamily. Adela threatened me to do this!”

Julie never thought that things would end up like this. She didn‘t expect to be brought back to the police
station. If she didn‘t report Adela to the police, she was afraid that she would go to jail. Being in jail
would be a stain on her life.”

There was instantly a hint of fierceness in Julie‘s eyes.

People would take care of their benefits at any cost. So did she.


The officer was stunned to hear the name for a moment, and then he motioned the recorder beside him
to record all these words. It could mean that Julie had accomplices,

“You said she asked you to do it. Do you have any evidence

“The evidence. Julle pani ked for a moment, and then she shook her head helplessly. “The evidence. I
don‘t have any of it, but I can guarantee that every word sy is the truth. It was because Adela was
jealous she asked me to find someone to sneak into the internal network of staintertainment and
wanted to teach Melissa a lesson I was just helping her.”

The officer nodded and put down the pen is his hand,

Chapter 376 Your Chances Run Out

“Alright, we have recorded what you said. We will investigate it thoroughly. But before the matter is
clear, you can‘t leave the police station. Alright, you can have a rest first.”

Julie was taken out of the interrogation room.

Adela had been absent–minded ever since she returned from the opening ceremony of the film. Her
mind was filled with the way Julie looked at her and the smile on Melissa‘s face when Julie was taken

She hoped that Julie wouldn‘t report her to the police.

Adela pursed her lips tightly and frowned. She had been iminersed in her panic and didn‘t even hear
Declan call her.

“Adela? Can you hear me?”

“Ah?” When Adela heard the voice beside her ear, she immediately came back to her senses. But it
was obvious that she was distracted and alınost knocked off the cup in Declan‘s hand.

“What happened to you?” Declan looked worriedly at his sister.

Adela adjusted her emotions slightly and forced a smile. She said while shaking her head, “I‘m fine.
Maybe I‘ve been too tired recently.”

As they were talking, there was a sudden knock on the door. Declan walked over to open the door. A
few policemen stood at the door. Declan was stunned. “officers, may I help you?”

A hint of panic flashed in Adela‘s eyes, and she quickly looked away.

The leader of the police officers walked past Declan and glanced at Adela. The officer quickly retracted
his gaze and said to Declan in an official tone, “Excuse us, we are here to investigate the case of
stealing secrets from Star Entertainment. It is said that Miss Yale is related to this case. We want to ask
her to come back with us to assist in the investigation.”

“Adela?” Declan asked in disbelief. And then he turned to look at his sister. Adela‘s face turned pale
and she instantly denied it.

“I did not do it. Although I was at the scene that day, I did not know anything. Declan....”

Declan knew that Adela had a stubborn temper, but Adela was his sister after all. Moreover, he didn‘t
believe that Adela would do something like that. Declan tried to explain hurriedly.

“Officer, you must be mistaken. My sister just went out to relax. As for stealing secrets, she won‘t do it
at all. She is still recuperating now. She can‘t take a lot of stimulation. If there is no evidence, you can‘t
take her away casually.”

Declan managed to persuade the officers away with great difficulty. Adela wasn‘t taken away. Declan
thought that this matter would pass just like that, but a paparazzo who was stationed near the Yale
family came to know the matter.

The matter of the police visiting the Yale family was immediately exposed, and the price of the Yale
family‘s company in the stock market plummeted.

Adela was so angry that she decided to go to Melissa‘s house on that day.

Melissa was checking the stock market. She had heard about the decline of the stock price of the Yale
family‘s company. But she didn‘t smile until she saw the trend map on the screen going down all the

Melissa hoped that Adela could learn a lesson this time and behave hersell in the future,

Right at that time, there was a knock on the door, Adelacanne in with anger.

“Melissa, why do you have to plot 17:inst my family and my brother you aren‘t a woman who deserves
to be with Murray, are you? Does Murray know that you are such a bien?”

At first sight of Melissit, Adela became even more insettled, she quickly stepped forward, pointed at
Melissa‘s nose, and began to reprimand Melissa,

It was as if she didn‘t do anything to plot against Melissat at all.

Melissa only looked at Adela calmly. In the end, she only smiled lightly, as if she didn‘t care about

Adela was furious. The moment Adela raised her hand to stop Melissa, her hand was quickly grabbed
by the latter

Melissa stared into Adela‘s eyes, and the smile on her face will expression of coldnern
and strong enous

“Adela, I haven‘t blamed you for what you did to me. But I won‘t allow anyone to bully me anymoreJulle
has always been a flattering follower by your side without your insitions, will be ind in touck my
company‘s internal network?”

Adela‘s face turned pale,

Melissa shook of Adela‘s hand and warned in a cold volce, “If you liy to harminc again, you won‘t get
away from it as simply as this time”

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