Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 374

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Chapter 374 We Are Hacked

Murray pursed his lips and looked at Melissa with a hostile expression. And he said nothing.

When Ryleigh heard Melissa’s words, her eyes turned red and she held Murray’s hand tightly. When
she spoke to Melissa, even her voice trembled.

“Melissa, I did nothing wrong to you. Why did you say that to me? Why did you come to break me up
with Ray? You know that the person Ray likes is me. And he promised to marry me…

“You’re the mistress. Why are you accusing me again?”

Ryleigh was on the verge of tears and looked at Murray with a grievance. She seemed to ask Murray
for help.

Melissa crossed hier arms in front of her chest. Her gaze wavered between the two. She felt both angry
and amused. “You think that Murray likes you and you are the future daughter-in-law of the Gibson
family, don’t you? What you think isn’t the fact. I am the only daughter-in-law that grandpa has taken a
fancy to. It can only be me. And you are just a bitch who came out of nowhere.”

Melissa glared at Ryleigh with an angry expression that was completely different from her usual calm
and elegant appearance.

It was rare for Melissa to be so aggressive to a woman.


Ryleigh widened her eyes and glared at Melissa. However, she only said this one word before her
footsteps became unsteady. She looked as if she had been angered. One of hier hands was supporting
the corner of her forehead. And her face was pale.

And Ryleigh grabbed onto Murray’s sleeve with the other hand. She was about to fall into Murray’s


Murray’s face was livid, and he quickly supported Ryleigh to the couch to rest.

He turned his head and glared at Melissa darkly. He walked to Melissa and said, “Melissa, are you
done? Ryleigh has just been discharged from the hospital. Can you not come here and pester her? Be

Ryleigh looked at Murray with surprise. She didn’t expect Murray to defend her, so she felt a little

Murray quarreled with Melissa for her. It seemed to Ryleigh that Melissa would soon be chased out of
the Gibson family.

Melissa widened her eyes and looked at Murray in disbelief. She fiercely retorted, “Murray, are you
saying that I am unreasonable? It seems that you value her so much… Don’t forget, grandpa wants me
to be your wife. If I am still alive, she…

“She will never be married to the Gibson family.” Melissa pointed at Ryleigh.

Murray slapped away Melissa’s hand, and the anger that had been restrained could be heard in his
words. “You have to be more respectful to Ryleigh, and don’t come here to calise trouble. As for you…
You and I are no longer in a relationship. I will tell grandpa about my relationship with Ryleigh later.”

“You…” When Melist heard this, the glared at Murray in disbelirt. She narrowed her eyes and walked
past Murray to look at Ryleiph sitting on the couch

In the end, she printed her teeth and said, “Alright Mumy, I’ve heard what you sall As long as grandpa
still prelets me to be the daughter in law of the Gibson family, I will be your wife. You and that bitch will
never be together as you

Chapter 374 We Are Hacked



Murray answered in a low voice, “It’s none of your business.” After that, Melissa glared at Ryleigh and
turned to leave in anger.


“Melissa… Is she alright?” Ryleigh asked weakly as she looked at Murray worriedly.

“Don’t worry about her,” Murray said in a deep voice. He was a little impatient, but when he looked at
Ryleigh, he deliberately restrained his emotions.

“You just need to stay here and rest.”

Melissa left Moonlight Mansion and could not help but reveal a sinile.

Just now, she acted like a shrew in there. She wanted Ryleigh to let down her guard completely and
believe that she had nothing to do with Murray. In this way, she could pull out the mastermind behind

“Julie, the opening ceremony for ‘The King Saying Farewell to His Queen’ will be held tomorrow. You’d
better do something when it’s held. I want everyone to see that Melissa makes a fool of herself. And I
want her to be defeated forever.”

Adela and Julie were drinking coffee on the terrace in the garden of the White’s house. Adela put down
her coffee cup and noticed Julie in a serious tone.

Yes, it could be called a notice because of Adela’s tone.

“Adela, don’t worry about this. Everything has been set up.” Julie nodded and smiled with a pleading

“Really?” Adela raised her eyebrows and raised her voice while looking at Julie in disbelief.

“Yes,” Julie said very confidently. “I contacted Ling. He is a very famous hacker. I have already asked
him to hack into the internal network of Star Entertainment. When the opening ceremony is held, they
will play videos. But our hacker will make sure that the videos aren’t what they intend to play.”

Adela nodded in realization with a satisfied smile on her face. “Then I’ll leave it to you. In short, I must
see Melissa make a fool of herself.”

After Adela left, Julie called Ling, “Are you clear about what I told you?”

“Rest assured, please.” There was a completely unfamiliar yoice on the other side of the receiver, and it
could be heard that it had been processed with a voice changer. “I’ve already processed it.”

“Good,” Julie said immediately, and the corners of her lips curied up. “If you make it, you’ll have your
reward. However, there is another thing…”

In the apartment.

The opening ceremony was soon to be held. Melissa typed on the keyboard and intended to enter the
company’s intranet to check the videos that she would use tomorrow. But just as slie typed in and

opened the website she wanted to use, a string of code appeared on the screen, and it was flashing
and increasing.

Melissa was stunned. The preview video that was originally prepared was hacked.

She took a deep breath and frowned slightly. The code used by the hacker was very high-end, but to
her, it was just a piece of cake.

Chapter 374 We Are Hacked


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However, she didn’t intend to crack this series of hacking codes now.

Melissa knew that many people had conflicts with her… But there were only a few who wanted her to
make a fool of herself at tomorrow’s opening ceremony. Melissa thought that the hacker must have
been paid to hack her videos.

Melissa leaned against the chair and rubbed her nose. She casually closed the video page and dialed
Anthony’s number.

“Ada, why are you looking for me at this time?”

“Our company’s intranet has been hacked. The video we are going to play tomorrow during the
opening ceremony has now become a complete mess of codes.”

“How could this be?” Upon hearing this news, Anthony was a little surprised. “But with your ability, isn’t
it easy to crack the codes? Or is there something I need to do?”

“I can crack the codes, but not now…” Melissa laughed. “I need you to help me find out who did this
behind my back. It’s best if you tell me the answer before midnight so I can prepare for it.”

“Alright, I understand.”

Anthony agreed immediately.

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