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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 372

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Chapter 372 Pursue Nina

“Are you sure?” Adela looked at Julie suspiciously.

Seeing Julie nod seriously, Adela also nodded with satisfaction. After all, Julie had been Adela‘s
adviser for so long.

“OK. Then I will wait to hear from you.”

In the evening, Melissa came to the hospital to visit Tom. Nina was about to leave. When Nina saw
Melissa come in, Nina was obviously stunned.


Melissa greeted Nina and lowered her head to look at Tom in bed. Melissa asked, “Tom, how‘s your
leg? Are you feeling better?”

However, Tom did not seem to hear her at all. He just turned his head and looked out of the window.
Even Nina stood by the window and kept her eyes down. Nina was silent as well.

Melissa keenly sensed that something was wrong. She looked at Nina and asked, “What happened? Is
there anything wrong?”

When Nina heard this, she raised her head, forced a smile at Melissa, and pulled Melissa‘s sleeve.
“Everything is fine... Let‘s go outside. Tom needs his rest.”

Melissa could tell that Nina‘s smile was reluctant.

But Melissa didn‘t say anything. She just followed Nina out of the hospital.

Seeing that Nina was still in a daze, Melissa couldn‘t help but catch up to Nina and stop Nina. “Nina,
you and Tom didn‘t seem right when we were in the ward. What‘s going on what happened?”

“I‘ve decided to break up with Tom. He’s free now.” Looking at Melissa‘s concerned expression, Nina
finally could not hold on anymore. She said in a broken voice.

“Why?” Melissa was very surprised.

Anyone could tell that Nina had feelings for Tom. Otherwise, Nina would not have insisted on looking
for Tom during the earthquake. Why did Nina suddenly agree to break up with him?

“I thought you wanted to be with him. Why did you suddenly...”

Nina shook her head and sniffed. She tried her best to control her emotions. Nina raised her head and
looked at Melissa‘s face. Then, Nina told Melissa what happened between Harley and her the night at
the bar and the next day.

“What? You and Harley...” Melissa was shocked after listening to the whole thing.

Melissa never thought that this kind of drama would happen to Nina.

“I don‘t know how this happened either.” Nina shook her licad, her eyes red.

Seeing, Nina like this, Melissa asked worriedly, “What do you think? Actually, it was just an accident...”

“No.” Nina shook her head, she was a very traditional girl. She did not know how to tell Tom about this

Nina didn‘t think Tom would accept her after what had happened

“Melissa, I love Tom very inuch. llc is the only one I love. But I have sex with llarley. Some things just
can‘t be undone. I don‘t even know how to tell Ton about this. I‘m sure he won‘t be OK with this.


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“What‘s done is done. I will respect his choice and break up with him. As long as his leg is healed, I will
not see him again. When the time comes, I will go back to Wyvernholt and start anew. As for everything

Nina lowered her head and gave a self–deprecating smile.

“I will treat them as a dream. I will forget them all.”

Melissa had mixed feelings. She knew that Nina must be upset at the moment. She patted Nina‘s
shoulder and said firmly, “Nina, no matter what happens, and no matter what decision you make, I‘m on
your side.”

Nina nodded and forced a smile. “Thanks. I feel better already with your words. Alright, I‘m going back
now. You should go home as well.”

Melissa frowned and watched Nina turn around and leave with studied casualness. Melissa wanted to
say something, but in the end, she remained silent.

Nina must have been so sad.

Harley frowned as he looked at his phone. He couldn‘t reach Nina.

It had been an entire day and night, and Nina hadn‘t answered his calls. Either the calls didn‘t get
through, or she didn‘t pick up at all.

Nina also avoided Harley when he went to the hotel to look for her.

The more Harley thought about it, the more upset he felt. He wanted to talk to Nina, but there was
nothing he could

After thinking about it, Harley decided to ask for Melissa‘s help.

He thought, Meli and Nina are good friends. Meli should know where Nina is.

Ten minutes later, Harley knocked on Melissa‘s door.

“Who is it?” Melissa‘s voice came from inside the door. When she opened the door and saw Harley
standing outside, the smile on her face disappeared in an instant. She turned around and said lightly,
“Why are you here?”

“Meli, do you know where Nina is? She hasn‘t answered my calls. I wanted to talk to her, but I couldn‘t
reach her...” Harley squeezed into the room and looked at Melissa earnestly.

Melissa frowned and scolded, “Talk? How do you want to talk to her? Harley, you are a grown man.
And you‘re an entertainer no less. How come you don‘t know anything about boundaries? Nina was
indeed drunk that day. But how could you let her be? And you even drank with her in the bar? And you

Halfway through her words, Melissa felt that it was difficult for her to continue.

After a pause, she said, “You know that the person Nina loves the most is ‘Tom. How could you do
such a thing? Now Nina feels sorry for Tom. She is such a mess right now. She‘s not in the mood to
see you! I suggest that you stay away from her for now!”

Harley stood in situ, startled. He stuttered, “Mell, you ... you knew?”

Melissa gradually calmed down at this time. She Irowned. “What do you think? Il‘s hugel Nina is very
upset now, Don‘t disturb her.”

“Meli.” Harley lowered his eyes. Then he raised his head apliin, plucked up lois courage, and said to
Melissa, “Actually, T have had feelings for Nina for a long time. I really want her to bemy cirliniend. That
day ... that day at the bar, I ran

into her she was so upset back then, so I joinesi her for a few drinks. And then things got out of control.
We were both drunk, und we did something we shouldn‘t have done.”

The more Harley spoke the more regretful he felt. He felt deeply somy for Nina, He did not expect that
things would come to this, but it was too late to say anything

The person he wantei to see the most now was Nina, and now only Melissa could help him.

“Meli, i know that it was my fault. I shouldn‘t have acted on impulse But I have already thought about it.
I wanted to be the man here I want to pursue Nina, I want her to be my girlfriend. Please help me!”
Harley said sincerely.

“Are you serious: Melissa pursother lips and asked,

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