Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 364

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Chapter 364 Tom Disappears

“Wait a moment!” Jaylin walked to the desk, picked up a few documents, turned back, and handed
them to Melissa, his deep eyes staring at her. “These are about the actors and director I chose. Take a
look and see if there is anything inappropriate.”

Melissa took the documents and began to read them page by page.

The director that Jaylin chose specialized in filming art films. He was very good at handling the
capturing of the camera and guiding actors. There was nothing to worry about the director. But there
was something wrong with the heroine Jaylin chose for the movie...

Melissa pointed at the photos on the paper, looked up at Jaylin, and said, “I watched the show of Diana
Jackson before She has been in many classic shows. Her eyes were impressive. But her temperament
was not in line with the character of the heroine.

“In my opinion, it‘s better to change the heroine into Vivian. She has a nice temperament. And she
learns fast.”

Vivian was cultivated by Melissa. Melissa knew her better and Melissa knew what kind of role was the
best for Vivian. Moreover, Vivian was very popular because of the ad for “Ice and Fire“.

Jaylin was quiet for a moment before nodding his head. “Alright, I just got things done. There‘s still time
to adjust them. I‘ll call their agents right away.”

After Jaylin went out to make a call, Melissa subconsciously tapped on the coffee table. Then she
received a call from


“Nana, what‘s wrong? What happened?”

“* Melissa, Tom is missing. I can‘t find him anywhere. What should I do?” Nina said in a tearful and
anxious voice

“What? Tom is gone?” Melissa was also shocked when she heard the news. She immediately stood up
from the sofa and was about to leave with her bag.

As she walked, she comforted Nina, “Don‘t worry. I‘ll be right there. Wait for me!”

“Melissa, what‘s the matter?” Seeing the sudden change in Melissa‘s expression, Jaylin hurriedly hung
up and asked with concern.

“I have something to deal with now. I‘ll leave the actor thing to you. Call me if you need me!” After that,
Melissa hurried out of the office

When Melissa arrived and pushed open the door with a bang, Nina was alone inside.

Nina covered her face with both hands, and her shoulders kept shaling. She cried hard

“What happened?” Melissa quickly walked over and held her shoulder as she asked.

Ning kept shaking her head. Ever her voice was trembling “No, I couldn‘t find him. I searched the entire
hospital and couldn’t find him anywhere. Where did he go? Dld something bad happen to him

Melissa frowned and looked around Tom was gone

the patted Nina‘s bek and comforted her, “Don‘t pand let‘s go out and search again there is a pork suby
!! Tort goes out, someone must have seen him. Moreover, his legs is injured, and it is convenient to
himn in walk Ple muust be very conspicuous someone will notice lolen.”

Nina finally stopped crying and looked up at Melisst, nodding

After they left the hospital, they asked everyone if they had seen Tom.

However, no one had seen Tom.

Nina‘s heart sank.

Nina and Melissa went to the small park. Just then, Nina was already exhausted. Nina had a
headache. And she was extremely anxious.

“Tom, where did you go...” Nina leaned on the railing of the gym equipment and looked around

There were a lot of people in the park, but none of them were Tom.

Just then, a little boy came over, patted Nina‘s wrist, and handed her a folded piece of paper. “Hey,
someone asked me to give this letter to you. He asked me to tell you not to look for him anymore.”

Nina wondered if it was Tom.

Nina immediately cheered up.

She turned her head to look around, but she did not see Tom.

Just then, the little boy walked far away. Nina looked at the letter in her hand with mixed feelings. She
slowly opened the letter. It was Tom‘s handwriting.

Nina‘s heart skipped a beat. She lowered her eyes to read the letter.

“Nina, I am very grateful that you and Melissa saved me from the disaster area. But I don‘t love you
anymore. It will be bad for us if you keep pestering me. Let‘s just break up like this. When you read the
letter, I have already left the hospital. Don‘t look for me. Take care.”

His words made Nina extremely sad. Her tears fell on the paper. She did not know where Tom could go
now, but she could do nothing about it.

Nina slowly squatted down and cried, “Tom, why did you leave me?”

Nina thought, he left just like that. What about his leg?

Dr. Hanson will be here tomorrow!

Why did Tom choose to leave?

If his leg is not treated in time, he would definitely be disabled... Nina then tried not to think about it.

In the Yale‘s house.

“Adela, although you have been discharged from the hospital, you still need to have a good rest. The
doctor said you were still very weak.”

Declan placed a glass of water at the bedside and sat down beside the bed,

Adela was lying on the bed. She had just been discharged from the hospital and returned home today.
The wound on her wrist was almost healed, but there was still a ferocious scarlett. It was very

“Yes, I will.” Adela nodded weakly. Then, she thought of something and asked Declan, “Declan, where
is Murray? Why didn‘t he come to see me?”

Declan paused for a moment. He thought for a moment before he said 10 Adela, “Murray went to the
disaster area to help and will be backaller a few days. And...” Chapter 364 Tom Disappears

“What else?” Adela asked.

“Melissa is back,” Declan sighed.

“Melissa is back?” Adela immediately sat up. Her gaze had changed, and her voice was raised. “Why
did she come back..”

She didn‘t die in the earthquake in Los Angeles!

Melissa was really lucky!

Adela lowered her eyes. Her right hand unconsciously grabbed the sheet. Her hand was trembling
slightly. The scar on her wrist was even more conspicuous.

Looking at the extremely unsightly scar on her wrist, Adela felt resentful with hatred in her eyes.

If Melissa had not shamelessly stolen Murray‘s heart, she wouldn‘t have committed suicide. And she
wouldn‘t have left such an ugly scar on her hand!

However, Melissa actually came back unscathed!

A dark glint flashed across Adela‘s eyes.

She thought, Melissa!

You shameless slut!

I will definitely not let you off the hook!

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