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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 360

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Chapter 360 They Run Away

“You kidnapped us. It is illegall Let us gol Otherwise, my grandfather will bring the police to arrest you

Murray unconsciously straightened his back and chest. At the same time, he was trying not to look at


Unexpectedly, when the men heard this, they laughed even more wildly. In their eyes, Murray was just
a kid.

What he said was a joke for them.

“Boy, do you know where you are? You are so young. Are you trying to threaten us? Let me tell you, no
one can help you, not to mention your grandfather! You‘d better stay here and behave, or...”

The smile on Mark‘s face suddenly disappeared. He lowered his voice and threatened fiercely. Even
the scar

on his face was moving as he spoke.

The girl hid behind Murray and revealed a small half of her face. Her hands were also tightly clutching
Murray‘s clothes. She looked frightened.

The big wolf–dog gasped and suddenly barked fiercely. “Woof!”

Murray‘s shoulders trembled unconsciously, but he still stuck up his neck as if he was not afraid.

He was bitten by a dog when he was younger, and from then on, he was afraid of dogs.

The girl paused. She pursed her lips and slowly let go of his clothes. She realized that Murray may be
afraid of dogs.

Of course, Mark noticed that too. He found Murray‘s Achilles‘ heel. Mark deliberately touched the fur of
the big wolf dog.

“This dog loves meat. You‘d better behave yourselves. Otherwise, I am not sure if it will get hungry and


The big wolf–dog seemed to have understood Mark‘s words. It let out extremely fierce barks.

Mark revealed a sinister smile as if he was doing it on purpose. His hand slowly loosened the rope tied
onto the big wolf dog.

Murray closed his eyes nervously.

The moment the big wolf dog rushed at them, Murray subconsciously closed his eyes tightly. The next
second, he heard the girl‘s voice.

“Don‘t bite him!”

Murray opened his eyes and saw the girl extending her arms in front of him, fearlessly “confronting” the
big wolf dog.

At first, Ryleigh was worried that the big wolf–dog would bite Murray. Seeing that the girl was protecting
him, Ryleigh was relieved.

“Now that you are afraid, remember my words and behave yourself!” Mark snorted and beckoned the
big wolf dog over

After that, they turned around and left. After Mark and the others left, Ryleigh observed the small black


“Thank you.”

Murray breathed a sigh of relief. He looked at the girl gratefully and thanked her softly.

“It‘s okay. You protected me just now. Don‘t worry, I won‘t let you be bitten by a dog.”

The girl looked at him as her tender voice sounded, and she revealed a sweet smile at Murray.

Murray looked at her seriously and suddenly made up his mind. He sincerely said to the girl, “You are
so nice to me. If we can successfully go home, I will definitely marry you after I grow up. Trust me!”

After that, the two children even pinky swore.

When Ryleigh saw this, she secretly clenched her fists and looked at the girl in front of Murray with

Ryleigh thought, why did he say he would marry her? No way! He will be mine!

From then on, Ryleigh would come to the small wooden house almost every day to secretly deliver
food to Murray and the girl. But she would stay with her stepmother most of the time. Yet, that woman
simply did not

care about what Ryleigh did.

Ryleigh had been waiting for a chance to let Murray go.

As long as she could let him go, he would remember her!

Finally, one day, Mark and his men did not come to the small wooden house. After lunch, her father
was lying on the bed in the main house. He fell asleep after a while, and then her stepmother went

Ryleigh heard her father snoring.

She sneaked into the main room and saw her father lying on the bed. And the key to the small black

was in his pocket. She could see part of the key.

Ryleigh carefully approached her father and took out the key from his pocket. Seeing that her father
was not awake, she quickly ran to the small black house. She turned the keyhole with the key and
opened the door.

When Murray heard the noise, he suddenly turned his head and looked at Ryleigh warily.

“Who are you?”

“I‘m here to save you. My father is sleeping in the house now. Those men didn‘t come today. You ... you

leave now!”

As Ryleigh spoke, she picked up the empty bottle on the cabinet beside her and slammed it on the

The girl was shocked and looked at Ryleigh in confusion.

Ryleigh just picked up a glass fragment and tried to cut the hemp rope on Murray‘s wrist.

It took her so long to do it. And just as the hemp rope was finally about to be cut off, Ryleigh‘s father‘s
furious voice suddenly came from the door.

“Brat, what are you doing?”

Ryleigh‘s father had just fallen asleep in the room when he suddenly heard the sound of the broken
bottle. He suddenly woke up and subconsciously touched the pocket where he kept the key.

It was empty

Ryleigh was also startled. She turned her head and panicked the moment she saw her father. She

‘Dad, I... I just...”

Before she could finish speaking, her father had already angrily walked up to Ryleigh and slapped her.

You betrayer! I raised you! I didn‘t raise you to mess up with me!”

Ryleigh fell to the ground with a red mark on her face, and the place where she fell was just close to
the. broken pieces of the bottle.

There was a sharp pain in her wrist, and blood slowly oozed out. Ryleigh frowned in pain. She felt

sad and could not help but cry.

And under her wrist, there was a sharp glass fragment stained with blood.

“Go away. Go away! Don‘t cry here!”

Her father, Talon, roared in disgust, completely ignoring the injury in Ryleigh‘s hand.

Ryleigh only remembered that after that day, she was not allowed to meet Murray and the girl again.
And her father and stepmother were warier of her.

“Help Help! Those two little brats ran away!”

That night, Pleigh was sleeping soundly when she suddenly heard the exasperated voice of Mark

Then there was a burst of noises, and she heard the curses of her father and stepmother

“Look for them now! Look for them! Damn! We‘re missing the opportunity!

Ryleigh jogged to the main room and happened to see the angry adults rushing out to find the two

Ryleigh wondered with concern, did he and that girl run away?


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