Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 353

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Chapter 353 He is in the Teaching Building

Ruth had been following Melissa ever since she was rescued.

In Ruth‘s eyes, Melissa was now like an angel that Ruth‘s mother had told Ruth about. Not only had
Melissa saved Ruth‘s life, but Melissa had also saved the people in the village and so many students in
the school.

This beautiful girl, Melissa, was the best in the world.

Therefore, when she heard the rescue team captain‘s words, Ruth did not say anything. Ruth raised
her head and looked at Melissa pitifully. Like a homeless little pet, Ruth was clutching the corner of
Melissa‘s clothes.

Ruth was reluctant to part with this pretty girl. Ruth did not want to go to any “safer place“. She only
wanted to be with this Melissa.

Melissa smiled at the sight of Ruth‘s pitiful look which told that Ruth was reluctant to part with her.

Melissa also felt that Ruth was very cute, not to mention that Ruth had just lost her mother. It was
normal for Ruth to be dependent on others after going through such a painful thing.

Melissa slowly squatted down and reached out to touch the back of Ruth‘s head. Melissa coaxed Ruth
with a

gentle look in her eyes, “Ruth, be good. This man is not a bad person. He is here to save you.

“Listen to me. This place is very dangerous now. There might be aftershocks at any time. You follow
him to a

safer place, okay?

“Take good care of yourself. Once I‘m available, I‘ll go to look for you.”

“Will you come to me for real?” The little girl lowered her head and thought for a long time before
asking timidly.

Melissa nodded heavily and answered sincerely, “Yes, I will!”

Melissa extended her pinky and smiled at Ruth. “If you don‘t believe me, let‘s pinky swear, okay?”

Ruth revealed a smile and stretched out her hand. Two fingers were hooked together. Melissa said in a
very serious tone, “1 promise I will go to visit you! Alright! You should leave with him now. It‘s not safe

Melissa was only focused on comforting Ruth, so she didn‘t notice a few reporters nearby were
recording the two of them making a pinky promise.

“Alright. I‘ll take Ruth away to a safe hospital in town first,” the rescue captain said in a deep voice.

Melissa stood up. “Then I‘ll have to trouble you guys. The person we‘re looking for hasn‘t been found
yet, so we‘ll take a look around to see if there‘s anyone else.”

At the same time, Nina was anxiously looking for Tom.

“Tom! Tom! Where are you?” Nina looked around and shouted, but there was no response.

Nina had helped the rescue team save six people, but she had not found the person she had been
looking for.

As it was getting dark, Nina was anxious.

Chapter 353 He is in the Teaching Building


It would be more difficult to search for them at night.

As time passed by, the danger that Tom was in increased,

Being a girl, Nina was exhausted after such a long time of searching. She held her knees and breathed

“Nina!” After sending Ruth away, Melissa saw Nina far away, so she quickly ran forward to hold Nina‘s
arm and asked worriedly, “Is Tom still missing?”

Nina shook her head while gasping for air. She said intermittently, “No… no. I have already searched
for him in a large area. Tom was not among those who were rescued. Melissa, what should I do? I am
worried about him now.”

Nina‘s voice sounded like she was about to cry, filled with concern.

At the same time, the captain of the rescue team happened to bring over the teacher and students who
had just been rescued. When he saw Melissa, he walked over and greeted her, “I will send them to the
safe zone in town first. I also left some members to continue the rescue. It will be hard on you here.”

Nina was on the verge of collapse, and every second seemed exceptionally long for her.

Nina braced herself and heard the conversation between the rescue captain and Melissa. Nina
suddenly rushed over and grabbed the sleeve of the captain. She cried hysterically and asked, “Have
you seen Tom? Have you seen him? He is tall, thin with small eyes and black hair! Is he injured?”

The captain didn‘t answer her, and then Nina rushed to those students, asking them one by one like

“Nina!” Melissa grabbed Nina‘s shoulders with both hands and forcefully pulled her away. “Don‘t be like

Looking at Nina acting like this, Melissa felt heartbroken.

However, Tom was still nowhere to be found. Words couldn‘t comfort Nina now.

Nina grabbed Melissa‘s arm in tears. “Melissa, where do you think Tom is? Is he in danger...”

Melissa bit her lip. “Nina, calm down! Tom will be fine. Don‘t worry. We will find him. Can you calm


Melissa understood Nina‘s feelings. If it was Murray who was buried in the ruins, not knowing whether
he was still alive or not, Melissa would probably be in a worse state than Nina.

“Mr. Warren seems to be in the classroom...” a student weakly spoke.

“What did you say?” Nina looked at the student excitedly. “Do you know where Tom is?”

The student‘s lips were covered with blood stains. It was difficult for him to speak because of his injury.
“Mr. Warren is our teacher... He didn‘t have time to run out when the earthquake hit...”


Tom didn‘t have the time to run out?

Got Bonus


Nina‘s heart sank.

Nina‘s eyes gradually turned red. Her hand was still holding Melissa‘s wrist, and her fingertips
subconsciously tightened.

Melissa was also worried when she heard the words of the students, but she still comforted her, “Nina,
calm down. Let‘s see what else they‘ll tell us.”

A few students also opened their mouths and said, “Mr. Warren was teaching at that time. Then the
earthquake suddenly happened. He organized us to run away, but after that, the teaching building
collapsed. We didn‘t see Mr. Warren run out outside.”

“Where was that teaching building located?” Melissa asked in a low voice.

Melissa looked extremely calm at present. Nina was already flustered, so Melissa had to stay calm.

Melissa frowned and analyzed, “Since Tom did not run out, he must have been buried under the
teaching building. Now ... it shouldn‘t be too late!”

“Over there.” The boy who was the first to speak looked in the direction of the left and pointed with his


Without thinking, Nina ran in that direction like crazy.

“All of you go there to search for Tom!” Melissa commanded the bodyguards.

“Yes, Ms. Eugen!” the dozens of bodyguards answered respectfully and followed Nina, running towards
the direction of the teaching building.

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