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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed By Fair Day Chapter 350

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Chapter 350 Hard Rescue

“You can give this bunch of lilies to Adela later.” Declan took out a bunch of flowers from the car and
handed it to Murray.

It was Adela‘s favorite lily, and if Murray personally gave it to her, Adela would definitely be very happy.

Murray frowned and took the flowers.

When Murray arrived at the ward, Adela was lying weakly on the bed, thinking of Murray.

Hearing the voice, Adela looked up and saw Murray‘s tall figure standing at the door of the ward. She


“Murray, you finally come to see me!” Ignoring the pain, Adela sat filling her eyes.

Murray looked at Adela on the wrist.

He didn‘t expect her to commit suicide. Moreover, he heard from Declan that her wound was very deep
and she almost died.

How stupid.

Murray handed the flowers to Adela and said coldly, “Don‘t do anything stupid in the future.”

Adela, on the other hand, had misunderstood, thinking that Murray was concerned about her.

“Murray, thank you! How do you know that I love lilies the most?” Adela stared at Murray in a daze and


“Have a good rest. I have something to do, so I‘m leaving.” Murray, however, did not answer her
question and

directly turned to leave.

Looking at Murray‘s cold and distant back, Adela felt upset again.

She would not give up just like this!

In Wood Mountain in Los Angeles.

The helicopter landed slowly. Melissa, Nina, and the others finally arrived at Wood Mountain after going

through a lot of trouble,

Even though Meliosa was mentally prepared, she was still shocked by the scene in front of her

The villages at the foot of the inountain were all covered in dust There were many broken wood
buildings on the road, and most of the houses had collapsed The rocks on the mountain rolled down
and wailings were everywhere. There were even quite a few dead livestock and people

Seeing such a scene, Nina trembled and olinos taintech

“Nina, don‘t be afraid‘ Melissa quickly supported her

Chapter 350 Hard Rese

Nina took a deep breath and nodded.

“This should be the place.” Melissa looked at the compass and said.

Wood Mountain was very large. Previously, Melissa had asked Anthony to locate Tom‘s approximate

“Let‘s look around.” Melissa parted the branches and called out to the people behind her.

Next to her was Nina, who was already exhausted but was still struggling.

Behind them were the bodyguards who had been following them as well as the top rescue team that
Melissa had specially brought from the city.

This time, the earthquake in Wood Mountain was fierce. According to the levels, it was a rare high–
level earthquake. Now that they were finally here, they realized that the situation was even worse than
they had imagined

– “Tom, where are you?” Nina muttered to herself, “You have to be fine!”

“Nina, let‘s go find him as soon as possible. I believe we can find him,” Melissa comforted Nina,

She knew that saving people was more important now, especially when aftershocks could come

If they delayed for another second, there might be more casualties.

They must find Tom as soon as possible to save him.

Melissa was about to walk forward, but she found Nina standing there in a daze.

Melissa tugged on her arm and said as she kept walking. “Let‘s go. According to the map, there is a
village ahead. Tom might be there. Let‘s go find him.”

Nina finally came back to herself and quickly followed Melissa to the front.

The village was not far from where they were now, but it was too difficult to travel all the way here.

“Meli, Nina, wait for me!” Harley was also shocked by the scene in front of him, and it took him a long
time to


The group walked to the entrance of the village and Melissa was startled.

Most of the houses at the village entrance had collapsed, and some places were still emitting black
smoke just like a fire had been set in the village. There were plles of broken stones and tiles
everywhere, and no one

could be seen at all

When they were on the way to the village, they had seen many old people and children who were
injured in the earthquake The rescue team had been busy all the way Fortunately, the medicine and
gauze they had prepared were enough

“Tom! Tom! Nina was not in the mood to care about other things except for Tom right now

She was anxioUS

Chapter 350 Hard Rescue

As soon as she saw this scene in the village, she became more worried. She ran forward a few steps,
kept looking around, and shouted loudly, hoping to get some response.

Melissa also pursed her lips tightly. Some of the bodyguards who came with her had consciously gone
to save the villagers. The doctors in the rescue team had also begun to treat the wounded.

“Please help bandage the wounds of the children over there. I think they‘re also seriously injured.‘

Nina had been looking for Tom, but it was to no avail. Melissa was anxious, but she could not ignore
what she saw. She simply told the doctor in the rescue team about it.

“Okay, Ms. Eugen. It is our responsibility to help the wounded. We will do our best to save them.‘ The
doctor nodded.

Seeing the doctor agree, Melissa let out a sigh of relief and ran to Nina.

“Melissa, tell me, where is Tom? Is he already...” Nina said, welling up with tears again.

Melissa put her hand on Nina‘s shoulder and comforted her, “After this big earthquake, we don‘t know
when there will be more aftershocks. They are already searching for the people buried under the ruins.
Dont worry...”

“How can I not be worried! What if something happens to Tom?‘ Nina‘s voice trembled.

Seeing Nina‘s sad look, Melissa sighed softly.

To be honest, in this situation, no one could guarantee that they could save Tom.

They even didn‘t know if they could find Tom.

After all, Anthony gave them a large range,

The bodyguards and the rescue team kept using life detectors to probe. Suddenly, they found

A bodyguard shouted excitedly. “There‘s someone down here!”

Melissa and Nina hurriedly walked over to him.

It was a collapsed house with wooden planks and bricks all over the ground.

Below that, there were survivors.

“Dig!” Melissa became serious as she spoke coldly.

Nina was even more nervous. She held Melissa‘s hand, “Melissa, do you think it‘s Tom?”

“Whether it is Tom or not, as long as it is life, we cannot give up. Melissa pursed her lips and said firmly

A few bodyguards and rescue team members began the rescue Afraid of hurting the people buried
underneath, everyone was careful

After a while, there was a faint sound of children crying from below

“It‘s a child.” Nina‘s eyes dimmed,

The person buried underneath was not Tom.

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