Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Chapter 345

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Flying to Los Angeles

Melissa didn‘t agree. She turned around and said to Murray. “You should stay here to keep an eye on

If both of them went to Los Angeles, the time spent on the woman would be wasted.

“I can‘t let you go to such a dangerous place alone.” Murray frowned worried.

Melissa thought for a moment and said, “You can let a few more people go with me.”

Disaster relief work needed more people.

Murray didn‘t say anything more. He made a few phone calls and asked Alex to arrange for people and

They rushed to the hotel.

Along the way, Melissa read the online news on her phone.

The latest reports was all about the earthquake in Los Angeles.

Melissa frowned. Tom was in the center of the earthquake. This wasn‘t a good situation.

Soon, they arrived at the hotel and Melissa went straight to Nina‘s room.

She was at a loss. When Nina saw her, she quickly walked over and grabbed her hand. “Melissa, what
should we do? Will Tom be fine?”

Melissa hugged and comforted Nina, “Since he can call you, he must be okay.”

“But the conversation was cut after we talked a few sentences. No one answers it when I call him
again,” Nina said anxiously.

“All the facilities have been destroyed in the earthquake, including the phone services. It is normal that
no one answers the phone,” she said.

“Have you arranged for everything?” Melissa asked Murray.

“I‘ll ask Alex.” Murray took out his phone and gave him a call.

“Mr. Gibson, everything is ready. I will pick you up immediately,” Alex answered respectfully.

Soon, He drove to the hotel.

Melissa and Nina got into the car together and drove to the airport.

Several private planes of the Gibson family were parked on the lawn along with severall hundred
bodyguards standing there. When they saw the couple, they greeted respectfully, “Hello, Mr. Gibson,
Ms Eugen!”

Seeing that the bodyguards were well–trained and everything was arranged properly, Melissa was

“Thank you.” Melissa looked at Murray

“You don‘t want me to go with you, do you?” He raised his eyebrows

Melissa shook her head, “You stay here to keep an eye on Ryleigh and the BPL Group If anything
happens, you can contact me anytime.”

Since Melissa insisted, Murray did not say anything more.

The two friends boarded the plane. It took ofl, llying all the way to Los Angeles,

Looking at the white clouds outside the window, Melissa was worried,

Although she had never seen Tom, she did not want anything to happen to him cause if something
happened to him, Nina would be sad for the rest of her life.

“I‘m sorry, Melissa. I know you‘re afraid of heights, yet here you are, being with me on the plane” Nina
worriedly pursed her lips.

“We are good friends.” Melissa smiled.

Seeing Nina‘s haggard face, she felt a sorry for her. Melissa let Nina lean on her shoulder. “You can
have a rest. I will wake you up when we arrive in L.A.”

“I can‘t fall asleep.” Nina‘s voice was low.

Tom was in danger. How could she fall asleep?

Nina thought back over everything between her and Tom.

She wondered why it was so hard to love a person

If something really happened to him, Nina wouldn‘t want to live either.

She even felt that it was an illusion that Tom broke up with her.

Otherwise, why would he call her at such a dangerous time?

She still remembered that Tom had said to her in a hoarse voice, “Nina, have a great life.”

Before Nina could say anything, the call was cut off.

Tom, you must hold on!” She thought.

An hour later, the plane slowly landed at the airport in Los Angeles,

“We‘ve arrived!” Melissa pulled Nina off the plane,

The local rescue team that Murray contacted was waiting for them

“What‘s the situation now? She asked the captain of the rescue team

The captain walked up to Melissa and said, “The scope of the earthquake this time is very wide The

learn is shorthanded the rescue effort is ongoing in several big cities‘

What about Wood Mountain? Mina asked anxiously

“Thats the worst hit place the aftershock are still rolling in an We can oo awer there vet The captain
said Chapter 345 Flying to an angeles with a serious expression

“Melissa, I want to go there. Tom is waiting for me to save him!” Nina‘s expression was firm

Melissa rubbed the space between her eyes and thought, it is indeed dangerous to rush over there
now, but saving lives is important.

If the golden 72 hours pass, then there will basically be no hope to save them.”

“Let‘s go over now.” Melissa made up her mind and comforted Nina,

“Don‘t worry, we will find Tom as soon as possible.“.

At that moment, a familiar figure walked toward them.

“Meli, Nina!” The person waved at them from afar.

“Harley? Why are you here?” Melissa said in surprise.

He quickly walked over and said in an exaggerated manner, “I’m scared to death! Our crew just
happens to be filming in Los Angeles. We encountered an earthquake as soon as we arrived here.”

“Are you alright?” Melissa asked concerned.

Harley worked in Timothy Entertainment. It was comparable to her company and its president was
Harley‘s big brother.

“It‘s fine. Fortunately, we were not in the epicenter. A director is slightly injured and is in the hospital
now. We can‘t film the drama anymore. The rest of us are preparing to return home.”

“I‘m glad that you‘re fine.” Melissa heaved a sigh of relief.

“By the way, Meli, what brings you here?” Harley looked at those bodyguards in front of him. “What

After a pause, his gaze fell on Nina. “Nina, what‘s wrong? Why is your face so pale?”

“My boyfriend is in Wood Mountain,” Nina said as her eyes became wet.

“Oh, my! Wood Mountain? That‘s the epicenter. Your boyfriend? Is he the one who broke up with you
before? Doesn‘t that mean...”

“Could you please remain quiet?” Melissa interrupted him

“I‘m sorry!” Harley quickly apologized, “Are you planning to go to Wood Mountain to help? I‘ll go with

“No need Hurry back to Aldness!‘ She refused.

If something happened to Harley, Melissa could not take responsibility

Harley directly followed behind them, “The more people, the better. Maybe I can save Nina‘s boyfriend

They took a helicopter and headed to Wood Mountain

Since Nina was unhappy, Harley cheered her up along the way, “Nina, let me tell you a joke...”

“Harley, can you remain quiet?” Her was not in the mood at all. Her mind was full of Tom.

“Alright. I‘ll shut up. Nina, don‘t worry too much. There are so many people. We will definitely save your
boyfriend. If he dares bully you, I will be the first to teach him a good lesson.”

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Chapter 345

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