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Chapter 340

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Look Forward to Tonight

“Grandpa, are you looking for me?” Murray answered hurriedly.

“Murray, did I disturb you?” Marc’s deep voice sounded through the phone.

“No, Grandpa. What can I do for you?” He asked with concern.

“Oh, it’s nothing.” The old man said, “I want to ask you, how do you plan to deal with your mother and

“Grandpa, they hurt you. I won’t let it go easily. Don’t worry, they won’t have the chance to torment you

Murray’s handsome face turned cold at the thought of what Sarah and Claire had done.

“Are you planning to lock them up for the rest of their lives?” He frowned.

“What else can I do?” Murray curled his lips, not quite understanding what was going on with Marc.

“No matter what happens, she is your mother. Let them out in a few days,” Marc narrowed his eyes, his
tone emotionless.

When Murray heard this, he couldn’t help but be startled.

“Did I hear it wrong?” He thought.

“Grandpa asked me to release Mother and Claire.

Did he forget how these two poisoned him?”

“Grandpa, why?” Murray’s eyes were deep and dark, and his tone was a cold and puzzled.

Marc sighed lightly. “I’m getting old. I want our family to be together and live a peaceful life. Since your
mother and Claire both know that they have done wrong, you should give them a chance to repent.”

Murray was silent for a few seconds before he said, “Alright, I understand.”

“That’s it then.” Marc hung up the phone with an ugly expression on his face.

He did not know if what he did was right or wrong.

However, no matter what, he did not want Murray to know about the past of the Gibson family.

After hanging up the phone, Murray still could not understand why his grandfather had suddenly asked
him to release his mother and Claire.

Marc had always been decisive when doing things, and he would never be soft-hearted.

Why was he acting so abnormal this time?

Seeing that her fiancée was silent after answering the call, Melissa asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Grandpa asked me to release my mother and Claire,” Murray answered coldly.

“Why?” Melissa was also puzzled.

Murray shook his head helplessly. “I don’t know why Grandpa suddenly changed his mind. He said to
give my mother and Claire a chance to repent.”


The corners of Melissa’s mouth twitched. The faces of Sarah and Claire immediately appeared in her

If they still had a conscience and knew how to repent, they would not have done such a disgraceful
thing as to polson Marc.

Did he think that they would change?

“Do you believe that they will change?” Melissa’s lips curled into a cynical smile as she asked.

“It doesn’t matter whether I believe it or not. Since Grandpa has spoken, I can’t go against his wishes.”

“Aren’t you afraid that they will try something again?” Melissa’s heart tightened.

“I won’t give them another chance. I’ll get someone to keep an eye on them,” Murray said deeply.

Melissa nodded as if she was deep in thought.

She still didn’t understand why Marc had suddenly asked Murray to release them.

This wasn’t like him at all.

Could it be that the older one was, the softer one’s heart became?

But since Murray had already said so, Melissa couldn’t say anything more.

After all, this was their family matter.

In the Yale Corporation building.

Adela was dressed up. She took the elevator to the top floor and went straight to the president’s office.

The woman knocked on the door and heard Declan’s cold voice. “Come in..”

She pushed open the door and entered.

“Adela? Why are you here?” Declan asked,

She turned around in front of Declan. “Declan, how do I look today?”

“Very beautiful.” A doting look flashed across Declan’s eyes.

Adela proudly raised her chin,

Today was the 50th anniversary of the Yale Corporation, and there would be a grand banquet tonight.

As the eldest daughter of the Yale family, she had to dress up and attend. Adela would be the most
dazzling woman in the entire banquet.

Moreover, she had more important things to do tonight, alter all it was the night she would get Murray!
Chantera La Corward to Telak

Adela was specially dressed in a V–necked short dress She looked charming and pure. Murray would
like it

Tonight’s plan would not fail!

When she thought of this, she happily walked forward and hugged Declan by the neck. “Declan, he will
come to the banquet tonight, right?”

The man lowered his head to look at his younger sister, who had a face full of infatuation, and
helplessly replied, “Yesterday, he said he was coming to participate.”

“Then he won’t change his mind, right?” Adela said with a hint of nervousness in her voice.

If he changed his mind at the last minute and did not come to the banquet tonight, then her efforts
would be in vain.

“I don’t know,” Declan said with a slight frown, “But I don’t think so.”

“Declan, give him a call and remind him.” She pulled his arm and kept acting like a spoiled child,

“Adela, haven’t you given up on Murray?” The lines on Declan’s face tightened a little. “You also saw
that on the Internet recently. Murray has a fiancée and a childhood sweetheart. He is constantly
entangled between the two. Adela, there are many good men in the world. I will introduce you to a few
better ones.”

“Declan, I only like him. You should know. Besides, I just want to see him, and I won’t do anything.
Declan, you will call him, right?” Adela looked a little unhappy.

Declan shook his head.

He took out his phone, dialed his number, and pressed the speaker.

“Mr. Yale, what can I do for you?” Murray’s magnetic voice came from the other side of the line.

Under Adela’s eager and expectant eyes, Declan cleared his throat and said, “It’s nothing serious. I just
want to remind you not to forget to attend the Yale Corporation’s banquet tonight.”

*Alright, I will be there on time.” Murray was somewhat surprised. Did Declan call him just to remind
him to attend?

Didn’t he have anything better to do?

After getting Murray‘s confirmation, Declan sald “thank you” and hung up the phone.

‘Adela, are you relieved now?” He raised his eyebrows.

Thank you, Decian!” Adela‘s face was full of joy. She lowered her head and kissed Declan on the
cheek. 1 know you love me the moot!

After that, the woman happily walked out of the president’s office

She was looking forward to tonight!

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