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Chapter 339

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Do You Miss Me?

‘Well, I have been widowed for so many years because of you Do you think I don’t know about the
secrets of the Gibson family? I know why you adopted Jim.”

Sarah’s words brought the past events to his mind,

What do you want me to do?” The old man asked, his hand trembling

“Father, I don’t want anything.” Sarah noticed Marc’s nervousness from his words. “Claire and I don’t
want to be locked up anymore. Tell Murray to let us out. As you know, people locked up for a long time
can easily lose their temper and say something they are not supposed to. If I accidentally leak some
secrets to Murray, it won’t be good.”

“Are you threatening me?” Marc replied coldly.

“Father, why do you have to make it sound so bad? Murray is my son. I don’t want him to know about
these dark secrets,’ Sarah said with a smug smile, “Father, think about it. But don’t wait for too long. I
don’t have much patience.”

“Alright, I promise you that I will let Murray release you. I can also forget you once poisoned me,’ Marc
thought for a moment and added, “But, if you say something wrong or have any ill intentions, you
understand my methods

“Don’t worry. As long as you ask Murray to release us and let bygones be bygones, I won’t say
anything. Then

Sarah hung up

*Sarah, did Grandpa agree?” Claire could not wait to ask, waiting aside.

“Your grandpa has promised to let Murray release us,” said Sarah confidently

That’s great! Her eyes flashed with excitement. She could finally go out again

“By the way, Sarah, is there anything that Murray doesn’t know about his father’s death? Claire blinked
and asked

She had heard the conversation between Sarah and Marc Although she did not hear it very clearly, she
could tell that Sarah got some good news from him

Moreover, it was related to Kean’s death

Te been years You don‘t need to know

Clatte was a little disappointed, but then she nodded obediently’Sarah, can we go out soon!

Yes ‘Sarah gave her a definite answer

Ciste sees alged Melissa was the reason for her miserable lite

When she went out, she would not let her off

At the Gibson Group

Melissa was focusing on her work when she suddenly received a call from Anthony.

She stood up and walked to an empty place to pick up the phone. “Anthony, is there something you
need me for?”

“Ada, I have good news for you.” Anthony lowered his voice.

“Did you find something about Ryleigh?” Melissa’s expression got sullen.

“It’s about the BPL Group. I believe you are also interested in it.” Anthony smiled.

“Alright, stop beating around the bush. Just tell me what it is!” She pursed her lips.

“Didn’t the BPL Group use despicable means to win the bid for North Bay Project?” Anthony sounded
sarcastic. “The government’s plan has been officially announced. Sebastian is secretly selling the land
of North Bay.”

“It is indeed good news,” Melissa said with a smile. “Thank you!”

“Ada, it’s my pleasure. I’d be willing to do you any favor.” Anthony smiled.

After hanging up, Melissa went straight to Murray’s office.

The door of his office was ajar. Alex was discussing something with Murray when she knocked.

When Alex heard it, He hurriedly said respectfully, “Ms. Eugen.”

“Come in,” Murray said clearly, curling his lips into a smile.

“Mr. Gibson, I’ll excuse myself now,” Alex said wisely as Melissa walked in.

Murray nodded slightly and replied indifferently, “Alright.”

The man quickly walked out of the office and closed the door,

He didn’t want to stay here as the third wheel and be disliked by his boss.

Although to outsiders, Murray and Melissa seemed to have broken up. Alex knew that they were just

They were in a good relationship!

Melissa had just walked over to Murray’s seat when he suddenly stretched out his hand and wrapped it
around Melissa’s slender waist, pulling her to his side.

Melissa directly sat on his leg.

“What are you doing?” Their posture was so intimate that Melissa’s face turned red.

Murray lowered his head and whispered in Melissa’s car, “Did you come to me because you miss me?”


“I have something important to discuss with you.” Melissa glared at him, struggling to stand up

“What’s up?” Murray’s face sank.

“I received news that Sebastian is secretly selling the land of North Bay” Melissa cleared her throat and

“We can buy this land and lower the buying price to the minimum.”

Murray raised his eyebrows and said indifferently. “Seems like our hearts are connected.”

Melissa felt subtle excitement. “You mean…”

Murray held Melissa’s hand and pecked it with his lips, “Just now, Alex and I were talking about the
land. I’ve asked him to buy it.”

if he wanted to purchase the land, he could not do it in the name of the Gibson Corporation. Sebastian
would never sell it to the them,

Murray asked Alex to find an unrelated company for the purchase.

“We’re indeed alike each other.” Melissa smiled.

Her smile was so charming that he wanted to kiss her.

Murray did what he thought. He suddenly lowered his head and kissed her seductive red lips.

Melissa did not reject him this time.

She let out a soft moan and wrapped her arms around his neck, cooperating with his movements.

Encouraged, Murray prolonged the gentle kiss.

The atmosphere in his office was unusually ambiguous at this moment.

Murray‘s phone suddenly rang.

Melissa gently pushed himn away “Your phone is ringing. Answer it’

The mari cursed in his heart. Who was calling him at this time?

He took out his phone and checked the number the phone call was from the Gibson’s house

Murrays heart skipped a beat

Mare called him at an unusual time Did something happen?

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