Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 332

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Chapter 332 Nina la Heartbroken

Melissa went to Mr Marc‘s ward and knocked on the door

“Ms. Eugen’ Jose opened the door and said respectlully

“Mr. Marc, how are you feeling today?” Melissa walked to the bed

“Much better,” he replied with a smile

Melissa checked Mr. Marc’s situation. It seemed that he was getting better indeed and she was thrilled
to see that

“Mr. Marc, you will be discharged in a few days,” Melissa said smiling back

“That’s great!” The grandfather raised the corners of his lips.

“Right, what are you and Murray up to? Why are there so many reports about you on the Iriternet?
What exactly is going on?” he asked.

“Mr. Marc, don’t worry. It’s just a small matter.” She replied lightly

The old man nodded. Since Melissa had said so, he did not want to ask anymore

After all, Marc believed Murray’s feelings for her.

As for Ryleigh…

He didn’t have the same impression toward her. Marc believed that Murray would be able to handle this
matter well.

“Mr. Marc, I’ll come to see you tomorrow.” Melissa stood up and was about to leave when her phone
suddenly rang.

It was a call from Nina.

“Nina, is anything wrong?” Melissa picked up the phone.

“Melissa, I broke up with my boyfriend,” Nina said in a disappointed tone.

“What?” She was shocked.

When Nina went to Star Entertainment in the afternoon to find Melissa, she was still fine. Melissa didn’t
know why Nina suddenly broke up with her boyfriend.

“Tom broke up with me. Melissa, I am heartbroken.” she sobbed.

“Nina, where are you?” Melissa was nervous and asked.

“I’m in the bar,” Nina answered

“I’m going to find you. Wait for me.” She instructed and hung up the phone to rush to the bar,

At Charm Bar, Nina was sitting at the counter, drinking a strong liquor Chapter 332 Nina Is Heanbroken

Earlier, she had recelved a call from Tom

“Nina, let’s break up!” He said composedly

A breakup?

She couldn’t believe what she heard. After a moment of silence, Nina asked, “What did you say?”

“Let’s break up,” Tom repeated.

“Why?” She was nervous.

“We are not suitable,” Tom said emotionless,

“Not suitable? Why not?” Nina asked,

“No reason.” Tom’s voice became colder and colder,

“Where are you? I’ll go find you. If you have anything to say, let’s talk about it in person” She couldn‘t
believe that Tom was going to break up with her. There must be some reason

“Don’t come to me, I won’t see you! I’ve fallen in love with another girl,” Tom answered solemnly and
hung up the phone.

Hearing the beeping sound, Nina selt heartbroken.

Nina could not believe that, after five years of relationship. Tom actually broke up with her over the

Tom said he fell in love with other girls.

How was this possible?

Tom had once said, in this life, the only love was Nina,

The past surged into her mind like a tide,

Tom was her senior. He was tall and handsome. He had good grades and talent,

They had known each other during a debate. Even though Nina had lost to Tom, she had been tempted
by this talented senior from then on

She took the initiative to pursue him.

In the beginning, Tom was always indifferent to Nina and even ignored her goodwill,

However, Nina did not give up and persistently “encountered” Tom on various occasions,

Nina never thought that she, who had always been a good girl, would like this man so crazily and
pursue him

Finally, one day, Tom sold to Nina seriously, “Nina, I accept your pursuit Be my girlfriend!”

Happiness came so suddenly that she felt she was in a dream.

From then on, Nina and Tom started their love story

Until the eve of graduation, when she brought Tom home, Nina’s parents didn’t like him.

Because he was from a poor family and he was not worthy of her.

Tom was sad. He applied to be a teacher in rural areas.

And she went to Wyvernholt to continue her studies.

Nina wanted to look for Tom a few times after returning to the country, but Tom refused to tell her where
he was,s unwilling to see her.

Until today. Tom proposed a breakup to Nina.

“Give me a few more bottles of wine!” She shouted at the waiter.

Soon, Nina felt dizzy and her vision began to blur.

Sitting next to her was a man with dyed blond hair. Seeing that Nina was drunk, he put his hand on her
waist and said with a perverted look, “Beautiful girl, why are you drinking alone? Let me be your

“Go away!” Nina pushed him with remnant consciousness.

The man smiled lewdly, “Why are you pretending when you come out to have fun? Come with me, I
promise to make you happy tonight.”

He stood up and pulled Nina up.

She was so drunk that she swayed and fell on him.

“It seems I am lucky tonight.” The man’s lustful eyes fell on Nina’s chest, and he swallowed his saliva

He supported her and walked towards the bar entrance.

Harley and a few friends came to the bar to have fun. As soon as they entered the door, they bumped
into them

“Brat, don’t you have eyes when you walk?” The man cursed.

Harley frowned and suddenly saw that the woman in the man’s arms looked familiar.

She took a closer look and said in surprise, “Nina?”

However, the woman did not respond

Harley immediately understood that she was drunk. This man had bad intentions and wanted to take
her away

“Let her gol Harley said in a deep voice

“Mind your own business! The man glared ar her and supported Nina to leave

“I told you to let go of her Do you hear me?” Harley stopped him

*If you don’t let her go, we’ll call the policel Marley’s friends alto came over Chapter 32 Monats

The man saw that she had the advantage in numbers. So, he cursed and pushed Nina into her arms,
“Here you go!”

“Nina, are you alright?” Harley hugged her. Nina was in a daze when she heard someone call her

She struggled to open her eyes and saw a white face that looked familiar.

Nina opened her mouth. However, her throat was extremely dry and she didn’t say a word.

“Nina, are you alright?” Harley asked with concern, “Why are you so drunk?”

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