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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 330

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Chapter 330 How Could He Not Love Such a Woman?

The journalists came forward excitedly and surrounded Melissa and Murray,

Murray’s fiancée and first love were in a catfight, and Melissa even forced Ryleigh to jump off the

This was breaking news!

The reporters scrambled to bombard her with questions.

“Ms. Eugen, what is going on?”

“Ms. Eugen, I heard that you forced Ms. Sofia to jump off the building. Although she hurt you before,
she didn’t force you to die. And Ms. Sofia has a terminal illness, but you still force her like this. Why are
you so cold blooded?”

“Mr. Gibson said that Ms. Sofia was his first love. He has been looking for her these years, but you cut
in their love. Don’t you feel guilty about being a mistress?”

The journalists were filled with righteous indignation. They questioned sharply and directly accused
Melissa of forcing Ryleigh to jump off the building.

Melissa glanced at the camera calmly, “Murray is my fiancé. Why am I the mistress? Ryleigh is his first
love, But are they together?”

However, the journalists didn’t stop asking.

“Ms. Eugen, I heard that you have annulled the engagement. Now you break the engagement again. Is
Mr. Gibson really your fiance?”

“If you’re telling the truth that Mr. Gibson is your fiancé, then why did you force Ms Sofia to jump off the
building? Are you worried that Ms. Sofia will snatch Mr. Gibson away?”

They continued asking but did not dare to offend Murray, so they could only ask Melissa

Her face sank. “I have nothing to say!”

At that moment, a black Bentley stopped in front of them. After the door opened, Jaylin got out of the

“It’s M. Segar! Mr Segar is here! A journalist shouted excitedly

People surrounded Jaylın

‘Segar, are you here to pick Ms Eugen up?”


Segar, what do you think of Me Eugen forcing Ms Sofia to commit suicide?

“WA! Segar, what is your relationship with Ms Eugen? Are you really just her colleague?

Melissa, are you alright?” He turned a deales and walked directly to Melissa

“Lets got Melissa shook her head

Jaylin opened the car door and Metiesa directly got int Then they tell together

Chapter 330 How Cavid Ha Not Love Sucha Vama!

The journalists did not expect Melissa to leave suddenly. They paused for a second and turned to look


His face was ice-cold and filled with killing intent. Nobody dared to approach him, so they stepped back
and quickly left.

In any case, they had gotten enough materials.

Murray looked in the direction where Melissa had left, and his eyes narrowed. He was overwhelmed by

twisted emotions.

She dared to call Jaylin over and got in his car when so many people were around.

How dared she ignore him?

In the car.

– “Jaylin, thank you. I have bothered you many times.” Melissa sat in the passenger seat and turned to
look at

the driver.

“I will do my best to help you,” Jaylin replied deeply.

She had tried to stay away from him. It was much better now.

Melissa felt ill at ease when being stared at like this. She changed the topic and said, “Oh right, how
are you doing for this year’s International Film Festival Award?”

“I’m still considering it.” He frowned slightly.

Jaylin didn’t know why he was always absent-minded these days.

He wanted to shoot a stunning piece of work for the International Film Festival, but he could not find a
suitable theme.

And the news that Melissa was going to be engaged to Murray had been bothering him. Jaylin had

wanted to give up participating.

Melissa smiled. “I have an idea.”

“What? There are only seven months left until the film festival…” Jaylin was a little surprised. Could she
produce a unique and outstanding work in seven months?

“Are you doubting my ability?’ Melissa raised her eyebrows.

“You want to make it yoursell?” Jaylin was a little surprised.

Melissa nodded. Her eyes gleamed with confidence. “There is enough time. I will finish the script in
five months and then start filming. It will be released at the end of the year. With your popularly, you
must be

qualified to attend the International Film Festival There’s no problem

Jayhin gripped the steering wheel tightly with both hands, listening carefully to Melissa’s sweet volce

He was even more attracted to her

She was excellent, and now she had a unique aura that other women did not have.

How could he not love such a woman? How could he forget her?

“Jaylin?” Melissa gets him out of his daydreams.

He was driving now. If he was absent-minded at this time, they might die in a car accident.

Jaylin recovered to himself and cleared his throat. “I’m sorry. I was distracted just now.”

“Do you have a problem?” Melissa was a little worried about his state.

After all, he was in the entertainment industry. No matter how popular he was, he was under great
pressure from the spotlight and public opinion every day.

Moreover, the events of the Segar family two years ago affected him.

Even though Jaylin did not show it in front of others, Melissa knew that he had a shadow in his heart
when the Segar Group almost went bankrupt.

Even now, he still hadn’t let it go,

“No, you haven’t told me where you are going.”

Jaylin’s words pulled Melissa back to her senses,

She thought for a moment. “Let’s go to the company and discuss the new script. Since we are going to
start filming, we have to discuss the details.”.

“Have you finished writing?” Jaylin asked in a low voice, no longer looking at her. He was afraid of
being obsessed with her again.

Melissa nodded. “Alright.”

Soon, they arrived at Star Entertainment.

They got out of the car and headed for the company building.

Melissa hadn’t been there for a long time. so when the staff saw her, they were all curious if something
serious was going to happen again.

Everyone was guessing. When Melissa passed them all the way, they all quickly greeted her, “Hello,


Melissa politely responded and brought Jaylin to her office on the top floor by elevator.

Just as they walked in, Jaylin’s handsome face suddenly turned cold. He handed his phone to her and
asked, “Are you really going to let them gossip on the Internet?”

Melissa looked down and saw that the matter of Ryleigh jumping off the building had been spreading all

the Internet


She smiled. These media are really efficient.”

Melissa, are you willing to be slandered like this?” As his beloved woman was scolded, Jaylin’s face
turned gloomy

Even though he knew that Melissa must have her reasons for doing so, he just felt angry

It doesn’t matter.” She shrugged, looking relaxed.

That was what she wanted. And the progress of things now was completely within her expectations

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