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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 328

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Chapter 328 Conniving Little Bitch

The next day, when Melissa and Murray got off work, they went to the hospital to visit Marc.

The woman pushed the door open and saw Dr. White doing a routine check on him.

Seeing the couple, the doctor stood up and greeted them, “Mr. Gibson, Ms. Eugen, nice to see you her

“How is Marc?” Melissa asked with concern.

“He just had a check–up. All the indicators are fine,” Dr. White replied.

“Great.” She was pleased.

It seemed that Luca was right. Marc was getting better.

It shouldn‘t take long for him to fully recover.

– “Murray, Meli, you are here. I feel much better now. I‘ll be discharged very soon,” The old man said.

“Marc, you should stay here for a few more days. Have enough rest.” Melissa said with a smile.

But Marc replied, a bit upset, “I‘m so bored. Staying in the hospital makes me
sick. Besides, you are getting engaged at the end of the month. I have to get ready.”

“Grandfather, don‘t worry. Leave the preparation to me. Just stay in the hospital and have more rest. I
will help you check out when you fully recover.” Murray said, drawing closer to Marc.

Since they insisted, Marc budged.

He talked to them about the engagement until he got tired.

“Grandfather, we need to leave. Take care,” Melissa said.

“Alright, go out and have some fun.” Marc nodded. He was also delighted to see them bonding.

Melissa and Murray had just come out of the ward when they saw a nurse running toward them.

“Mr. Gibson, emergency!” The nurse shouted in panic.

“What‘s wrong?” He asked confused.

“Ms. Sofia is trying to jump off the building!” The nurse gasped as she stared cautiously at Murray.

Ryleigh was killing herself?

Melissa twitched her lips. She knew Ryleigh, that conniving little bitch, would do something

Murray glimpsed at his bride to be, frowning.

“Go take a look,” Melissa said, narrowing her eyes

The woman must have gotten desperate after she overheard their engagement

She said she had stage four stomach cancer and then tried to commit suicide. What was next? Chapter
328 Conniving Little Bitch

The corners of Melissa‘s mouth curled into a sarcastic amilo.

Ryleigh was getting impatient.

The more anxious she was, the dumber things she would do, and the more loopholes she would create

The truth was about to be exposed,

The couple
followed the nurse to the rooftop and saw Ryleigh standing on the edge in a gown with blue and white s

Below the building was a crowd, pointing at her and discussing. All eyes fell on Ryleigh.

“Look, someone is going to jump off the building”

“It‘s dangerous. Come down now!”

“Hey, that woman looks familiar. She‘s Mr. Gibson‘s first love, Ms. Sofia I read about her on the Internet

“It is her. Why is she trying to jump off the building?”

The nurse turned pale, “Mr. Gibson, please do something. Talk to Ms. Sofia We‘ve tried everything, but
she didn‘t listen to us. We have already called the police. But can you please talk to her?”

Melissa watched it coldly and gave Murray a look.

“Alright.” Murray‘s tone was deep. He carefully took a few steps towards Ryleigh.

“What are you doing? Come down!” He said steady as he stared at Ryleigh‘s back.

“Murray, why are you here?” She turned around. Her face was pale, and her eyes glinted with bitternes

The woman looked at Melissa standing not far away. Ryleigh‘s eyes were full of tears. “Murray, just let
me die! My days are numbered, anyway. Melissa will not quarrel with you anymore. Thate to see you fi
ght because of me. I don‘t want to be a hurdle for you.

“Melissa, don‘t be mad at Murray, please. It‘s all my fault. He is just too worried about me.”

Ryleigh begged, with her gaze fixed on Melissa, as if she had done something bad to her.

When she was pleading, the doctors and nurses, who were here to persuade Ryleigh, all stared at Meli
ssa in disdain.

These people had been following the news and read a lot about their entanglement

Now Ryleigh was playing the victim, trying to win people‘s sympathy

Human psychology was intriguing, as people would often show sympathy to the vulnerable no matter wh

“So, you were saying I stole your man?‘ Melissa remained calm, holding her arms and raising her eyebr


Other women would get mad if they were in the same circumstance. But Melissa was an exception

Ryleigh hid her hatred, took a deep breath, and told herself to be calm.

As she made up her mind, there was no way of going back.

She must get what she wanted today!

“No. That‘s not what I meant. How could Murray be mine?” Ryleigh looked at him, her eyes filled with


Her gaze was so intent that everyone could tell she had feelings for him.

“Ryleigh…” Murray was getting impatient.

He squinted at Melissa, who was wearing a playful smile. Then, he said to Ryleigh softly, “Come down, p
a burden to me.”

“Really? Ryleigh did not see the interaction between Murray and Melissa. She thought her trick worked a

“Murray, will you leave me?” she asked poorly, biting her lips.

“Never.” Murray curled up his lips, putting on a gentle look.

Ryleigh heart pounded in excitement, but she still pretended to be sad. “Forget it, Murray. It‘s too painful

After a brief pause, Ryleigh continued, sobbing, “I don‘t understand. I was the one who met you first. Yo
grew up. Maybe I made too many mistakes. That‘s why I‘m punished.”

As she spoke, she took several steps back in despair until she was on the very edge of the rooftop

Ryleigh was so frail that it was as if she would be blown down the building by a gust of wind.

She was only a step away from falling from it.

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