Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 300

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Chapter 300 Replace Her with Yourself!

This was Murray‘s office in the Gibson Corporation,

Murray worked abstractedly all day.

“Mr. Gibson, please sign here.” Alex reminded Murray to sign with a document in his hands.

Murray took the document and signed it with a flamboyant style.

Out of concern, Murray called Melissa, but no one answered his call.

Murray called Moonlight Mansion, and it was Clara who answered the call.

“Where is Meli?” Murray asked in a low voice,

“Ms. Eugen is out,” Clara answered honestly.

Out? Murray was surprised.

Murray felt that his heart skipped a beat at this news,

Meli was discharged from the hospital yesterday. She has not
fully recovered. Why did she go out? Murray wondered.

“Where did she go?” Murray asked.

Clara thought for a moment and then said, “I think she must go find Miss Paul in the hotel.”

“Didn‘t Nina come today?” Murray asked with a frown.

“No! Ms. Eugen went to the hotel because she couldn‘t reach Miss Paul.” Clara was also worried about


“Got it.” Murray hung up the phone and said to Alex, “I have to leave for a while.”

“Mr. Gibson, an important meeting will begin soon,” Alex said.

“Cancel it first.” Murray spat out two words coldly.

Murray couldn‘t focus on work at all.

“Okay Alex nodded helplessly,

Alex thought the reason for this cancellation must be connected with Ms Eugen

Alez hesitated for a moment and then asked with concern, “Mr. Gibson, what happened to Ms Eugeni?”

“I can‘t reach her. Murray stood up, put on his suit jacket and walked straight to the door

Alex shook his head. It is not the first time that Me Gibson has left work undone because of Melissa

Its always the girl

Murray sped all the way to the hotel where Nina lived and found the manager there “Where‘s Melissa?

It‘s always the girl.

Murray sped all the way to the hotel where Nina lived and found the manager there “Where‘s Melissa?”

“Mr. Gibson, Ms. Eugen did come today. She came to look for Miss Paul. However, Miss Paul had left a
nd was not in the hotel. Later, Ms. Eugen left in a hurry after receiving a call from Miss Paul,” the mana
ger replied respectfully.

“Where did she go?” Murray frowned,

Murray wondered, did Meli receive a call from Nina?

If Nina was alright, why didn‘t she go to Moonlight Mansion today?

Why did Meli come to find Nina in such a hurry?

There must be something wrong.

“Ms. Eugen did not tell me.” The manager couldn‘t help holding his breath at the sight of Murray‘s gloo


Murray called Melissa again, but her phone had been turned off.

Meli is missing again! Murray thought.

Murray had a bad feeling again, and it was getting stronger and stronger.

Both Meli and Nina disappeared.

My instinct tells me that something bad has happened to them.

Murray thought for a few seconds. Then, he called Alex and ordered coldly, “Locate Melissa‘s car


Alex was stunned. “What happened to Ms. Eugen?”

“I can‘t reach her” Murray pulled a long face, and his tone was cold.

“Yes, Mr. Gibson I will locate it immediately!” Alex‘s expression turned cold. He finally found the reason
why his boss had been distracted today.

A few minutes later, Murray received a call from Alex. “Mr. Gibson, We‘ve found the car Ms Eugens cari

heading toward Green Mountain

Murray wondered, Green Mountain?

That place is very far from downtown 1 in remote, and low people will go there

it is getting dark now Why is Meli gotno there?

Something must have happened

There was gromng concern in Muays eyes Murray and in a low volce Get me one hundred bodyguardia
, and bring them to Green Mountain immediately

“Yes, Mr Gibson!”

This was the cliff on the summit of Green Mountain

Melissa watched Nina go to the edge of the cliff under Anaya‘s threat.

“Anaya, put down the knife. Let‘s talk about our problems.” Melissa took a few steps forward and tried t
o sound calm

Looking at the cliff, Melissa suddenly felt a nameless fear,

The scene was inexplicably familiar.

That is it! I have dreamed many times that someone hunted me down and made me jump into an abyss

Those were horrible dreams.

However, this is not a dream this time.

Nina was Melissa‘s best friend. Moreover, Melissa and Nina had established a close rapport with each o
term cooperation. Never would Melissa allow anything bad to happen to Nina.

Nina is implicated in this farce because of me! Melissa thought.

“Talk the problem over?” Anaya sneered, and there was madness in her eyes.

Anaya angrily pointed at Melissa. “Melissa, I am doomed because of you! Whoever is close to you must

“If it weren‘t for you, Jay wouldn‘t have dumped me. I would still be his fiancée! It is all your fault. It is yo

The netizens ridiculed Anaya, and the young pianist, who had been famous for her talent, became a lau


Anaya thought, I am a laughing stock in the world now!

People consider me shameless.


It is Melissa who is shameless! I did nothing wrong!

At the thought of how Melissa had ruined her life, Anaya had hatred in her eyes,

“The one who ruined your reputation is you, not me,” Melissa said while looking at Anaya expressionless

Anaya‘s absurdity impressed Melissa. If Anaya behaved herself, she wouldn‘t end up like this.

luis all her fault Why does she blame me?

How insane and ridiculous Anaya is! She can‘t accept her failure but attributes blame to me,

“Anaya, you know very well that you are the reason for your fall from orace You made one blunder and t

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another. You are just unwilling to accept your defeat. Think of how
you and the Knowles family treated Jaylin back then!
Why do you think that Jaylin will still wait for you in the same spot when you think of him?”

There wouldn‘t be such a good thing in the world.


Anaya had red eyes, and her face was twisted in anger. “Melissa, don‘t show off in front of me. I have yo

“What do you want?” Melissa frowned, and there was an unfathomable light in her clear and bright eyes

No matter what happens, I have to make sure that Nina will be safe.

Anaya‘s eyes were full of infinite hatred. Anaya pointed her knife at Nina and burst into laughter suddenl

The creepy laughter echoed in the woods and sent shivers down Melissa‘s spine.

Anaya glared at Melissa and said through her gritted teeth. “Melissa, don‘t you want to save your friend?

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