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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 296

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Chapter 296 You Are Heartless

“Alright.” Jaylin looked at her significantly, his eyes full of sadness. Then he turned to leave.

Just now, Murray called Melissa his fiancée, and Melissa did not deny it.

Did Melissa admit it?

Jaylin was very sad now.

However, Jaylin was in no position to ask them.

After all, Melissa was injured so badly this time. Jaylin had to take great responsibility.

Anaya was crazy!

Jaylin was full of guilt. He did not handle his relationship with Anaya well. Now Melissa
got injured because of him.

As soon as Jaylin left, Melissa immediately glared at Murray. There was anger in her eyes. “I don‘t kno
w when I restored the engagement with you. Why did you call me your fiancée?”

Murray squinted his cold eyes which flickered
with disappointment. His thin lips moved. “You are heartless.”

Melissa was confused by his question.

“It seems that you have forgotten it.” Murray looked disappointed. He
put his hands in his pockets and bent down to approach Melissa.

Looking at the handsome face that grew larger in front of her, Melissa leaned back. “What did I forget?”

“I saved you and sent you to the hospital. You had a high fever while you were unconscious. You hugge
d me tightly and didn‘t let go. You said you would marry me,” Murray said as he approached her.

Melissa‘s eyes narrowed. Clearly, she did not believe that she would say such words when she was


“That‘s impossible,” she denied, pursing her lips.

“That‘s why I said that you were heartless.” Murray looked at her with a burning gaze. “Whatever, this is
not the first time you are like this. I‘m already used to it. You will know one day how much you love me.

Why was he so certain?

Melissa pursed her lips. This man was really confident.

Although she did love him, she suddenly didn‘t want to admit it seeing how confident he was,

Melissa leaned back, keeping her distance from him. “That might not be the case. If you are overconfid
ent, you might easily get embarrassed.”

As she spoke, Melissa grabbed the lart on the side. The soft and sweet taste made her leel happy


Just then, Melissa‘s phone rang

Melissa picked up the phone and looked at it.

was a text from Nina. “Melissa, I told you last time about the design competition in Laville What do you t

hink about it?”

Melissa frowned slightly. So many things have happened in the past few days. She didn‘t have time to
think about it

Melissa thought for a second and replied, “I‘ve been a little busy recently
and haven‘t thought about it yet.”

Nina replied soon, “How about I go to Aldness to see you in a few days, and we can discuss it together.

Melissa replied, “OK” Then he looked up at Murray. “When did the doctor say that I could be

“It‘s not decided yet. You haven‘t recovered. Don‘t worry. I will investigate it and let Anaya pay,” Murray
comforted her gently.

At the mention of Anaya, Murray‘s dark eyes instantly became cold.

Anaya almost separated Melissa from him forever.

If it weren‘t for the fact that he was concerned about Melissa and planned to return early to give her a s
urprise, he wouldn‘t have been able to save her in time.

At the thought of the situation at that time, Murray still had lingering fears.

Anaya was such a crazy woman. He would not let her get away with what she did!

“Hopefully, I can leave the hospital early.” Melissa did not like the environment of the hospital. Moreover
, she had many things to do and did not want to stay here anymore.

“Can I leave the hospital tomorrow?” she asked as she ate the tart.

“No.” Murray was softened seeing how she enjoyed the tart. “What else do you want to eat other than t
he tart? I‘ll ask Clara to make it for you.”

Murray walked to the sofa on the other side of the ward and sat down. At this time, Melissa noticed ther

were many documents on the table and that the laptop was turned on.

During the two days when she was unconscious, he brought business here to stay close to her.

“I‘m fine now. You can go back. You don‘t have to
stay here. I can take care of myself.” Melissa was touched

by him.

Murray stopped flipping through the documents. The moment he raised his eyes, he frowned and aske
d in a cold voice, “You don‘t want to see me, do you?”

“Yes. I just think that you might have something important to do,” Melissa explained.

She did not ask Murray to leave again. She just lay down and rested in silence. She fell asleep with the
sound of him flipping through the paper.

When Melissa woke up again with hunger, she smelled food.

As soon as Melissa opened her eyes, she saw that on the small table in front of her, there was broth, st
eak, mashed potatoes, Brussel sprouts, and spaghetti.

They were all her favourites!

“Are you awake? I‘ll feed you.” Murray‘s sexy voice sounded beside her ear.

Melissa didn‘t want to talk to him.

Murray was used to being ignored by her. He held the bowl of broth to Melissa and scooped a spoonful

He lowered his head, blew on it, and then brought it to her mouth. “Come on, try it.”

– Hearing his voice, Melissa opened her mouth somehow.

Seeing that Melissa was so obedient, Murray smiled with satisfaction.

Melissa drank a few mouthfuls of broth. Murray put down the bowl and picked up the fork.

Did he want to feed her spaghetti?

There was a gentleness in his eyes. Melissa looked at him and said, “I‘ll do it myself!”

“You‘re injured. I‘ll feed you,” Murray said as he sent spaghetti to Melissa‘s mouth with the fork.

“I‘ll do it myself. I‘m injured, not disabled.” Melissa snatched the fork from his hand and ate silently.

Murray‘s handsome face darkened a little bit.

Melissa was so rude.

After wolfing down the last mouthful of food, Melissa let out a long sigh of satisfaction. She put down the

Melissa stretched her body lazily and became sleepy.

She was still recovering now, so she needed a lot of rest.

“Wait” Just as Melissa was about to lie down, Murray raised his hand and grabbed her slender waist Sud

What do you want to do?” Melissa was stunned. She raised her head and looked at Murray warily, trying

keep her distance from him.

You.” Murray raised his hand to move closer to her with a faint smile.

This movement made Melissa think that he was going to kiss her. So she quickly pushed him
away and said

coldly, Murray, stop it”

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