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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 289

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Chapter 289 I Want Melissa to Die

Nolan looked up and gave the bodyguard a look. The bodyguard immediately understood. They left an
d closed the door

In the room, only Anaya and Nolan were left.

Nolan looked at Anaya up and down, not hiding his desire at all.

Although Anaya felt uncomfortable all over, she still walked over and sat on the sofa. “Nolan, I‘m here.”

“Miss Knowles, you want me to kill Melissa, right?” Nolan suddenly stood up. He was slender.

He was wearing a handmade suit, but it couldn‘t hide the hostility emanating from his body.

“Yes! I want Melissa to die!” Anaya gritted her teeth and said.

Nolan shook the glass in his hand and looked at the men and women under the dance floor through the
window. He narrowed his eyes and said, “As long as you ask, I promise I can do it.”

“Really?” Although Anaya had asked around before she came, she still had some doubts.

After all, she tried so many times before, but she never made it.

“Since you came to me, I guess you have already heard of my reputation in the underworld. Do you kn
ow how I got my nickname ‘Nolan the Beheader’?”

Nolan sipped the red wine and smiled. “When I was a nobody, my face was cut by someone and I was t
hus disfigured. Then I cut off his head without even a blink!”

His gloomy expression caused Anaya‘s heart to thump.

Anaya subconsciously wanted to escape, but her intuition told her that this man was very dangerous!

When she thought of Melissa, she could hold back.

“What do you want?” Anaya asked.

She knew that he was negotiating with her.

Nolan saw that Anaya reacted quickly, and his eyes were full of satisfaction. He drank the red wine and
said, “Have sex with me.”

Looking at Nolan‘s eyes, Anaya froze.

In fact, before coming, she had already guessed that this would happen.

They were adults, and Nolan had chased her for so many years before.

Now, she had a request for him. With Nolan‘s personality, he would take the opportunity to force her to

sex with him.

Anaya felt disgusted at the thought of making love to such a fierce, ugly man.

However, in order to kill Melissa, she could accept it!

She had sex with other men before it was nothing for her

Anaya clenched her lists tightly, stood up, and walked towards Nolan

“I accept this condition. Anaya bit her lips and made up her mind,

soon as she finished speaking, Nolan pressed her against the window. His large palm quickly clung to
her shoulder and her collar was quickly pulled off.

Right here?

Anaya looked down. As long as someone looked up, he could see that they were having sex

She was the eldest daughter of the Knowles family! She was so honourable!

“What? Don‘t you want to?” Nolan leaned against her ear and sniffed her hair. “Don‘t forget
that you are begging me. You don‘t have the right to choose.”

Anaya‘s pupils shrank. She could not forget that the man who was pressing her at this moment was the

terrifying and vicious Nolan the Beheader.

The ship was already on and she could not turn back.

Anaya closed her eyes and agreed. Nolan quickly took off all the clothes on her body.

The feeling of shame spread through Anaya‘s body.

She clenched her fists tightly.

It was all caused by Melissa!

Melissa took Jaylin away, causing her to be insulted by Nolan!

She would soon be able to get it back!

Melissa Eugen!

“As long as you‘re still alive, I, Anaya, will never let you go!” she thought.

After Melissa got off work, she was worried about Marc‘s condition and went straight to the hospital

As soon as she entered the ward, she saw Zane and a few other doctors giving Marc an examination

*Dr White, how is Mr. Marc?” Melissa stepped forward and asked with concern

Zane saw Melissa and smiled “Ms. Eugen, you came at
the right time We just checked for Mr. Marc. There is

no big problemn Come and take a look

Melissa nodded

She went forward and carefully examined Marc Then, she followed Luca‘s instructions and injected dru

into Marc

Her method could only temporarily stabilise his condition and not worsen it

She still couldn‘t awaken him with the method Luca had said.

When Melissa was injecting Marc, the doctors who had been in the hospital for more than ten years an
d even decades had gathered around to watch and study. They held their notebooks and took
notes seriously, afraid that they would miss the details.

If this was seen by others, they would definitely be shocked.

The famous doctors in the medical field all humbly asked a young girl in her early twenties for advice.

“Alright, check Mr. Marc‘s body every three hours. If anything happens, inform me immediately.” Meliss
a looked at Zane standing beside her and said.

“Okay, Ms. Eugen.” Zane quickly agreed.

“Then I‘ll leave first.” Melissa turned.

“Ms. Eugen, wait.” When Landyn saw that Melissa was about to leave, he actually felt a little sad.

He still wanted to learn something else.

What Melissa said last time was right. Traditional medicine was broad and profound. Previously, it was h

“OK.” Melissa could see what Landyn meant, but she did not have the time to teach

When she left the hospital, it was already dark.

Dark clouds covered the sky.

In a moment, the heavy rain poured down, and Melissa was instantly drenched without an umbrella.

Melissa frowned. What kind of shitty weather was this?

She quickly got in her car and drove home to change her clothes.

She had caught a heavy cold last time in the rain, and she had not fully recovered yet. She could not wo

Melissa held the steering wheel tightly with both hands and sped along.

Melissa subconsciously stepped on the brakes when there was a red light.

However, the car didn‘t stop when she stepped on the brakes!

What was going on?

Melissa stomped a few more times, but there was still no reaction!

Chapter 289 I Want Melissa to Die

Get Em

Melissa was shocked. The brakes had been broken!

Someone wanted her to die!

Melissa controlled the steering wheel to turn in time. She kept stepping on the brake but it was useless.

She knew it was a conspiracy. Someone had been plotting against her for a long time.

“Damn it!” Melissa frowned, and her strong mentality calmed her down instantly.

opened the navigation and looked at the road condition, trying to avoid the red light as much as possible

She wanted to force the car to stop.

In places with a lot of traffic, once a chain car accident was
triggered, the consequences were unimaginable!

Melissa turned the steering wheel and drove the car into an empty alley, which was filled with garbage.

This was it! This was the best stop point!

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