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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 283

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Chapter 283 Murray‘s Mother Comet

Melissa wat lalily leaning against the sota Munny leonet over det

Facing his gaze, Melissa retreated What are you doing

Retare Mellosi could finish, Murray‘s sexy thin lips loured


As their lips louched Melissa‘s breathing paused for a few seconds, and she w

The flames in Murray‘s eyes bumed brighter, and he could not help but wiosheherder

His kiss was gentle but passionate When he kissed her, she fell out of breath

They felt hotter in the living room..

Alter a long time, Murray finally ended the passionate kiss unwillingly

He lowered his head and pressed his forchead against hers His eyes were as deep as the man as he s
tate at her. “Melissa, promise me that you will be my girl again, okay?”

“L..” Melissa was out of breath because of his kiss,

Just then, Murray‘s phone suddenly rang

The ringtone broke the romantic atmosphere,

Melissa came back to her senses and pushed Murray away, “Your phone.”

Murray picked up his phone and looked at it. It was a call from Alex


Murray cursed in his heart,

It was not the right time!

Murray frowned and picked up the phone, “Alex, what‘s the matter?” he asked in a cold tone

“Mr. Gibson, a meeting among the management will be held today. You have to come to the company,
Alex said nervously over the phone.

The moment he heard Murray‘s displeased voice, he knew that he had called at the wrong time.

It seemed that he bothered Murray and Melissa again

“No!” Murray opened his thin lips and replied briefly

Melissa was still sick, so he could not leave.

“But…” Alex wanted to say something, but Murray hung up the phone,

“Is there something wrong with the company?” Melissa asked.

“Nothing.” Murray tilted his head and glanced sideways at Melissa, “You haven‘t given me an answer to


Melissa looked away, yawned, and changed the topic. ‘Im sleepy and want to take a nap. You should g
o to the company to attend the meeting. As for your question … I haven‘t had an answer yet.”

“Are you sure you want me to leave?” Murray‘s eyes dimmed. He suddenly reached out and pulled Meli
ssa into

his arms

“Of course, don‘t bother
me. I need a rest.” Melissa hurriedly pushed him away and escaped from his embrace. She deliberately
yawned and stood up, planning to return to her room to rest.

“Melissa, don‘t make me wait too long,” Murray said in a low and hoarse voice from behind.

Melissa paused, pretended not to hear him, and quickly went upstairs.

After returning to her room, she lay on the comfortable bed and quickly fell asleep.

She had a dream.

In the dream, she returned to her childhood.

Her parents took her to a park for fun. They bought an ice cream for her and took her rowing. They had

great time.

However, she could not see clearly her parents‘ looks.

“Mom, don‘t move. Let me see your face!” Melissa pulled her mother and pleaded,

But her mother kept avoiding her eyes.

With a splash, Melissa fell from the boat into the cold lake.

It was so cold…

Melissa heard the sound of water in a daze. Then she felt cold water over her body. She shivered and


When she opened her eyes, Melissa saw Sarah and Claire standing in front of her bed, their faces full
of arrogance and anger.

Melissa thought, why are they here?

“Melissa, how could you be so shameless? You had an affair with Jaylin. But you are still pestering Mur
ray. You shameless bitch! How could you sleep here with a clear conscience!” Claire
was holding a bucket in her hand, and she was pointing at Melissa‘s nose as she cursed,

“Melissa, pack up your things and get out of here now. You are no longer Murray‘s fiancée. How could y
ou be so shameless to stay here? It‘s impossible for the Gibson family to let a promiscuous woman
like you marry into our family. It will disgrace the Gibson family!” Sarah was also furious,

While Sarah was speaking, Claire had already pulled out all of Melissa‘s clothes and casually stuffed th
em into her suitcase.

Chapter 283 Murray‘s Mother Comes

Melissa wondered if they were trying to kick her out of the house while Murray was away.

Melissa stared coldly at them and said in a flat tone, “Did you pour the cold water on me?”

Claire and Sarah had thought that Melissa would either leave with a guilty conscience or argue with the
m, but they did not expect her to ask such a question.

Claire and Sarah were stunned. They looked at each other.

“So what? I did this! What can you do to me? I did this for Murray! You were so shameless! You two–

As Claire spoke, she turned on her phone and checked the trending topics. “Look at what you‘ve done!”

Melissa glanced at her indifferently.

There were photos of her and Jaylin in the lounge last night.

In the photo, they were close and drenched.

The words below were even more sensual, making one‘s imagination run wild.

Melissa furrowed her brows.

The truth had come out last night that Julie framed them up.

But some reporters without ethics tried to catch people‘s attention!

No wonder Sarah and Claire came to scold her early in the morning.

Melissa put on a mocking smile. She immediately got up from the bed, grabbed Claire‘s wrist without sa

“What are you doing?” Claire was unprepared and wanted to get away from Melissa, but she was caugh

“Sarah, help me!” Claire shouted.

She did not know what Melissa wanted to do, and she could not free herself. She did not know why Mel

was so strong.

Claire knew that Melissa had been sick for several days and had not recovered yet, so Claire took the c
Sarah to mess up with Melissa.

Ignoring Claire‘s struggles and screams, Melissa walked
into the bathroom and pushed her under the shower, turning on the cold water directly.

The cold water drenched Claire.


Claire screamed, her face pale. She wanted to escape from the shower, but the way was blocked by Me

“Sarah, help me! This woman wants to kill me!” Claire could only shout for help from Sarah.

Chantor 243 Murray‘s Mother Comes

“Melissa, let go of Claire!” Sarah didn‘t dare to step forward and shouted from outside the bathroom.

Melissa sneered, “Claire, you just splashed the cold water all over me. Now I‘m just giving you a taste of

Looking at Claire, who was soaked and struggling, Melissa curved her lips.

She thought, do you think I am a pushover?

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