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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 281

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Chapter 281 You Invited Me

Murray was shocked.

He thought, where is she?

She has been weak because of the effects of the philter How could she suddenly disappear?

Is there anything wrong?

Murray frowned and looked around with sharp eyes, but he didn‘t see Melissa.

“Melissa, Melissa!” He shouted anxiously and nervously.

The next second, Melissa suddenly climbed onto his strong back from behind.

“Murray, I‘m here,” she said behind him. Her slender and fair arms were around Murray‘s neck.

“Why didn‘t you stay in bed? Why are you here?” Murray‘s body stiffened when he felt her temperature.
He berated her in a low and hoarse voice.

Melissa stood on tiptoes and leaned against his ear. Her eyes were dim, and she said in an attractive v
oice, “Murray, I feel so uncomfortable. Can you help me…”

Murray tightened his grip on the towel. His cold eyes narrowed, and his body stiffened as he stood ther
e. “Are you sure?” he asked in a low voice.

“Yes…” Affected by the philter, Melissa raised his chin teasingly, gently kissed his earlobe, and touched
his adams apple with her fair fingers from top to bottom.

Murray took a deep breath.

She was seducing him!

At that moment, Murray lost his rationality. He turned around and pushed her limp body against the doo

He leaned over slightly and looked down at her red face.

She raised her head. He looked at her. She looked like a ripe and sweet apple that was alluring.

“Melissa, you made me feel hot!”

Flames of lust were burning in his eyes. He couldn‘t bear it anymore, and he lowered his head to kiss

Melissa‘s moist red lips.

As their lips touched, they were both turned on.

He could sense her familiar smell. Murray
wanted more than a kiss at the door. He lifted Melissa‘s light body.

walked to the big bed, turned over, and pressed her down.

Melissa was in a daze. She felt so hot as if her body was burning. “I feel so sick … You are not nice…”

At that moment, she was emotional. She actually started crying.

Chapter 281 You Invited Me


Murray immediately stopped when he saw the sparkling team in her eyes.

He lumed over and got off the bed, gently covering Melissa with a quili

Looking down at his shirt that had been messed up when ho kissed her, Murray stood up with a gloomy
lace And he lidied up his shirt with his big hand,

He thought, what am I doing?

Melissa did that because of the philter

How could I take advantage of Melissa when she was not conscious? He wondered,

Murray did not want to have sex with her when Melissa was unwilling,

If Melissa regretted it after waking up…

Murray put on his clothes, and the lust in his heart had been forcibly suppressed by him.

He looked down at Melissa, who was lying on the bed. She had fallen asleep.

If it wasn‘t for her red and swollen lips and the crystal tears hanging from the corners
of her eyes, which showed everything that had just happened, Murray would have thought that he had j
ust been in a dream

Murray bent down and gently wiped away the tears
at the corner of her eyes. He did not realise how careful and gentle he was

Then, he picked up the wet towel beside the bed and carefully wiped Melissa‘s face to cool her down a

Anton said…

The next morning.

Melissa had a great headache.

Melissa opened her eyes in a daze and rubbed her temples.

Suddenly, a gust of cold wind blew in, making her shiver.

Melissa‘s watery eyes suddenly widened. She wondered, why is Murray beside me?

She furrowed his brows, and she had flashbacks of yesterday.

Melissa remembered that she went to the crew‘s dinner party last night. Julie had schemed against her

Jaylin by drugging them

She exposed Julie‘s scheme. After that, Julie was taken away by the police. Then the philter continued
to take effect, and she…

Melissa vaguely remembered that she seemed to have flirted with Murray

She thought of what they had done last night,

Melissa thought, oh, dear!

Thor 21 Yanvita

Did we

Melissa was wrapped in a quilt, and her face was red.

She wondered, oh! What exactly did I do last night?

Melissa was in a daze when she suddenly heard Murray‘s extremely magnetic voice. “You‘re awake?”

Melissa came back to her senses and glanced at Murray.

He was wearing a shirt. The collar buttons were unbuttoned, revealing his smooth and delicate collarbo

At that moment, he was supporting his chin with his hand, his deep eyes staring at her.

“Last night, we…” Melissa wrapped herself tightly in the blanket and
narrowed her beautiful eyes, asking him warily.

Murray raised his eyebrows and looked at her with a half–
smile. “Yesterday, I put you on the bed so that you could rest, but you insisted on inviting me to stay. You

In Melissa‘s heart, Murray meant that they had slept together!

Melissa‘s heart sank. “You are a jerk!”

Murray spread out his hands, curved his sexy lips, and whispered in her ear, “Last night, it was you who

His warm breathing touched Melissa‘s neck. She trembled as if she had been shocked.

Melissa bit her lips and wondered if something really had happened to them last night.

But … she only had a headache. Nothing else was wrong.

It was abnormal if they had done something.

“Melissa, shouldn‘t you be responsible for me?” Murray pretended to be pitiful when he saw Melissa‘s bl


Melissa was shocked.

Even if they slept together, she would be the one to suffer a loss!

“If that was the case, it was you who helped me out. Thank you.” Melissa raised her chin slightly with pri

“But I made a great sacrifice! I need compensation…” Murray rubbed his chin with his big, bony hand an

“What do you want?” Melissa glared at him.

“Why don‘t you give me Star Entertainment as compensation?” Murray smiled and teased her.

“Murray, you are the boss of the Gibson Corporation. Aren‘t you afraid that people will laugh at you for d

Chapter 281 You Invited Me

“I‘m not afraid of that, but you…” Murray looked at the woman in front of him with a deep gaze. He bit his

Melissa raised her head and looked into Murray‘s deep eyes. Don‘t you do that to me!”

Murray let out a low laugh when he saw her furious face.

He got up from the bed and reached out to rub Melissa‘s head, “Alright just joking. Hurry up and get
dressed.I‘ve made breakfast for you.”

Melissa was surprised.

She wondered if that meant nothing had happened to them last night.

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