Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 275

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Chapter 275 Accident at the Dinner Party (1)

Po way! I already promised him How can I go back of my word? Melissa had dissatisfaction on her fa

after Murray took her phone

“You have a heavy cold, remember? How can you go out and drink? What if it becomes pournong? Veli
ssa are you tired of living?

Murray forcefully stuffed the glass into her hand, and his other hand grasped her hand, handing the pist


Tll take the pills.”

Melissa picked up the glass of water with her
left hand and took the pills with her right hand After swallowing them, she looked at Murray and said fir
mly, ‘But I must go to the dinner party tomorrow night

Melissa was a principled person. Since she had made a promise, she would do it

She just had a cold, but it was not a big deal.

Murray always made a big fuss over nothing,

“I said you can‘t go!” Murray pursed his
thin lips slightly, and there was nervousness and worry in his eyes

Murray thought, she doesn‘t care about herself at all!

She has a cold, but she doesn‘t rest more and insists on going to that damn dinner party

What if her condition worsens?

Doesn‘t she know I‘m so worried about her?

“That‘s my business, not yours!” Melissa stood up from the sofa and was going to return to her room.

In the next second, Melissa felt a force come to her waist. She lost her balance as Murray scooped her

Melissa struggled but couldn‘t break free. She could only reach out and wrap her arms around
his neck, asking with a frown, “Murray, what are you doing?”

“Imprisoning you.” Murray
bowed slightly, raised his eyebrows at Melissa, and whispered in her ear, Tit free you when the dinner p
arty is over.”

This is illegal!” Melissa glared at Murray, but her throat was swollen and painful, and her voice was soft

than a cat‘s

Her voice tugged at Murray‘s heartstrings

He carefully placed her on the bed and covered her with a blanket “Be good, will you?”

He comforted her in a soft voice

Melissa was surprised. She didn‘t expect him to coax her so gently

*Alright, I‘m not going. I‘m sleepy”

Chapter 275 Accident at the Dinner Party (1)

Melissa yawned lazily, curled up sideways, and blinked at him. “Good night I‘m going to sleep

“Good night.”

Murray was relieved to hear that and smiled. He turned to leave

Melissa looked at Murray‘s tall and straight back with mixed feelings.

Murray was perfect, but he was too overbearing and always liked to control her,

Although he was concerned about her, Melissa didn‘t like the feeling of being restrained.

Since Murray didn‘t allow her to go to the dinner party tomorrow, she could only go there secretly.

Anyway, Murray would go to work at the Gibson Corporation tomorrow, and she would take a leave of a
bsence to rest at home. After Murray left, she could go wherever she wanted.

Murray couldn‘t control her again by then.

With that in mind, Melissa felt much more comfortable. She lay on the bed and fell asleep eventually.

The next day, when Melissa woke up, she saw Murray‘s handsome face.

“Meli, how do you feel?” Murray asked with concern,

“Much better.” Melissa sniffed.

“You have a cold. How will you recover so quickly?” Murray reached out his hand and touched Melissa‘
s forehead. “Great. You don‘t have a fever.”

“Hey, I said I‘m fine. Why are you so nervous? Have you forgotten that I have medical skills?” Melissa s
aid, “It‘s getting late. You should go to work!”

“I‘ll stay at home with you,” Murray smiled. He couldn‘t leave Melissa alone at home.

“No need! Hurry to work, or I‘ll be angry!” Melissa firmly disagreed.

“Alright, I‘ll be leaving. Have a good rest. Call me if you need anything.” Murray didn‘t insist and stood u

“I‘II,” Melissa promised.

Murray finally went to work. If he was home, she couldn‘t sneak out to the dinner party at the White Riv
er Hotel.

In the afternoon, Melissa freshened up and was about to go out when she fell into a strong and warm

embrace just as she went downstairs.

“Where are you going?” Murray asked coolly.

It was Murray

Melissa wondered why he was back.

She looked up at his cold eyes. “I want to go to the dinner party. Don‘t stop me.”

Murray turned irked. He was worried about Melissa‘s condition and got off work early

But when he got home, he caught her sneaking out

He reached out to clutch Melissa‘s chin and pressed her against the door frame, leaning toward her

It wasn‘t until the tip of his nose touched hers that he stopped. Melissa had a heavy cold, and her nose
was wet like a kitten.

Her look softened his heart. Murray bent over and whispered, “I‘ll drive you there since you insist.”

His warm breath blew on Melissa‘s cheek when he spoke.

Melissa blushed right away.

He started to flirt with her again!

Murray looked at her blushing face and adored her even more. He lowered his head and kissed her.

His breathing almost stopped when he felt a familiar feeling.

Even though Melissa‘s lips
were dry because of the cold, Murray still felt they were the world‘s most delicious


He skillfully pried open her lips and wanted to taste more.

was still rational. She pushed Murray away with her chest heaving up and down as she gasped for

breath. “Well. I think we‘d better hurry.”

After that, Melissa walked toward the door.

Murray strode behind her.

He drove Melissa to the White River Hotel.

“Meli, we‘re here.” Murray got out of the car and opened the door for Melissa. I‘ll walk you in.”

“No need. I‘ll go in by myself. I‘ll call you when it‘s over.” Melissa hurriedly shook her head and pushed M

Murray eyed her beautiful back, and
there was love and tenderness in his eyes. He waited till Melissa‘s figure disappeared from his sight bef

However, Julie and Adela, who also came to the White River Hotel, saw that.

“Adela, is that Melissa?“ Julie pointed at Melissa‘s back and asked.

“What is she doing here?” Adela asked with a sinister look in her eyes,

Julie tilted her head and thought for a moment, then said, “I heard from my cousin that it seems that the

crew of “Harem” is holding a dinner party here tonight.”

“Is that so?” The corner of Adela‘s mouth moved up into a sneer.

Adela was so jealous when she thought of how gentle Murray was when he sent Melissa there

She swore to herself, Melissa, you‘ll wait and see!

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