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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 270

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Chapter 270 Reveal the Truth (1)

A stimulant?

Everyone felt even more shocked when they heard this

So it was not an accident that Melissa‘s horse went crazy, but that it was fed stimulants?

Ingrid was confused. When did she instigate anyone to do that?

“It‘s a slander! I don‘t even know you!” Ingrid‘s voice was shaking.

She didn‘t understand why Liam and his staff wanted to frame her.

She had never offended them!

“Ms. Recal, this is the check you gave me. How can you say you don‘t know me?” The staff pointed at t
he check, which had Ingrid‘s signature on it.

Ingrid had no way to explain herself.

All the evidence showed that it was Ingrid who wanted to backstab Melissa.

Melissa watched this scene coldly, and she slightly pursed her lips.

Anaya was quite capable. She bribed so many people to harm her and frame Ingrid.

Then, a few policemen arrived.

“Mr. Segar, are you the one who reported this? What happened?” One of the policemen asked Jaylin.

“Well, a malicious wounding happened in the crew,” Jaylin told the policeman everything that had happ

in a deep voice.

Before the police could speak, Anaya stepped forward and said.

“Sir, the person who wanted to harm Ms. Eugen is Ingrid. Two people have testified against her, and we
have evidence. Take her to the police station!”

She wanted to resolve this matter as soon as possible and couldn‘t wait to hold Ingrid accountable.

This way, she would be safe.

She did not
harm Melissa this time, so she had to ensure that she could escape unscathed before making her plan

“Is this the knife?” The policeman looked at the knife on the ground.

“Yes.” Melissa took a step forward.

“Check the fingerprints,” the policeman said to his colleague from the forensic department.

“Yes.” The forensic officer put on gloves, squatted down, and carefully picked up the knife.

“Mr. Segar, Ms. Eugen, please follow me to take the statement,” the policeman said.

Melissa nodded, “OK”

They came to the resting area, and several policemen began to take their statements.

*Ingrid told me to do this.” Liam and the props staff insisted on accusing Ingrid.

“I never did it. I was with Alyssa during my break today. She can testify for me,” Ingrid insisted on denyi
ng it.

“Yeah. I can testify that it wasn‘t Ms. Recal,” Alyssa said.

“Sir, Alyssa is Ingrid‘s agent. Her words can‘t be trusted. It was Ingrid who made me do this.” Liam emp

“We will investigate it thoroughly,” the police officer who was taking the statement wrote them down.

After a while, the results of the fingerprint test came out. The forensic officer handed the report to the p
olice officer who was making the statement. “Only Ingrid‘s fingerprints are found on this knife.”

“Then it must be her!” Anaya said, “we have so many witnesses and evidence, it must be Ingrid!”

“It was not me!” Ingrid was at a loss for words. She looked at Melissa in despair. “Ms. Eugen, I didn‘t do

Melissa patted Ingrid on the shoulder. The corners of her lips curled up into a faint smile. “Only Ingrid‘s
fingerprints are found there. So she is not the murderer.”

Anaya was stunned. “Ms. Eugen, what did you say?”

“I mean, the person who instigated so many people
behind my back to go against me was not Ingrid,” Melissa said indifferently.

“How is this possible? The police just said that only Ingrid‘s fingerprints were found. Who else could it b
e?” Anaya‘s heart skipped a beat. She immediately accused Ingrid.

Why did Melissa say that?

Did she discover something?

Anaya became stilted as she clenched her fists.

She comforted herself. Everything she had done was flawless. She would never be discovered by Meli

Melissa must be bluffing, and she couldn‘t panic.

Melissa pointed at the knife in the hands of the forensic officer and said coldly, “This knife was held in I
ngrid‘s hand when she filmed just now, so it was normal to have her fingerprints on it. Don‘t you think it
is strange that she is the only one touching the knise?”

After listening to Melissa‘s words, everyone understood something

Jaylin turned his head to look at Melissa, “Melissa, you mean…”

Melissa had a mocking smile. “No matter where this knife came from, from
the moment it was produced until

it was bought and brought to the set, Ingrid can‘t be the only one touching it, so it doesn‘t make sense to

her fingerprints alone.”

After a pause, Melissa continued, “But this strange thing has happened. Why? The only explanation is th

when the murderer changed the knife, the murderer was afraid of leaving fingerprints, so he or she simp

wiped it. After it was done, only Ingrid touched the knife when filming.”

Melissa‘s explanation made everyone come to a sudden realisation.

The surrounding onlookers began to discuss.

“Ms. Eugen is right. It seems that the murderer is someone else. I wonder who can be so vicious to Ms.

“But if it wasn‘t Ms. Recal, why did Liam and the others insist on accusing her?”

“Maybe Ingrid was framed?”

“Who is it? Why did the murderer do this?”

Hearing these words, Anaya changed her expression,

She had instructed Liam to change
the knife when others were not paying attention, but she did not expect

Liam to leave such a big flaw.

“Maybe Ingrid gave in to her conscience and wiped off her fingerprints?” Anaya bit her lips and said.

She had to let Ingrid take the blame for her today no matter what.

“Ms. Knowles, what do you mean? Why are you targeting me again and again?” Ingrid asked angrily,

“I‘m not targeting you. I‘m just stating the truth.” Anaya took a deep breath and pretended to be calm as

said, “Ingrid, hurry up and admit it!”

The truth?” Melissa laughed mockingly. Her cold gaze landed on Anaya and she said in a sharp tone, “T

truth is that the person who instigated all this behind the scenes and plotted against me was you, Anaya

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