Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 261

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Chapter 261 Only I Can Kiss You

Just as Murray was about to go further, Melissa‘s phone, which was in her pocket, suddenly vibrated.

Melissa snapped back to her senses.

Ah, what was wrong with me? Why didn‘t I struggle just now…

Melissa quickly pushed Murray away. Her face was burning, and she was panting as she took out the p
hone from her pocket

She looked down and saw that it was Jaylin calling.

Melissa steadied her nerves before picking it up.

“Melissa, how are you?” Jaylin‘s concerned voice came over the phone.

“I‘m fine,” Melissa replied indifferently.

“Great.” Jaylin nodded and said hesitantly, “By the way, Conrad had asked the props crew. It was just a
n accident. I mean, one of the swing screws was loose by accident.”

Melissa asked rhetorically, “Accident?”

“That‘s what he said.” Jaylin frowned.

“I understand.” Melissa stopped saying anything else.

After hanging up the phone, Melissa slightly narrowed her beautiful eyes.


How is that possible?

There is no way that it was an accident! Someone did this on purpose.

But I can‘t alert that person yet.

And since that‘s the findings now, I might as well take advantage of it so that the mastermind behind th

scenes would lower their guard and reveal a hole or two.

At that moment, something came to her, bringing a chill.

“Why did Jaylin call you?” There was gloom on Murray‘s handsome face. He was in an extremely bad

And of course, Melissa saw the unhappiness in Murray right away.

At the thought of how the two of them almost kissed, Melissa swallowed, feeling that there was still a tr
aco of his breath on her lips. ‘Nothing, I‘ll go back to my room now”

She jurnped down from the cabinet, tidied up the clothes that Murray had just torn off, and hurried back
to her room

As he watched Melissa run away, Murray stood where he was and gently rubbed his lips with his hand,

Chapter 261 Only i Can Kiss You

deep eyes sparkling

Although Melissa was no longer in the kitchen, it seemed that their passion still lingered here.

Murray believed that Melissa would soon agree to be with him again.

It was sunny the next day. The sky was clear and boundless.

Melissa was about to go to the set, as usual, only to be stopped by Murray.

“What do you want?” Melissa looked at him doubtfully.

“I‘ll go to the set with you today.” Murray pulled her into the car without any explanation.

“You‘re not working today?” Melissa sat in the car and asked him, feeling strange.

“I‘m taking some time off,” Murray said briefly.

Melissa thought, the boss gave himself some time off?

Curling her lips a little bit, Melissa stopped asking anymore.

After they arrived at the set, Melissa left Murray and went to do her make–up.

When playing a role in a costume drama, one needed to spend a long time doing make–
up. Every step in the makeup was complicated and cumbersome.

In the makeup room. Melissa was reading the script in her hand, trying to polish up her acting.

Even though she was just a guest performer, Melissa still worked very hard.

At that moment, a knock sounded.

“Please come in.” The staff member in the room quickly went to open the door.

Through the large mirror in front of her, Melissa saw Jaylin walk in with his assistant Conrad, followed b
y a

middle–aged man.

Melissa frowned and looked at Jaylin, “What is it?”

“This is the one responsible for the props that day.” Jaylin pointed at the man they brought over and ex
plained to Melissa.

“Ms Eugen, I‘m here to apologise to you. If it wasn‘t for my negligence, you wouldn‘t have been injured
and It made a big mistake. I‘m terribly sorry!” The man walked forward and bowed sincerely to Melissa.

Melissa narrowed her eyes a bit.

As far as she could rernernber, this prop guy was a newcomer,

Could it be he who did it?

But she did not know this person at all. Why did he want to harm her?

Someone must be behind all this

Now that he insisted that it was an accident, she might as well play along and lure out the mastermind

behind the scenes.

At the thought of this, Melissa put down the script in her hand and smiled, “Since it was not intentional,
I won‘t look into it. But please be careful in the future, and don‘t make any mistakes again.”

Seeing that Melissa just forgave him like this, the prop guy was very surprised.

He glanced at Jaylin on the
side, heaving a sigh of relief, “Then thank you, Ms. Eugen. I‘ll go to work now.”

“Yes.” Melissa nodded, and the prop man left.

But Jaylin, standing by the side with Conrad, didn‘t seem like he wanted to leave.

“Is there anything else?” Melissa did not look at them. Instead, she looked at them in the mirror and ask

“I want to discuss the scenes we are going to play in later,” Jaylin said and sat down on the chair
next to


Melissa had seen the script and knew that they were going to perform the kissing scene later.

Today, the scene that Melissa and Jaylin were going to shoot was a romantic one. The role that Jaylin p
was an emperor, was confessing to Alma, who Melissa played, in a small forest of the palace.

However, Alma already had someone in her heart. She did not like the emperor at all, thus rejecting him

The Emperor got angry. Therefore, he decided to kiss Alma in an overbearing manner.

“Alma, you are my woman. You should only have me in your heart. I won‘t allow you to think of other me

Jaylin was extremely bossy, and there was a faint trace of frustration on his face. He reached out his ha

He planned to force Alma into the kiss since Alma was a weak female, who was by
no means the equal of

him in terms of physical strength.

Therefore, despite Melissa struggling, Jaylin managed to lower his head and kiss her.

The kiss was deep and fierce.

Murray, who was not far away, saw this scene. That made him angry. He was furious and trembled, whic

chilled people to the bone,

Actually, Murray knew that Jaylin and Melissa were not really kissing each other. It was just a perspectiv


Kim shouted. “Bravo! Everyone, prepare for the next scene.” Chapter 261 Only I Can Kiss You

Melissa immediately restored the status quo and broke away from Jaylin..

“Melissa… Jaylin was just about to say something to Melissa when Murray came straight over and pulle

“What‘s the matter?” Melissa asked as the two of them walked to a corner.

Murray looked down at Melissa with a gloomy face and raised his hand with a frown. “My hand hurts.”

*Is your hand alright?” Melissa pursed her lips since the way Murray looked chilled her.

“Blow on it for me.” Murray pouted his thin lips slightly, his deep eyes cold.

At the thought of the scene that she and Jaylin were in just now, Murray burned with jealousy.

Melissa knew why he was angry. Just as she was about to speak, Murray suddenly reached
out his hand and pulled her into his arms.

He lowered his head and whispered in her ear, “Melissa, you are mine! Only I can kiss you!”

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