Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 256

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Chapter 256 She Is Exposed Again


When Melissa heard this, her heart skipped a beat.

Was she exposed again?

How did Murray know that she was Loe?

Melissa looked into Murray‘s eyes and pursed her lips. “How did you know?”

Since she asked this, it meant that she admitted it.

Murray stared at Melissa. His guess was right. Melissa was indeed Loe.

“It‘s very simple.” Murray laughed in a low voice. Then, he said in a clear voice, “It‘s obvious. I guessed
it at once.”

Previously, at the
Gibson‘s house, Adela had ridiculed the painting that Melissa had given Marc as a counterfeit. Instead,
Melissa had pointed out that the gown Adela wore was a high–quality imitation.

Melissa also pointed out the unique logo on the clothes produced by Loe Studio.

After that, Nina disclosed the symbol in front of the media.

If Melissa was not Loe, she wouldn‘t have known that.

Later on, Melissa was
framed by Marilyn, the chief designer of Love and Romance. Nina helped Melissa testify that Marilyn w

as the real culprit.

Later, Melissa and Nina went to find Luca together. Melissa encountered an avalanche and disappeare
d. Nina almost collapsed and tried her best to search for Melissa.

All these indicated that the relationship between Melissa and Nina was extraordinary.

No one else could make Nina do those things unconditionally other than Loe.

Therefore, all the signs indicated that Melissa was Loe.

Until just now, when Murray was at Melissa‘s room‘s door and heard the phone call between her and Ni
na, he

was sure that his guess was correct.

“Alright…. Melissa blinked her beautiful eyes.

She was exposed again!

A few days ago, she had just been told by Murray that she was the CEO of Star Entertainment, and she
was found to be the designer of Loe by him.

“Why did you keep it from me?” Murray looked at Melissa with a meaningful gaze

He knew that the woman he loved was not simple,

Chapter 256 She Is Exposed Again

But he didn‘t expect Melissa to be so awesome,

Murray still remembered Marc‘s words

“Although I‘m old, my mind is clear, and I will never choose the wrong granddaughter–in–law.”

No wonder Marc insisted on getting him and Melissa engaged because Melissa was really good!

In Murray‘s opinion, Melissa was the most outstanding and beautiful woman in the world.

In fact, Melissa was, indeed.


Because of some of his mistakes, Melissa misunderstood him and broke off the engagement.

However, Murray was confident that he would definitely get Melissa back!

Melissa was his and could only belong to him.

“There‘s nothing to say. Besides, it was grandpa who asked me to come over. I made a bet with him th
at I

would leave in three months.” Melissa twitched the corner of her mouth.

She had always kept a low profile and didn‘t want others to know about her.

“Leave?” Murray suddenly reached out his hands and grabbed Melissa‘s shoulder. “I won‘t let you go.”

Melissa was speechless.

This man was really domineering.

In the beginning, Melissa made a bet with Marc that if she could not fall in love with Murray within three
months, she would leave the Gibson family, and Marc could no longer force her to implement the


But now...

It seemed that she had fallen in love with Murray.

Although so many things had happened between them, and she minded his attitude towards Ryleigh, it
was undeniable that she had already fallen in love with him

Melissa was moved when the plane had an accident, and Murray risked his life to make her jump out of

plane with one parachute

Later, they met the ferocious big fish in the sea, and it was Murray who saved her

At that time, Melissa couldn‘t help but fall in love with that man

She agreed to Murrays pursuit and wanted to be with him

However, the deeper she loved, the more she was worried

Alter Ryleigh showed up. Melissa lelt like her life had changed completely

Chapter 236 She upood Again

Murray abandoned her because of Ryleigh. Although he explained it later, Melissa still couldn‘t forgive

Seeing that the woman in front of him was silent, Murray lowered his head and gradually approached h
er. “Melissa, I know that you have me in your heart. Why are you not willing to accept me? Are
you testing me?”

Looking at the handsome man gradually coming near, Melissa felt a little dazed.

At that moment, she could feel that Murray was true to her.

But what about Ryleigh?

Could Murray really forget about her?

Although Murray had been a lot more indifferent to Ryleigh recently, it was because Ryleigh had cause
d so much trouble.

What if Ryleigh really came back one day…

What would Murray do?

Melissa frowned, feeling a little irritated.

She was about to say something, but her phone rang.

Melissa recovered from her thoughts and picked up her phone to take a look. It was Jaylin.

Gazed by Murray‘s cold eyes, Melissa picked up the phone. “Jaylin, is there something you need me for

“Melissa, how is your allergy?” On the other end of the call, Jaylin asked with concern.

“I‘m fine now. I‘m completely fine,” Melissa said with a smile.

“Harem‘ will start filming tomorrow. When do you want to shoot your scenes?” Jaylin asked Melissa for


After all, Melissa was the big boss of Star Entertainment, and her scenes naturally had to be done accor

to her time.

Melissa thought about it and said, “Tomorrow will be fine.”

Murray had given her a few days off to let her rest at home.

This was her first–time filming, and it was for her own company. Melissa
did not want to be special, so she would go whenever she needed to.

“I‘ll pick you up tomorrow,” Jaylin said softly.

Melissa moved away from Jaylin‘s apartment and moved back to Murray‘s apartment, which made Jayli

However, he could not control Melissa and could only watch Melissa move to Murray‘s apartment

Jaylin hoped that the shooting of “Harern” could let him get closer to Melissa So, he looked forward to it.

“Alright, ill contact you tomorrow.” Melissa hung up the phone. She looked up and saw Murray‘s indiffere

handsome face

T‘m going to the set tomorrow.” Melissa felt that it was necessary to tell Murray

77 Drive you there,‘ Murray said with an unpleasant expression,

“No need Jaylin said he would come to pick me up. Melissa pursed her lips and said as she endured the

Til dirive you to the set” Murray‘s expression became more solemn as he emphasised

He could guess what Jaylin was thinking. He knew that Jaylin wanted to have more time to get to know

How could he give Jaylin such a chance!

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