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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 257

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Chapter 257 Stunning Everyone Present

The next day, the sun was shining brightly. Melissa woke up early.

After a few days of rest, her allergic reaction was completely cured.

When Melissa went downstairs, she saw Murray busy making breakfast in the kitchen.

“Where‘s Clara?” she asked as she walked over.

“She asked for a leave,” Murray said indifferently.

Melissa glanced at Murray and said, “Let me do it.”

In fact, Melissa‘s cooking was not bad. She did not like to cook, but Murray had already made breakfast

her several times, and she had not done it once,

“Can you?” Murray‘s tone carried a bit of doubt.

He had never seen Melissa cook before.

“Of course.” Melissa raised the corners of her lips and said confidently. “I know how to cook, and my ski
lls are


“Is that so?” Murray smiled. “Maybe next time I‘ll try your cooking.”

After a pause, he pushed Melissa out of the kitchen and said in a spoiled tone, “Don‘t stand here. Wait f
or me at the table.”

Melissa felt warm.

While they were having breakfast, Jaylin called Melissa.

Just as Melissa was about to pick up the phone, Murray picked it up first.

“What are you doing? Give it to me!” Melissa gave Murray a supercilious look.

However, Murray ignored her. He picked up the phone and said coldly, “I will drive Melissa to the set. Y
ou don‘t have to worry.”

After that, he hung up the phone before Jaylin could react.

“You‘re too much, Murray. How can you answer my phone without permission?” Melissa said,

“Why? You can‘t bear to be apart from Jaylin?” Murray glanced at her.

Melissa was speechless.

Murray insisted on driving Melissa to the set, and Melissa could only let him.

“Alright, you can stop here. Hurry and get to the Gibson Corporation to work.” Melissa got out of the car
and hurriedly said when she saw that Murray also got out of the can

Melissa was about to turn around and leave, but Munay grabbed her again

He looked down at her and asked coldly, “Do you really have to do filming?”

Melissa was a little speechless. At such a time, he still asked such a question.

“Of course. Murray, when did you become so nagging?‘ Melissa shot Murray a glare.

Murray smiled and lowered his head to whisper into her ear, “I‘m worried about you.”

After all, the person who was hiding in the dark and wanted to harm Melissa has not been found yet.

He was worried.

“I‘m fine, hurry up and leave!” Melissa said and pushed Murray back into the car.

The road was already a little blocked, and with Murray making trouble, when Melissa rushed to the set,

was already late.

“Melissa, you‘re here.” When Jaylin saw Melissa, he immediately went up to her.

Originally, he was
going to pick up Melissa in the morning. Melissa had agreed yesterday, but when he confirmed with Me
lissa again in the morning, it was Murray who answered the phone.

Just now, he saw that it was Murray who drove Melissa.

Jaylin felt a little uncomfortable. In Melissa‘s heart, there was no place for him at all.

“Yes,” Melissa replied and looked around. The actors, actresses, and directors were all present.

At that moment, a voice suddenly sounded, “Ms. Eugen, are you late on the first day of filming?”

Melissa frowned and looked in the direction of the voice. It was Ingrid who had spoken to her.

Ingrid was a popular actress under Star Entertainment and was also the female lead of “Harem.”

In recent years, Ingrid was very popular and ranked among the top female actresses. This year, she ev
en won

Best Actress at the Golden Tiger Awards.

Ingrid liked Jaylin, which was no longer a secret among people in the industry. She had once had a sca
ndal with Jaylin.

After all, both of them were famous movie stars, and they often played lovers and looked very compatib

In fact, Ingrid fell in love with Jaylin at first sight.

Back when she was still a newcomer, Jaylin was already a famous actor.

Ingrid chased after Jaylin all the way and finally became as famous as him. She thought she was worth
y of him, and even the media often said that they were made for each other.

However, Jaylin only treated her as a partner

Previously, she had thought that Jaylin was only thinking about his career. She had thought that as long
as she insisted, Jaylin would be moved by her sincerily

However, Ingrid never thought that Jaylin already had a woman he loved deeply.

This woman was Melissa

Therefore, when she saw Melissa today, Ingrid could not hold back her jealousy.

She didn‘t care if Melissa was the CEO of Star Entertainment?

Ingrid thought it was because of Melissa‘s identity that Melissa
was able to play the third female character in “Harem.”

Otherwise, a person like Melissa, who had never acted before, would not have gotten such a role.

Melissa sensed Ingrid‘s hostility and couldn‘t help but frown.

Ingrid was a top–class female artist under Star Entertainment, and Melissa had always favoured her.

Melissa didn‘t know where Ingrid‘s hostility toward her came from.

Faced with Ingrid‘s accusation, Melissa smiled, “Sorry, there was a traffic jam on the road. Sorry for was

everyone‘s time.”

“Ms. Eugen, you are the big boss. It is your right to let us wait for you.” Ingrid raised her hand to look at t
“If it was someone else who wasted so much
of my time, I would definitely have asked the director to replace her.”

“Ingrid, it‘s Melissa‘s first time coming to the set. She doesn‘t know the way. It is not a big deal to be late

“Let‘s start as soon as possible!” Jaylin urged again.

Melissa changed her clothes, put on
makeup, and walked out of the dressing room, stunning everyone in an


She was wearing a white pleated dress with plum blossom pattern which accentuated her noble tempera

Her thin eyebrows were slightly raised, and she wore a pair of plum blossom–shaped earrings. Her jet–
black hair was tied up with a golden hairpin which was tied up into an exquisite willow leaf hairpin. It was

The moment Jaylin saw Melissa, his eyes were filled with amazement and adoration.

He knew that Melissa was very beautiful, but he didn‘t expect that the ancient costume would bring out t

As for Ingrid, she was full of jealousy

Ingrid had always been proud of her beauty, but she did not expect that Melissa, the third female actress

“Let‘s begin”

The director was Kim, the chief director of Star Entertainment. He was young and promising. He had sho

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