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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 249

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Chapter 249 Surprise of the Opening Ceremony (3)

“Ms Eugen, what happened to your face?” the reporter seemed to have discovered a new continent as

stared at Melissa‘s face and asked excitedly,

The celebrities in the entertainment industry always focused on their image. As the CEO of Star Enterta
inment, Melissa suddenly seemed to have been disfigured during the opening ceremony. This was big


This time, everyone focused on Melissa,

Her face and the exposed parts of her body were visibly red and swollen, and her entire face was cover
ed with red rashes, looking ghastly,

Everyone was discussing in surprise,

“My goodness! What is going on? Melissa‘s face was disfigured?”

“Too terrifying. Just now, she was like a fairy, but she suddenly became ugly.”

“Did she really get disfigured? Or did she have some illness that suddenly flared up?”

“Melissa, what‘s wrong?” Jaylin asked worriedly when he saw that something was wrong with Melissa,

“I‘m sorry, I‘m a little uncomfortable,” Melissa endured the unbearable itch and pulled Jaylin‘s
arm, “Help me down.”

Jaylin‘s eyes were filled with nervousness and concern as he hurriedly helped Melissa off the stage, “W
hat happened? I‘ll take you to the hospital.”

The reporters rushed over to take photos of Melissa and began to ask questions one after another,

“Ms. Eugen, why did your face suddenly become like this?”

“Ms Eugen, is this an accident? Or is there an inside story? Can you tell us?”

“Ms Eugen…”

Looking at Melissa being surrounded by reporters, Anaya, who was sitting below the stage, lowered her
cap and smiled coldly

Her plan succeeded!

Melissa wanted to be in the limelight during the opening ceremony, right? Then she would let everyone
see Melissa‘s ugly appearance and let her opening ceremony become a farce!

Non that Melissa was so ugly, could Jaylin aull like her?

Anaya lelt a trace of pleasure from revenge

She learned from / dela that Melissa was allergic to platinum

She specifically went to ask the doctor if the alleroy was senious, it could be fatal

Chapter 249 Surprise of the Opening Ceremos

Therefore, Anaya specially asked people to add a lot of platinum to the flowers, and she disguised hers
elf at the opening ceremony of Star Entertainment.

enough, today‘s plan was unexpectedly smooth. Melissa was now disfigured, and her ugly appearance
would spread throughout the entire Internet soon!

Even if this couldn‘t kill her, this would ruin her.

Anaya smiled proudly and stared at Melissa, who was surrounded by reporters.

Melissa, tonight is just the beginning!

Melissa caused me to lose everything. If she just suffered from an allergy and made a
fool of herself in front of everyone, then it would be too easy for her, this slut!

Next, I must make Melissa die without the burial ground!

Melissa, wait and see!

Melissa was itchy and uncomfortable and needed to go back to apply ointment for anti–
allergy, but she was surrounded by reporters.

Just as she was about to open her mouth and ask the reporters to move aside, a familiar cold voice so
unded, “All of you, move!”

This voice … Was Murray!

Melissa looked up and saw Murray‘s tall and slender figure show in her line of sight.

His domineering and handsome face seemed unhappy and his body emitted a cold aura as if the temp
erature of the entire auditorium had dropped to freezing point.

Murray‘s terrifying aura made the crowd involuntarily make way.

With steady steps, Murray approached step by step.

He stood in front of Melissa, and in front of everyone, he directly picked her up.

When he looked at the woman in his arms, his cold eyes suddenly softened a lot. He asked with concer
n, “Melissa, what‘s wrong? Are you okay?”

After falling into Murray‘s familiar embrace, Melissa somehow felt a sense of peace.

She pursed her lips, “I suffered from allergy.”

Murray could also tell that Melissa was allergic

He knew that Melissa was allergic to platinurn At the Yole family‘s banquet, Adela had framed Melissa f
or stealing het diamond ring Melissa had used allergy to prove her innocence

But now, how could Melissa be allergic7

*Till take you to the hospital, Murray held Melissa tightly and walked straight to the gate

Melissa suddenly remembered something and looked at the stage The flowers were still on the ground.

“Murray. get someone to check those flowers,‘ Melissa leaned against Murray‘s chest and said with so
me difficulty


When Murray heard this, he could not help but be startled.

The scene of the two women presenting flowers on stage just now appeared in his mind.

He quickly understood what Melissa meant.

When he sent Melissa over this afternoon, until Melissa and Jaylin went up on stage together when the

opening ceremony began, Melissa had always been fine

On the stage, Melissa had not touched anything else, except that bouquet of flowers.

Therefore, it was very likely that the problem was with that bunch of flowers

“Melissa, don‘t worry I‘ll get someone to find out what‘s going on,” Murray‘s eyes began cold

“OK,” Melissa nodded

It was obvious that someone had done it on purpose

At the Yale family‘s banquet, she had publicly shown that she was allergic to platinum.

Therefore, many people knew that she was allergic to platinum.

Who was it?

Ryleigh? Adela? Or … someone else?

At this moment, Melissa‘s entire body was extremely itchy, and her head was a little woozy. For a mome
think of who had done something to her.

The top priority now was to go back to rest.

Once her allergy was cured, she would investigate this matter.

Murray carried Melissa into his car. It made his heart ache when he saw Melissa like this, “Melissa, hold

“I‘m fine I don‘t need to go to
the hospital. I‘ll be fine after I go back to rest,” Melissa rubbed her forehead, trying to suppress the stran
her body.

She didn‘t know what was wrong with those flowers, but this time, she seemed to suffer from a serious


Not only was her whole body itchy, but now her body was burning as if she had a fever.

But it didn‘t matter. She knew that she
was allergic to platinum. Just in case, she brought homemade Ointment for allergy

She had put the ointment inside the suitcase.

That was why Melissa had asked Murray to return to Moonlight Mansion

Upon hearing Melissa‘s words, Murray
immediately started the car and drove in the direction of Moonlight Mansion with anxiety.

As they sped along, they even ran two red lights before Murray finally arrived at Moonlight Mansion

He saw that Melissa was lying on the seat. Her face was red, and her whole body was red and swollen,

“Melissa, Melissa, what‘s wrong?” Murray reached out his hand and touched Melissa‘s forehead,

He felt the heat in his palm

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