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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 239

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Chapter 239 Propose Again

“Then what?” Melissa was a little puzzled and frowned slightly.

If it wasn‘t a candlelight dinner, what was it?

Could it be that Murray wants to…

Melissa had vaguely guessed a bit.

However, she had not thought it over yet.

“Melissa, try this. It‘s your favorite.” Murray‘s magnetic voice pulled back Melissa‘s thoughts.

“Thank you.” Melissa returned to her senses and saw Murray placing a peeled prawn into her dish.

Melissa picked up the prawn and began to eat.

It was delicious

Seeing Melissa wolfing down the food, Murray smiled slightly, peeled another shrimp, and placed it
in Melissa‘s dish, “Enjoy it.”

“I can do it myself.” Melissa pursed her lips.

Murray stared at Melissa with his clear eyes and said in a heavy tone, “I like to peel prawns for you. If y
ou want, I want to peel them for you for the rest of my life.”

Melissa‘s hand, which was holding a fork, paused.

It seemed a bit familiar.

In the past, Murray had also said it before.

Now he said it again. Somehow, Melissa felt that Murray was so attractive tonight.

Melissa lowered her eyes and pretended not to hear, burying her head in the dish.

Murray fixed his deep gaze on Melissa.

Tonight, I will win Melissa back.

“I‘m stuffed. Should we leave now?” Half an hour
later, Melissa felt that she was full, so she stood up and

looked at Murray

Murray strode in front of Melissa, looking down at her, “There‘s no need to rush”

“I still have something left to do Melissa frowned

Today, Sebastian had been defeated, but he would make a move against the Gibson Corporation again

Therefore, she needed to design a new product for the Ice and Fire series as soon as possible and ma
ke it go


Chapter 19 pronon

Melissa planned to rush back at night to design the new product of the lee and Fire series so that she c
ould get the upper hand

Melissa come with me Murray didn‘t let go of
Melissa Me held her hand and took her off the enuise ship Without any further explanation

“Murray, what are you domo Melissa felt a little speechless and asked

Murray was acting so mysteriously and he just wouldn‘t tell her what he wanted to do

“Come with me you‘ll figure it out soon Murtay smile

Melissa rolled her eyes at him ‘l you have something to say, luskavit. I don‘t like to play niddles with


Before she finished speakingMelissa suddenly stopped

It was because Melissa saw that there were many helicopters parked in front of her. It looked very maje

and shocking

Just now when they came over, there were no helicopters

The captains of the helicopters lined up in a row and saluted Murray

Murray nodded slightly and asked “Are you ready

“Yes, we are!” The captains replied in unison.

“What‘s this for?” Melissa was even more confused

Murray pulled Melissa onto the
largest helicopter and made Melissa sit by the window. He sat down beside


The helicopter slowly rose and left the ground

“Hey, what are you doing? I‘m afraid of heights…” Melissa subconsciously closed her eyes. She was


What‘s wrong with Murray? He knew that I was afraid of heights, but he still brought me onto a helicopt


Seeing that Melissa finally revealed her timid side. Murray laughed
slightly He reached out his big hand and pulled her into his arms

‘Metiosa, with me here, you don’t have to be afraid Murray bent over slightly and whispered into Meliss

His warm breath sprayed at over Melinda‘s car, which made Melissa feel a bit numb and itchy

Lying in Murray‘s robust one, that feeling was notariliar to Melist and it made Meluma das sightly

In fact, she still enjoyed that feeling very much


“Melissa, open your eyes,” Murray said suddenly and rubbed Melissa‘s hair.

Melissa complied and opened her eyes.

She leaned against Murray‘s shoulder, and the fear of heights gradually dissipated,

What exactly did Murray want to do by taking me so high up in the air in the middle of the night?

Seeing the doubt in Melissa‘s beautiful eyes, Murray said in a low and hoarse voice, “Melissa, we will g
o to see your parents now because I have something important to tell them.”

“See my parents?” Melissa was startled.

What the hell is Murray doing?

Grandpa said that my parents had already died in an accident a long time ago.

“Yes,” Murray responded indifferently.

“Don‘t beat around the bush. You‘ve done so much tonight. What exactly are you trying to do?” Melissa

Murray approached her, pointed to the twinkling stars in the night sky, and said in a low voice, “Melissa,

Melissa‘s was touched slightly.

Of course, she remembered.

At that time, Murray confessed to her on the Ferris wheel and kissed her.

She remembered that he once said that the top of the Ferris wheel was the place closest to happiness.

The memory of the past kept flashing in Melissa‘s mind,

Before she could speak, she heard Murray point at the two brightest stars in the night
sky and suddenly raise his voice, ‘Mr. Eugen and Mrs. Eugen, I want to marry Melissa and take care of h

In the quiet night, the starlight was bright, shining on the earth and the helicopter

Murray‘s deep gaze fell of Melissa‘s lace His voice was as pleasant as a cello. See? Melissa, your paren

have already agreed and you won‘t reject me 100, amitgh!?”

So that‘s what all these are abou!

Listening to Murray‘s touching words, Melissa‘o heart began to beat faster and faster

“What are you saying?” Melissa looked away

She knew that it was just Murray‘s trick

How could those two stars be her parents?

How could it be considered as her parents agreeing with him?

However, she was still slightly moved

Seeing that Melissa was silent, Murray suddenly
knelt on one knee and took out the ring. Melissa, promise me, marry me!”

When her gaze fell on the ring in Murray‘s hand, Melissa 5 heart suddenly skipped a beat, and she was

After their engagement was canceled she returned that ning to him

And now, Murray suddenly proposed to her again.

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