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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 236

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Chapter 236 Come Back to Me

Murray‘s overwhelming kisses made Melissa feel like she was about to suffocate.

But the familiar feeling made Murray can‘t help but desire more…

He held Melissa‘s head and deepened the kiss.

The temperature in the kitchen was getting higher and higher.

Suddenly, Melissa sniffed a strange smell.

What was the smell?

She took a few deep breaths, and the unpleasant smell was getting stronger and stronger.

Melissa‘s gaze landed on the pan on the stove. She saw that the fried egg inside had already turned bl
ack and smoke was rising around the pan.

She pushed Murray away and exclaimed, “It‘s burnt!”

Murray had his back to the stove. Hearing Melissa‘s scream, he let go of her.

Murray rapidly turned off the gas stove.

Just now, he was so focused on attracting Melissa‘s attention that he forgot about the fried egg in the p
an in a moment of carelessness,

“Murray, are you crazy?” Melissa glared at Murray.

Murray took a step forward, pressed his hands on Melissa‘s shoulders, and said in a deep voice, “I‘m cr
azy. I miss you so much to be crazy!”

Melissa was speechless for a moment.

Murray continued, “Just now you thought my hand was injured, and you were concerned about me. You
still love me, right?

The sudden words of love made Melissa freeze.

Looking into Murray‘s deep eyes, Melissa blushed a little.

Melissa averted her eyes and changed the topic, “It‘s late. I should go to work!”

After that, Melissa turned around and walked toward the door,

Honever, Nurray reached out and wrapped his arm around her waist

With a slight pull, he held Melissa into his arms agam

” W ioso, come back to mne, okay? Murray looked down at her, and his eyes were filled with tendernes
s that could only be found in front of Melisus

Melissa suddenly tensed up Dont be like this

Ost Borut

“Melissa, what exactly do you want
before you will come back to me?” Murray looked at her and asked seriously.

Melissa pursed her lips, “It depends on you.”

Murray thought to himself, Depends on me?

That means there‘s hope for her to come back to me.

Murray smiled meaningfully.

Melissa was such a tough–talking but soft–hearted woman.

Murray was determined that one day he would make Melissa accept him again and come back to him.

Moreover, Murray believed that the day would not be far.

Murray drove to the Gibson Corporation with Melissa.

Melissa carefully checked the recent sales data of Ice and Fire“.

After the systematic improvement, the sales of “Ice and Fire” had picked up a lot.

However, those imitations of “Love and Romance” were still flooding the market.

Melissa rubbed her forehead. It seemed that it was time to take the initiative to attack the imitations of “
Love and Romance.”

As she was working on a detailed plan, the landline on the desk rang.

The incoming call was from No. 888 internal line. It was from Murray.

“Murray, what‘s the matter?” Melissa answered the phone.

“Come to my office.” Murray‘s cold voice sounded.

“Okay,” Melissa replied.

Taking the elevator to the 18th floor, Melissa knocked on the door of Murray‘s office.

“Come in.”

Melissa pushed the door and walked in front of Murray, “Is there something you need?”

Murray looked up at her and said, “Are you ready for the press conference this afternoon?”

Melissa nodded

“When the time comes, I will clarify the matter regarding the North Bay Project, Murray spoke in a low v

“What do you plan to do with Ryleigh? Melissa asked indifferently

Murray wore a colder face and said, ‘Tire her

Just fire her? Melissa narrowed her eyes

Murray let out a soft sigh, “Melissa, I owe her.”

“If there‘s nothing else, I‘ll go back to work,” Melissa said expressionlessly.

After saying that, Melissa turned around and left.

Just as she walked out of Murray‘s office, a woman in a white dress walked up to her and stopped her.

Melissa looked up and saw Ryleigh.

Shouldn‘t she be in the hospital? How could she suddenly be here?

Melissa frowned, “Please make way!”

Ryleigh stared at Melissa angrily, “Melissa, do you think you won against me? I saved Ray. The person h

loves is me! Don‘t even think about winning against me!”

“Is that so? I remember that you have been fired by Murray, right? Now you are no longer an employee
not qualified to be here.” Melissa said calmly.

Melissa glanced at Alex who was not far away and said in a higher voice, “Alex, it seems that the securit
negligent recently. Can anyone just come into our company?”

“Sorry, Ms. Sofia. Please go back!” Alex got the hint and walked up to Ryleigh.

“I come to Ray!” Ryleigh‘s expression changed and she glared at Melissa

Just then, the door of Murray‘s office opened. Murray‘s tall and straight figure appeared in Melissa‘s sigh

“What‘s the matter?” Murray heard the noise outside and walked out.

When Ryleigh saw Murray, she quickly walked to him and said pitifully, “Ray, my wound hurts.”

Murray looked at Ryleigh‘s chest and said
coldly, “Since your wound hurts, why don‘t you stay in the hospital?”

“I miss you,” Ryleigh grabbed Murray‘s arm, “Ray, I know that you are angry with me. I know that I have

“The person you should apologize to is not me, but Melissa.” Murray pulled out his arm calmly and said

Melissa again!

A faint trace of jealousy flashed in Ryleigh‘s eyes.

In front of Murray, Ryleigh suddenly knelt towards Melissa,

“Ms Eugen, I‘m sorry, I made a mistake in a moment of carelessness. Please forgive me Ryleigh knelt in

“I can‘t afford it,‘ Melissa was stunned

“Ms. Eugen, if you don‘t forgive me, I won‘t get up!‘ Aa Ryleigh spoke, she reached out and grabbed Me

“Murray, hurry and get her away!‘ Melissa frowned and glanced at Murray, then pulled her arm out of Ry

Ryleigh fell to the ground and ched, “Ms Eugen, it is fine if you dont want to forgive me Why did you pus

Well the woman was pretending to be pathetic again.

Melissa looked down at Ryleigh and sneered, “Who pushed you?”

Ryegh covered her chest and her face was pale. She looked at Murray with tears springing up. ‘Pay, my

Blood flowed down Ryleigh‘s chest, staining her white dress red

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