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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 226

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Chapter 226 10we Lily

Ryleigh was ferocious. She used all her strength to stab at Melissa.

At this moment, she was almost crazy. All she wanted was to kill Melissa.

Facing the sharp knife, Melissa froze. But then she lifted her foot and kicked Ryleigh to the ground.

With a clang, the fruit knife fell to the ground.

At the same time, Murray suddenly stood up and
walked to Melissa with concern. “Melissa, are you alright?”

He never thought that Ryleigh would suddenly stab Melissa with a knife.

“Lily, are you crazy?” Murray‘s cold gaze fell on Ryleigh. His tone was full of disappointment.


How could Lily do such things!

Murray had always thought that his reunion with Ryleigh was a coincidence.

He had never thought that Ryleigh had planned it.

He never thought that Ryleigh would collude with Jim, Sebastian, and the others to leak the Gibson Cor
poration‘s base price and frame Melissa.

It was hard for Murray to accept all the things.

“Yes, I am crazy!” Ryleigh looked up, her eyes red. “Ray, I did this because I love you!”

“Ryleigh, you love Murray, so you betrayed him?” Melissa sneered.

“It‘s you! Melissa, everything is because of you!” Ryleigh‘s look was like a sharp knife as she stared at
Melissa. She wanted to cut Melissa into pieces.

“Ray, I have loved you since we were twelve years old when we were kidnapped together.

“I would sacrifice myself to save you because I love you!” Ryleigh hugged Murray‘s leg and said with te
ars in her eyes, “I searched for you for more than ten years and finally found you, but what did I see? Y
ou were going to be engaged to Melissa!”

“So, you ruined my engagement ceremony with Murray?” Melissa‘s cold voice sounded.

Ryleigh looked at Melissa with incomparable hatred, “Yes! Ray is mine! No one can take him away, incl
uding you, Melissa! I want Ray to come back to me, so I had to make iis reunite differently.”

Before Ryleigh could finish her words, Melissa interrupled her, “Our engagement has been canceled. W
hy did you still frame me to leak the Gibson Corporation‘s base price?”

Chapter 226 10we Lily

“Ryleigh, what is your relationship with Sebastian!” Melissa narrowed her eyes and asked coldly.

“Nothing!” Ryleigh‘s expression turned cold, “Melissa, 1 framed you because I hate you! It has nothing t
o do with others!

“Ray loves me, but you wouldn‘t stop pestering him! So, I have to drive you away!

“You leaked the Gibson Corporation‘s base price, causing Ray to suffer heavy losses. Only in this way
will Ray hate you and drive you away, never wanting to see you again!”

“Oh, so that‘s the case.” Melissa smiled coldly, “But the person who leaked the base price seems to be
you, so Murray should hate you and drive you away!”

“No, no! Ray loves me, he won‘t hate me, and he won‘t drive me away! No matter what I do, he still lov
es me!” Ryleigh hugged Murray‘s legtightly, and tears flowed down like a dam, “Ray,
you won‘t hate me, you won‘t drive me away, right?”

“Lily, I have already told you about my feelings for you. I am only grateful to you. There is nothing


Murray pulled back his leg
impatiently and took a few steps back. His handsome face was as cold as ice. He said word by word to
Ryleigh, “Lily, I am disappointed with what you have done!”

“No! Ray, you love me!” Ryleigh collapsed to the
ground and shouted at the top of her lungs, “Back then, we were locked up in a small black room. You t
old me that I saved you, and that you had to repay me with your life. You said you would marry me!”

Murray frowned and said in a low voice, “These are all things in the past. Now that we have grown

up, many things are different.”

“No! Ray, you can‘t go back on your words!” Ryleigh suddenly reached out and rolled up her sleeves, “
Ray, you remember how I got the injury on my arm, right?

“Adam asked the dog to bite us. You were afraid of the dog. I blocked it for you and got bitten!”

As Ryleigh said this, she untied her clothes and revealed her back.

Ryleigh said in a hoarse voice, “Also, the injuries on my back were all left when I fell off the clift!

“Ray, I fell to the ground to save you and lure away those bad guys!

“I have done so much for you. Do you not remember everything? Do you really not love me at all?”

When he saw the scars on Ryleigh‘s body, Murray‘s cold eyes Mickered slightly.

The past suddenly surfaced in his mind,

Indeed, back then, Lily had almost sacrificed her life to save Murray

He owed Lily a lot.

Thinking of this, Murray‘s eyes became deeper. He coldly said, “Lily, I never forgot what happened back

After a pause, Murray frowned and said expressionlessly, “So, I forgive you for what you‘ve done.”

“Forgive her?” Hearing this, Melissa narrowed her eyes and looked at Murray with a bit of coldness, “Ry

In the face of Melissa‘s questioning, Murray‘s eyes became colder. He muttered, “Melissa, I owe Lily.”

Ryleigh heaved a sigh of relief and a dark light flashed across her eyes.

Sure enough, when I mentioned the past, Murray could ignore everything.

This meant that Murray.was still very concerned about me.

However, this is far from enough!

I have to win this round!

Thinking of this, Ryleigh stood up and pulled Murray‘s arm with tears in her eyes. “Ray, I don‘t want you

Murray interrupted Ryleigh impatiently. “Lily, I already said this wouldn‘t happen.”

“Ray, you‘re so heartless.. I, what‘s the point of my life?” A trace of determination flashed through Ryleig

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