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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 221

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Chapter 221 Lost the Bid

“What did you find?” Melissa‘s eyes darkened as she glanced at Anthony.

“Ada, take a look at this,‘ Anthony said to Melissa as he took out his laptop and slowly played a


In the video were Ryleigh and the two men who asked her to pay the money back that day.

After watching the video, Melissa realized something. “It seems that the so–
called reunion between Murray and Ryleigh was made by Ryleigh.”

“Ada, there‘s another one,” said Anthony, nodding.

As he spoke, Anthony showed her a photo.

In the photo, Ryleigh was with a man.

It only caught the back of the man, but Melissa could know it was Jim at a glance.

Melissa narrowed her eyes and her gaze turned cold.

There was a secret between Ryleigh and Jim too.

“Anthony, is there anything else?” Melissa asked indifferently.

“That‘s all for. Ada, you have to be careful,” said Anthony as he sent Melissa the information to


“I will.” Melissa smiled gently.

“Then I‘ll leave first.” Anthony put away the computer.

“Anthony, help me find out if Ryleigh has something to do with Sebastian.” Melissa frowned.

From her intuition, she knew that Sebastian not just wanted to thank her when he treated her the


“Alright.” Anson agreed.

The next day, Melissa went to the company early in the morning and checked the base price again

before going to Murray‘s office.

“Murray, take a look at this. This is the estimated base price.” Melissa handed the document to Murray

Murray took it and read it carefully.

“Is it okay?” Melissa asked with a calm voice,

Murray pointed at the figure and said with a smile, “Let‘s make it to three hundred million.”

“Alright.” Melissa nodded. She picked up the document on the table and held it in her hands. “I‘ll go and
modify it.”

She turned around and was about to walk out of the door when she heard Murray‘s mellow voice behin
d her. “Melissa.”

“Is there anything else?” Melissa paused.

Murray stood up and walked over to Melissa. “You need to perform acupuncture on grandfather

tomorrow, right?”

Melissa smiled, “I contacted Mr. Luca and told him about Mr. Marc‘s recent situation. Mr. Luca said

that it needs to be postponed as something is wrong with Mr. Marc.”

“Postponed? Why?” Murray froze.

Murray‘s heart tightened.

Supposedly, his grandfather could wake up after this acupuncture.

But why did it need to be postponed?

“Yes. Dr. White tells me about Mr. Marc‘s condition every day, so don‘t worry. Mr. Luca said that he coul
d perform the last acupuncture in a few days. I will naturally go to the hospital to do it,” Melissa

explained unhurriedly.

“I see. Thank you,” Murray said.

Melissa pursed her lips. “Don‘t mention it.”

She turned around and walked out of the office. She returned to her seat and changed the base price

to three hundred million.

Melissa quickly input a few lines of code at the thought of the materials that Anthony had given her


If she was right, this base price would soon be revealed.

And the Gibson Corporation wouldn‘t win the bid for the North Bay Project.

As for who was this person behind this…

Melissa narrowed her eyes and her sharp gaze fell on Ryleigh not far away.

In the evening, Melissa lay on the bed and checked her phone after the shower

In the early morning, Melissa‘s phone vibrated a few times.

Cleptor 2011

In the hotel, Anthony sent Melissa a message, “Ada, sure enough, someone is checking your computer

Melissa picked up the cup on the bedside table
and took a sip. The corners of her lips slowly raised into a cold arc.

Sure enough, someone couldn‘t hold back and acted.

The next day was gloomy.

Dark clouds were in the sky, which indicated that a storm was coming.

Melissa was focused on preparing the bidding materials for the afternoon when Ryleigh suddenly walke
d up to her. “Melissa, the final bidding meeting will be held in the afternoon. Have you prepared the mat
erials? Don‘t miss anything.”

“I don‘t need to explain this to you, do I?” Melissa replied without looking up as she tidied up the


“I‘m caring about you. You also know that Murray is confident to get win the bid.” Ryleigh looked


Melissa looked up impatiently, but she met Murray‘s clear and deep eyes.

So it turned out that Murray was here.

No wonder Ryleigh started her show again.

“Melissa, how are the preparations going?” Murray asked indifferently.

“No problem.” Melissa raised the corners of her lips and her tone was certain.

The bidding meeting was made at two o‘clock.

Melissa and Murray arrived at the conference hall half an hour earlier.

By the time they arrived, Sebastian and Jimn were already there.

Melissa stared at Ryleigh out of the corner of her eye and found that Ryleigh secretly

Communicated with Jim through her eyes when they bypassed seats for the BPL Group

Melissa curled the corners of her lips. It seemed that she was correct

At two o‘clock sharp, the host walked onto the stage and announced that the bidding meeting bepan

“Now, please show your base price the one offering the highest bidder will win

As the host began to announce the base price of each company, the conference hall suddenly quieted d

“The White Group, 230 million.”

“The Gibson Corporation, 300 million.”

“The BPL Group, three hundred million and one.”

“So the winner of the North Bay Project is the BPL Group! Congratulations, BPL! Congratulations, Mr. La

As the voice of the host fell, everyone present was stunned.

Unexpectedly, the
Gibson Corporation, the most wealthy and invincible company in Aldness had actually lost to the BPL G

“How is this possible?”

“The Gibson Corporation lost the North Bay Project with a one–
dollar difference. Someone must have leaked the base price.”

“Nonsense, it can‘t be so coincidental. There must be a mole in the Gibson Corporation.”

People started to discuss in a low voice.

After all, it was the first time that the Gibson Corporation had lost a bid.

More importantly, the difference was just one dollar.

Obvious their base price had been leaked.

Melissa pursed her lips.

All of these were within her expectations.

She turned her head to look at Murray. His expression was as cold as ever, so she couldn‘t know what h

Ryleigh held Murray‘s hand, her eyes full of anger and worry, “Murray, how could this be? Our base price

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