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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 219

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Chapter 219 Provoke Her

“What?” Hearing this, Ryleigh yelled in disbelief.

Melissa stayed here all night?

With Murray?

But yesterday Murray had promised Ryleigh that he would have dinner at her
home and try the dish she made.

But Murray didn‘t come.

She had prepared a lot of delicious dishes last night and waited for a long time, but Murray did not


She called Murray, but he said that he had to work overtime.

But the truth was he was with Melissa!

So it is just an excuse… He spent a night with Melissa…

Ryleigh looked at Melissa up and down with jealous eyes, almost wanting to kill Melissa with her


The jealousy in her heart burned fiercely, but she couldn‘t vent it in front of Murray.

“Murray, didn‘t you say that you had work to do last night? But why were you with Melissa?” Ryleigh ste
pping forward and pulling Melissa away said aggrievedly.

“Yes. I was talking about business with Melissa last night.” Murray glanced at Ryleigh


Ryleigh lowered her eyes, feeling extremely wronged. “Murray, but I waited for you all night last night.”

“Lily, I had explained it to you in the call last night, didn‘t 1?” Murray was somewhat impatient.

Ryleigh bit her lip when she saw Murray‘s expression. She reached out and handed the thermal contai
ner to him, “It‘s okay. But I‘ve prepared breakfast for you. Try it while it‘s still hot.”

Before Murray could speak, Melissa took a step forward
and said, “No need. We have already finished breakfast. Murray prepared it. He is a good cook! Do you
want to try it?”

Murray prepared it?

Ryleigh‘s expression changed.

She cooked for Murray, but Murray completely ignored it

But as the boss, he even condescended to make breakfast for Melissa?

Ignoring Ryleigh, Melissa looked at Murray and urged, “Murray, it‘s about time. We should go to the co
mpany. I need to prepare materials for the meeting about North Bay Project today.”

Murray raised his hand to look at the time and replied indifferently, “Okay.”

“Murray, the meeting about North Bay Project? What is it?” Ryleigh followed closely behind Murray, nex
t to him.

“It‘s nothing. The meeting before the bidding.” Murray squinted.

Ryleigh‘s expression changed, and she pulled Murray‘s arm, “Since that‘s the case, I‘ll go with you. I ca
n learn a lot from the meeting.”

Murray frowned but had to give up. “Okay.”

“Murray, you‘re so nice to me.” A smile appeared on Ryleigh‘s lips. She then glanced at Melissa beside
her provocatively.

Melissa felt a little uncomfortable to see this.

As the three of them walked to
the garage, Murray opened the door. Melissa was about to sit in the passenger seat when Ryleigh pulle
d her away. “Ms. Eugen, I‘ll sit here. I‘ll get sick if I sit in the back.”

“What a coincidence. Me too.” Melissa rubbed her temples and looked at Ryleigh calmly.

She cleared her throat and continued, “By the way, I‘m the speaker for the company today. But I‘m afrai
d I can‘t do the work if I get dizzy and feel uncomfortable.Ms. Sofia, you‘re not going to explain the prop
osal if that happens, are you?”

“You!” Ryleigh could not say anything else.

At this moment, Murray‘s cold voice sounded, his tone domineering. “Lily, sit in the back.”

“Well, business is the most important thing.” Ryleigh took a few deep breaths and managed to suppres
s the anger in her heart. She pretended to be a nice girl.

Then she sat in the back seat with reluctance.

Just as Murray was about to start the car, Melissa suddenly uilted her head and looked at him with an a
inbiguous paze. “Murray, why didn‘t you help me lasten my seat belt today?

“What?” Murray raised his eyebrows in surprise,

Why did she behave strangely today?

Ever since Melissa publicly announced that she would cance their en yener ceremoniy, she had

always tried to avoid him.

But now she actually asked him to fasten the seat belt for her?

Was she jealous that Ryleigh came to deliver breakfast to him?

Thinking of this, Murray chuckled and turned his body. His slender hand circled Melissa‘s chest and bu
ckled her up.

Melissa leaned closer to him, and whispered, “Thank you.”

She could pretend that they loved each other too.

In the past, she didn‘t like this.

But now, she had to provoke Ryleigh so that Ryleigh did something and showed her true color.

“Murray, aren‘t you going to the company to prepare the
materials as soon as possible? Let‘s go!” Ryleigh finally couldn‘t help but ask.

At the thought of the intimacies between Murray and Melissa, Ryleigh gritted her teeth.

She should be the one sitting next to Murray, but now Melissa snatched her position!


Ryleigh‘s fingers tightened as she stared at Melissa‘s back with her jealous eyes.

She swore secretly that she had to chase Melissa away from Murray!

Twenty minutes later, Murray reached the company.

Melissa got out of the car and said, “I‘ll go prepare the materials.”

“Okay. I‘ll call you to come with me later.” Murray looked at her with deep eyes.

“Murray, remember to call me too!” Ryleigh hurriedly warned.

Murray nodded indifferently.

Melissa sorted out the proposal she needed to talk about later and let out a sigh of relief after making su

She had just put all the materials into
the folder when Murray suddenly stood in front of her “Melissa, are you ready?”

“Yes. We can set of now,” Melissa ball, looking up

“Let‘s go!” Murray curled his lips and walked towards the door

“Murray, wait for me!” Kyleiph hurriedly followed


When they arrived at the conference hall, representatives of several companies had already been


Seeing Murray, everyone stood up and greeted him respectfully, “Mr. Gibson.”

Murray nodded coldly.

Melissa followed behind Murray and sat down by the door.

Looking around, Melissa did not see Sebastian.

She looked at the time and found that the meeting was about to start in ten minutes. The representative

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