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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 217

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Chapter 217 Urgent Task

“How are you, Meli?” Murray hugged Melissa tightly and sounded concerned and nervous.

He followed Jaylin‘s car all the way to the villa, and after receiving Ryleigh‘s call, he saw a group of

people rushing into the villa.

Murray was worried about Melissa and hurriedly got out of the car and walked in.

The moment he went into the villa, he saw the scene of Melissa falling into the water.

Although he knew that Melissa knew how to swim, Murray still jumped into the pool without

“Meli, Meli, how do you feel?”

Melissa heard Murray‘s familiar smoky voice and was somewhat at a loss.

All of a sudden, some memories flooded her mind.

When the plane crashed that time, they fell into the vast sea. Murray also held her like this, and they w
ere so close

In the sea, he ignored his injuries and held her tightly, just like how he was now.

“Meli, are you alright?” Seeing Melissa frown and remain silent, Murray was somewhat worried.

“I‘m fine…” Melissa came back to her senses and asked, “Don‘t you know that I can swim? What can

happen to me?”

“It‘s a relief.” Murray let out a sigh, carried Melissa, and walked ashore.

Under everyone‘s astonished gazes, Murray carried Melissa and walked toward the villa‘s main


The cold and powerful aura around Murray made the crowd automatically give way. Even Anaya didn‘t
dare to ask the bodyguards to go forward again.

“Murray, put Melissa down!” Jaylin took a step forward, wanting to stop Murray.

“Get out of the way!” Murray said in a deep voice.

His aura was too strong, and Jaylin couldn‘t help but pause.

Murray went around Jaylin and walked out of the villa with steady steps

Just like that, Melissa was in Murray‘s arms. His warm and broad embrace was familiar, making her fac
e slightly hot

Melissa closed her eyes

She‘d better play dead at this moment.

Murray carried Melissa into the car. Melissa was soaked, and her white dress was tightly attached to he
r body, which outlined her graceful figure.

“Meli, are you alright?” Murray swallowed, took off his coat, and wrapped Melissa in it.

“Yeah. Why are you here?” Melissa compressed her lips and asked.

“I was passing by ” Murray looked calm, and his sexy lips moved up as he slowly replied.

Passing by

How was this possible?

Melissa twitched her lips, feeling puzzled.

How could Murray suddenly appear in Jaylin‘s home? Wasn‘t he supposed to be with his

grandfather at the hospital?

Melissa turned her head to look at Murray and didn‘t say anything else.

After a messy night, she felt tired and closed her eyes, planning to take some rest.

Murray started the car, holding the steering wheel tightly with both hands, and drove in the direction
of Moonlight Mansion.

Thirty minutes later, Murray arrived at Moonlight Mansion.

He stopped the car and looked at Melissa beside him.

Her beautiful eyes were closed, and her breathing was even. She seemed to have fallen asleep.

The lights of the streetlamps shone on her face. Her hair was still wet, sticking to her forehead.

Murray‘s heart skipped a beat. He reached out and stroked Melissa‘s hair.

Melissa woke up and saw the familiar handsome face in front of her. She was a little mixed up.

“Meli, here we are. Get out of the car,” Murray said.

Melissa looked out of the window and realized she wasn‘t at Eastern Garden but Moonlight Mansion.

“Murray, send me home.” Melissa furrowed her brows.

Murray arced his eyebrows and said, “There is an urgent task for the North Bay Project. You need to ta
ke a look at it now.”

“What urgent task?” Melissa asked.

“Let‘s get out of the car,” Murray smiled

Since Murray said so, Melissa could no longer refuse.

After all, he was still her boss at the moment.

Melissa followed Murray and entered his apartment.

Everything there was still the same

Melissa was in a trance.

“Mr. Gibson, Ms. Eugen.” Clara was surprised to see Melissa

During the days when Melissa had moved away, Murray had been in low spirits every day, and Clara h
ad witnessed it.

Murray narrowed his eyes slightly and said, “Clara, we don‘t need your service here. You can go.”

“Sure, I‘m leaving.” Clara looked at Melissa with a smile, “Ms. Eugen, it‘s good to have you back. You d
on‘t know how much Mr. Gibson missed you after you left!

Melissa didn‘t know what to say

Clara turned to leave, and Melissa came back to her senses. “Murray, what is the urgent task for the

North Bay Project?”

“Why don‘t you go take a shower first? You‘ll feel better.” Murray didn‘t answer her.

Melissa did feel uncomfortable.

Melissa‘s body was drenched in the pool just now, and after a cool breeze, she was about to get sick.


Melissa shook her head. “No, I didn‘t have clothes to change.”

When she moved away, she took everything with her.

“I do.” Murray looked at her with a half–smile. He then turned around and walked upstairs.

Melissa didn‘t understand.

Two minutes later, Murray came down with a bag of clothes and handed it to Melissa. “Here.”

Melissa lowered her head in surprise. “What is this?”

“I got someone to buy them for you,” Murray replied.

Her gaze fell on the bag of clothes, and Melissa couldn‘t believe what she saw. When did he buy these c

Did Murray know that she would come here again?

Did he plan all these?

“Go. Don‘t catch a cold.” Seeing Melissa standingsoll Murray urged

Under Murray‘s deep gaze, Melissa took the begancia recovers the bathroom

After taking a hot bath, Melissa feta lotbere.

She picked out a red nightgown from the bag of clothes and put it on It hit her perfectiv.

Thinking that Murray had bougronote: Melissa received feelings

Taking a deep breath Melissa pusbec open the door
and relied out witile getting rid of the inexplicable emotions in her heart

Murray was sitting on the sofa in the living room, holding a financial magazine He crossed his legs casu

Hearing the noise, Murray raised his head, and the moment he saw Melissa his gare flashed with a touc

The woman in front of him had just finished bathing Her long hair was dripping water, and her skin was f

The red nightgown that he had picked perfectly revealed her tall, curvy figure. She was indescribably se

Murray‘s Adam‘s
apple bobbed in his throat. He suddenly stood up and took a step forward toward Melissa He looked dow

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