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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 218

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Chapter 218 Murray Missed Melissa like Mad!

Melissa held her breath and felt a bit embarrassed when she met Murray‘s intense gaze.

Melissa subconsciously took a step back. Murray stretched out his hand, held Melissa around her waist
, and pulled her into his arms.

“Meli, Meli…” Murray called her name in a hoarse voice.

Murray felt bewitched by the alluring Melissa and lost control of himself.

Murray stared at the woman in his arms with the burning fire in his eyes. He lowered his head and kiss
ed Melissa on her red lips without hesitation.

Melissa‘s lips were soft, moist, and sweet. Murray lost his mind to the familiar and appealing feelings.

Murray missed Melissa!

Murray missed Melissa like mad!

Since Melissa moved out, Murray had been thinking of her all the time!

Murray‘s overbearing and crazy kiss caught Melissa off guard.

Melissa almost suffocated because Murray had taken her breath away.

This kind of intimacy had happened many times, but never had Melissa felt crazy and embarrassed as
she did now.

Her heart pounded violently.

No! This is not the right thing to do! Melissa thought.

Melissa pushed Murray away, frowned, and asked, “Murray, what are you doing?”

Murray stopped for the reluctance shown by Melissa and stared at her with his deep eyes.

“Didn‘t you say that there was something urgent about the North Bay Project?” Melissa changed the to

“Yes,” Murray looked away from Melissa and said in a low voice, “Come with me.”

Then, Murray led the way to the study.

Melissa hesitated for a moment and then followed him.

Murray turned on his computer and showed Melissa an email. He pointed at the computer screen with
his slender finger and said, “There will be a bidders‘ meeting about the North Bay Project at

ten o‘clock tornorrow morning. We can learn more about the requirements of this project at this

meeting, so go with me.”

“That‘s all?” Melissa lowered her head and shot a glance at the computer screen. What is so urgent ab
out this meeting? Melissa wondered.

Murray curled his lips and said coldly, “This meeting is very important. The president of the BPL Group,
Sebastian, will be there too.”

Murray couldn‘t wait to meet this mysterious, low–key, and awesome president of the BPL group.

Sebastian? Melissa thought.

Melissa narrowed her eyes slightly. A man in a gray suit with tanned skin flashed through her mind.

“Okay. Got you.” Melissa nodded. “I will attend this meeting on time tomorrow. If there is nothing

else, I will leave now.”

Melissa turned around and walked towards the door of the study.

“Meli.” Murray sprang to his feet, strode over, and blocked Melissa‘s way.

“Yes?” Melissa pursed her lips.

“It‘s late. You can stay here tonight,” Murray looked Melissa in the eyes and said,

Melissa shook her head and said, “It will be better for me to go home.”

Melissa hadn‘t gotten over the shock of the kiss just now.

Murray saw Melissa‘s vigilant look, so his face darkened. “Don‘t worry. I won‘t do anything to you. You h
ave my word.”

“Well… I will stay!” Melissa yielded to Murray. She felt a bit tired and wanted an early night

Melissa returned to the guest room, lay on the familiar big bed, and was lost in her thoughts

Everything was the same here, but Melissa felt completely different from before

What Murray had done tonight made Melissa feel that their old days were back.


There was lytelih, who was like an insurmountable pap between Melissa and Murray

Melisa muttered the space between her eyebrows, and Hyleigh, that angelte bitch appeared in her

Perhapa, I an inforlate Myleigh, so aloe will do somethitus Molissa thouth

Melissa was confident to expose Ryleigh as a bitch as long as Ryleigh took action.

That night, Melissa didn‘t sleep well because she had something on her mind.

Early in the morning, Melissa got up with two dark circles under her eyes. She hurriedly washed up and
then went downstairs.

Melissa smelled the food downstairs.

Melissa looked towards the kitchen and saw Murray making breakfast there.

This scene was familiar to Melissa.

Murray had said to Melissa once, “Meli, I will make breakfast for you every day and for the rest of

your life if you like it. Oh, no, for this life, the next life… forever.”

Melissa still felt touched when these words echoed in her ears again.

“Meli, good morning!” Murray heard the footsteps and looked back at Melissa.

With Melissa around, there was a soft light in Murray‘s deep eyes.

“Morning!” Melissa came back to her senses and nodded slightly.

“Wait a moment. Breakfast will be ready soon.” Murray smiled.

A few minutes later, Murray brought breakfast to the dining table. He sent some of each dish to Melissa‘

“Thank you.” Melissa lowered her head. The food on her plate was her favorite.

Melissa enjoyed her breakfast.

The food tasted familiar and delicious, so she felt good.

Melissa focused on her breakfast. Suddenly, Murray stretched his hand towards Melissa‘s lips,

Melissa stopped eating and raised her head. “What are you doing?”

“Don‘t move.” Murray chuckled, “You have something on the corner of your mouth. I‘ll wipe it off

for you,”

“Well…” Melissa lelt a little awkward,

The warmth of Murray‘s impertips traveled to Melissa‘s lips Melissa felt that electricity and it went throug

This feeling was warm and sweet

Rich then the doorbellant, and it ruined the warm atmosphere

“Ray, are you inside?” There came Ryleigh‘s voice.

Murray frowned at this disturbance.

It is still early in the morning, so why did Ryleigh appear suddenly? Murray wondered.

The doorbell kept ringing. Murray stood up and walked to the door.

Murray opened the
door and saw Ryleigh holding a vacuum bottle in her hands. Ryleigh beamed and said, “Ray, great that

Ryleigh saw
Melissa sitting in the dining room before she finished her sentence. The smile on her face froze. “Meliss

Melissa felt Ryleigh‘s hostility, so she came up with an idea. Melissa stood up, walked to Murray,

and raised her eyebrows. “Why can‘t I be here?”

Ryleigh shifted her gaze from Murray to Melissa and then bit her lip. “You… You…”

Melissa held Murray by the arm, and a thin smile crept on her face. “I spent the night here last night.”

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