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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 213

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Chapter 213 Being Ill–Intentioned

“What?” Murray was shocked by Claire‘s words. He looked down at the bed.

Marc‘s chest heaved up and down violently. A dark red bloodstain was eye–
catching on the white blanket.

“Grandpa, how are you?” Murray‘s eyes were filled with anxiety and nervousness.

He wondered why.

Melissa said that the treatment was going smoothly, but Marc suddenly vomited blood.

“Melissa, what did
you do!” Claire pointed at Melissa and shouted, “Grandpa was still fine just now. After your treatment, h
e vomited blood! Do you want to kill him?”

Melissa looked down at Marc, who was lying on the bed. “Let me take a look.” Her expression froze.

“Don‘t touch him!” Claire stopped Melissa and scolded, “Melissa, vou must be ill–intentioned. You

caused grandpa to fall ill and was afraid that he would blame you when he wakes up, so you want to kill

“What are you talking about?” Melissa frowned. “Mr. Marc is fine. Are you cursing him?”

“Claire is right!” Sarah also came over, pointed at Melissa‘s nose, and scolded indiscriminately,

When we entered the ward, Marc was still fine. After you have performed treatment, he vomited blood. I
t‘s all your fault!“.

Melissa only thought Claire and Sarah were unreasonable.

“Enough!” Murray stood up and looked at Sarah and Claire coldly. “Can‘t you keep quiet?”

“Melissa, come and take a look. What‘s going on?” He looked at Melissa gently.

Melissa‘s heart skipped a beat.

At this time, Murray still trusted her.

Melissa walked forward and bent down to check Marc‘s condition.

“How is it?” Murray sounded a little nervous.

“It‘s fine. Mr. Marc is getting better,” Melissa said with a light smile.

There was nothing wrong with Marc‘s body.

Luca had told her that people might vomit blood after her treatment. It was detoxification and a sign of r

Mare was just like that.


Hengill intentioned

“How is this possible!” Sarah raised her voice. “It was you who made dad get worse. Don‘t think you ca
n get away with it easily. You won‘t afford it if anything happens to him.”

“Mrs. Gibson, please calm
down. If you don‘t believe me, you can ask Dr. White to come,” Melissa said coldly.

“Ask Dr. While to come over!” Saralı instructed Jose,

Soon, Dr. White followed Jose to the ward.

“Dr. White, Melissa caused grandpa to vomit blood,” Claire said immediately.

“Vomiting blood?” Dr. White pushed up his gold–
rimmed spectacles and looked at Murray with an inquiring look.

“Please take a look.” Murray nodded.

After all, Marc had indeed vomited blood just now.

It could also put their minds at rest to let another doctor check.

Hearing this, Dr. White stepped forward and carefully examined Marc.

His serious expression gradually relaxed.

After a comprehensive examination, Dr. White stood up and said to Murray respectfully, “Mr. Gibson, Mr
. Marc is better than this morning. I believe it is the effect of Ms. Eugen‘s treatment.”

Murray was relieved.

Marc‘s condition had improved, just as Melissa said.

“Dr.White, how is this possible! Grandpa‘s condition should be more serious…” Claire exclaimed.

“What? You don‘t want grandpa to get better?” Murray impatiently interrupted Claire and looked at her c

“Murray, that‘s not what I meant. It‘s just…” Claire bit her lips, feeling extremely unwilling

Melissa was nothing Claire didn‘t think she could cure Marc.

Murray even trusted Melissa more

Claire fritted hier teeti

“Well, my treatment is effective and M! Mare is One Canl leave now?” Meliaisa placed indifferently at Cl
aire and Sarah Alter packing , nhe turned and walked out of the watu

“Melissa, I‘ll send you off,” Murray said ashe strode forward.

“No need,” Melissa shook her head and refused.

She looked at the time. It was almost five in the afternoon. She still had to go to Jaylin‘s birthday


“Where are you going?” Murray insisted on sending Melissa off.

Melissa frowned and was about to refuse when her phone rang. It was Jaylin.

Under Murray‘s cold gaze, Melissa picked up the phone, “Jaylin?”

“Melissa, do you remember that tonight…” Jaylin‘s voice came from the other side of the line.

Melissa nodded. “I remember that today is your birthday. Don‘t worry, I will go to your house immediately

“I will wait for you at the entrance of the hospital,” Jaylin said.

“You know that I am in the hospital?” Melissa asked in surprise.

“Didn‘t you say that you were
going to perform special treatment on Marc?” Jaylin asked with a chuckle.

“Alright…I‘ll be right there,” Melissa said.

She had only casually mentioned it to Jaylin and had not expected him to remember it.

Melissa hung up the phone and found that Murray looked unhappy. He pursed his lips tightly.

“Murray, I have an appointment with Jaylin. I will leave now.”
Melissa ignored his emotion and turned to enter the elevator.

She pressed the button and the elevator door slowly closed.

Just as the door was about to close, a slender hand reached in and stopped the door.

Theni, Murray walked in.

Melissa was a little surprised. She wondered why Murray followed her.

There was nobody else except for them

Murray‘s deep gaze fell on Melissa‘s face Melissa turned her face away, not looking at him.

It was a slightly awkward moment

Sering Tha Melissa was avolding him, Murray put on a straight face “Melns, what is the Irlationship
between you and Jaylın

Melissa took a step back and sold coldly, “Anyway, 111s not the kind of nation

you thin.”

“‘Then, what‘s that?” Murray approached her step by step and asked in a low voice.

Melissa took another step back, only to find that she was in a corner, with no way to retreat.

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