Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 203

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Chapter 203 I Can Prove It

Alex had an appointment with his friends for lunch. When he passed by the commercial street, he saw
a group of people surrounding the door of the H&N Boutique,

Alex gave a glimpse and suddenly found that the one surrounded by the crowd seemed to be


Alex stopped and walked forward. He finally figured it out

It turned out that Adela and Julie were making trouble for Melissa.

Alex did not believe that Melissa would tear Julie‘s dress apart. Just as he was about to step forward to
help Melissa, he thought for a moment and paused.

Beauty should be saved by a hero. So he decided to leave Melissa to Mr. Gibson.

Although now, many gossip news said that the president had dumped Melissa and started a new relatio
nship with Ryleigh.

However, according to Alex‘s understanding of Mr. Gibson, Alex felt that the one Mr. Gibson loved

most was Melissa.

As for Ryleigh…

It was probably out of responsibility.

Thinking of this, Alex took out his phone and called Murray.

Murray woke up early in the morning. He planned to go to the company to work overtime, but on

the way, he couldn‘t help but drive in the direction of the Eastern Garden.

After wandering around the apartment where Melissa lived for a long time, Murray finally stepped


However, he pressed the doorbell for a long time, but no one opened the door.

Melissa was not home.

Murray called her and found her phone turned off.

He could only turn the car around unhappily and drive towards the Gibson Corporation,

Just as Murray reached his office, he received a call from Alex,

“Alex, what‘s the matter?” Murray answered the phone and asked in a low voice

“I just passed the commercial street and saw Ms Eugen,” Alex sald on the plione,

“Melissa?” Murray smiled and asked

Chapter 2017 | Tampere

Why did Melissa go to the commercial street?

“Yes, she seems to be in trouble.” Alex nodded.

“I don‘t know… but she seems to get into great trouble,” Alex paused, “Mr. Gibson, would you like to pa
y a visit here?”

“Where is she?” Murray asked.

Alex looked at the door of the H&N Boutique and replied, “Right at the door of the H&N Boutique.”

“Alright, I‘ll be right there soon.” Murray sounded anxious.

Murray hung up the phone and was about to rush to the commercial street when he looked up and saw
Ryleigh walking over with a thermos bottle.

“Ray, this is the breakfast I specially made for you. Have a try.” Ryleigh walked to Murray and said


Ryleigh knew that Murray was a workaholic and would come to work overtime on the weekend. So she
specially made breakfast to give him a good impression.

–However, Murray didn‘t even look at her. He only said indifferently, “Lily, I have something to do,

so I‘ll leave first.”

“Ray, where are you going? I‘ll go with you!” Ryleigh hurried to follow him.

Just now, she was at the door and heard Murray talking on the phone. It seemed to be something

related to Melissa.

Murray was so concerned about Melissa that Ryleigh could not help but feel jealous.

Melissa, it was Melissa again!

“Lily, you can go back now,” Murray said impatiently.

Just now, Alex had not told him what happened on the phone. Murray wanted to rush to the commercial
street as soon as possible to see what trouble Melissa met.

“Ray, just let me go with you…” Ryleigh pulled Murray tightly and followed him to his car.

When Murray and Ryleigh arrived at the commercial street, they saw Melissa being
troubled by Adela and Julie

“What about it, Melissa? As long as you knelt and apologized to me, I would give up asking for compen
sation.” Julie raised her head and said arrogantly,

Julie was challenging Melissa, Melissa glanced at her indifferently and asked, “If the facts tell that

it is not me who tore your dress apart and you have wronged me, would you kneel and apologize to


Julie hesitated for a moment, but before she could open her mouth, Adela said, “Of course. Julie,

are you afraid of her?”

“Julie, so do you agree with it?” Melissa crossed her arms in front of her chest and asked Julie indiffere

Julie struggled to answer, “Yes.”

Anyway, Julie had prepared well for the trick. She would not fail this time.

At that moment, Melissa would not be able to argue. Julie would make Melissa kneel and beg for her fo

Melissa followed behind Julie and Adela. They returned to the shop.

The reporters carried their cameras and followed behind.

“Go and call your manager,” Adela said to the waitress.

Adela was serious. The waitress dared not to delay and called the manager.

Ten minutes later, the manager hurried back.

“Ms.Yale, what can I do for you?” the manager asked respectfully.

After all, Adela was the cherished daughter of the Yale family and was also a VIP customer of their shop
from their shop.

“Here is the story,” Adela said somewhat arrogantly, “when my friend and I were shopping in your shop j

“Did you see it?” the manager looked at the waitress with questioning eyes.

The waitress lowered her head and bit her lips. “I was busy greeting the guests at that time and

didn‘t pay attention to it.”

Adela pointed at the hole in Julie‘s dress and said with a cold short, “See? It was made by Melissa.”

“Stop it. Just check the surveillance cameras.” Melissa did not want to an tue with them anymore

“Go and get the security team leader,” the manager called the security team leader over

After a while, the security team leader came
back from the surveillance room and felt sorry. “I‘m sorry, inanager, the surveillance camera
didn‘t work at that moment.”


Melissa got a faster heartbeat.

She raised her head and carefully looked at the camera at the door. It was working normally

The camera should be able to capture the scene where Julie had blocked her way and she had only

pushed Julie away gently.

Why didn‘t it work at that moment?

Julie punt on a proud smile. She walked over to Melissa and cleared her throat Julie said, “Melissa altho
dress apart

“And my dress is also the evidence with your fingerprints on it.

“I advise you not to argue for no reason kneel and apologize to me!”

Melissa looked at Julie indifferently. “Since the surveillance camera failed to record anything at that mom

“I can prove it,” a voice suddenly came at that moment

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