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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 186

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Chapter 186 I Can Cure Ms. Sofia

Melissa looked at the tall and familiar figure in front of her and felt like she hadn’t seen him for a


“Melissa, it’s me!” Murray said, his voice sounding magnetic.

He raised his eyebrows and stared at Melissa.

After a few days, Melissa turned much slimmer.

Her face became even paler after staying in the cave without sunshine.

Her beautiful eyes were slightly red. She controlled her tears from falling.

Melissa was so thin. It felt like the wind could blow her away at any moment.

With one step, Murray stood in front of Melissa. Without hesitation, he pulled her into his arms.

Once again, they hugged each other tightly. Murray’s embrace was still so warm and broad, and it still
made Melissa feel inexplicably at ease.

His heart started to beat faster as if a little deer were running inside.


There were thousands of words in her mind, but she did not know how to speak them out.

Why did Murray suddenly appear here?

Why did he come to her rescue?

Had he forgiven her for making Marc ill?

Melissa’s mouth was half-parted. She asked, “I … am not dreaming, am I?”

“Of course not.” Murray held Melissa tightly with both hands and whispered in her ear, “Melissa, I finally
found you. Do you know how worried I am?”

Feeling the scorching warmth from Murray, Melissa’s originally pale face flushed red.

His warmth was so familiar and real.

It was indeed Murray!

He saved her.

When she was almost desperate, he appeared in front of her like a god and saved her.

“Murray, how did you know I was here?” Melissa pursed her lips and looked up at him, “I thought would
never see you again…”

“That won’t happen.” Murray raised his eyebrows, and his deep eyes fell on her face.

With their eyes met, thousands of words had been said,

Murray cupped Melissa’s lace with both hands and lowered his head slightly. His lips slowly kissed

Melissa’s lips.

Looking at the familiar handsome face that was constantly coming closer to her, Melissa’s face
suddenly flushed.

“Murray!” Just as Murray was about to kiss Melissa, Ryleigh’s voice came over.


It was Ryleigh!

Why was Ryleigh here?

Melissa’s heart tightened bit by bit.

She gently pushed Murray away and looked back, only to see Ryleigh walking towards her

Seeing the harsh scene, Ryleigh was burning with jealousy.

She had thought that Melissa had been buried in the avalanchie. She had not expected that Murray
would find Melissa!

Even so, he was able to find her!

She didn’t die.

And she couldn’t wait to seduce him.

After much effort, Ryleigh suppressed the jealousy in her heart and quickly walked to Murray.

She pulled on Murray’s sleeve and forced herself between Murray and Melissa, “Murray, it’s good that
Ms. Eugen is fine. You don’t have to worry now. As long as Ms. Eugen finds Mr. Luca, Mr. Marc will be

Ryleigh’s words implied that Murray was here to save Melissa because he was looking for Mr Luca.

Murray returned to his senses and nodded lightly, “Lily, thanks for your help on this journey”

“Murray, as long as I can help you, nothing matters. I’m willing to give my everything to you.” Ryleigh
looked at Murray allectionately, “I know you are the same for me You once said that you are willing to
do anything for me.”

Murray frowned “Lily, let’s not talk about this for now”

He looked at Melissa awali and said with conteni, “Melissa, you must be tittelalter beintapped for so
long Why don’t we go back and rest first.”

Before Murray could finishi his words, Ryleigh suddenly fell on him and said in a weak voice, “Murray,
I’m so uncomfortable…”

“Lily? Lily, what’s wrong?” Murray was shocked and involuntarily held Ryleigh up.

Ryleigh was cold, her face was pale, and her eyebrows were tightly closed. She fainted.

“Lily!” Murray hugged Ryleigh, his eyes flashing with nervousness and worry.

“Mr. Marc, Ms. Sofia probably fainted because she was overly fatigued and was not used to the cold
weather,” Alex said.

“Where is the nearest hospital?” Murray asked in a cold voice.

“There is no hospital in the village, and the nearest one is downtown. Now that the snow is blocking the
road, I’m afraid the ambulance couldn’t come here.” A villager answered.

Looking at the unconscious Ryleigh, Murray suddenly remembered the scene when he and Lily were
locked in the little darkroom.

Back then, he was unable to save Lily. Now, he couldn’t let anything happen to Lily.

“Alex, call a helicopter and send Lily to the hospital as soon as possible,” Murray muttered.

“Yes, Mr. Gibson,” Alex replied respectfully.

Seeing Murray holding Ryleigh nervously, Melissa’s mood seemed to fall from heaven to hell.

Murray cared for Lily the most.

Melissa had just experienced a narrow escape and almost died in the avalanche.

Yet the one he was holding right now was Ryleigh.

“Melissa.” Nina walked up to Melissa and patted her shoulder.

Melissa returned to her senses and smiled bitterly, “I’m fine.”

Nina pouted in Ryleigh’s direction and whispered in Melissa’s ear, “Does she really faint?”

A mocking, smile appeared on Melissa’s face Shie walked up to Murray and looked down at Ryleigh In
his arms. “Murray.Bet out of the way Let me see her.”

Murray looked up at Melissa and said, “Okay, check on her.”

He almont forget that Melissa had some medical skills

Melissa seuated down and teachud for Ryleigh’spulle

Hleraulse was flat and soothing, and there wissothing, WTON

Sure enough, she was pretending.

“How was her?” Murray couldn’t help but ask when he saw that Melissa was silent for a long time.

Melissa smiled coldly and ignored Murray. She just called Alex, who was about to head for downtown,
“Alex, don’t bother. I can cure Ms. Sofia.”

Alex stopped and looked at Murray in puzzlement.

“What happened to Lily?” Murray asked.

“She’s fine,” Melissa said indifferently.

The next second, Melissa’s eyes turned cold. She raised her right hand and punched Ryleigh heavily
in the chest

Chapter 187 The Complicated Love Quadrangle

Melissa’s punch came too sudden that no one could respond, including Murray.

Melissa only used thirty percent of her strength. Even so, Ryleigh still trembled in pain and could not
help but shout, “Ah!”

“There she wakes.” Melissa clapped her hands and stood up.

Ryleigh’s face alternated between blue and white. She glared at Melissa fiercely, “Melissa, how could
you hit me!”

Melissa looked down at Ryleigh and said sarcastically, “Ryleigh, didn’t you faint? How did you know
that I hit you?”

Anyone with a bit of common sense would know that an unconscious person could not feel pain.

Ryleigh reacted so much after taking a punch, which could only mean that she did not faint just


Seeing Murray looking at her with a bit of scrutiny, Ryleigh hurriedly grumbled, “Murray, did I faint just
now? I suddenly lost consciousness and didn’t know anything. Then I was beaten by Ms.

Eugen as soon as I woke up. It hurts!”

“Why is Ms. Eugen doing this to me?”

“To save her, I have been searching with you for so long, cold, freezing, and starving. I am almost

dying. It was not easy to save Ms. Eugen, is this how she treats me?”

Murray was speechless for a moment. Ryleigh had indeed always been by his side, searching for
Melissa with him.

He did not expect that the so-called treatment of Melissa was to give Ryleigh such a punch.

Seeing Ryleigh playing innocent, Melissa could not help but retort, “Ms. Sofia, you should not say that.
When did I hit you?”

“I’m just treating your illness. Look at you, aren’t you in high spirits now? You accompanied

Murray to save me, and now I saved you too. We’re even.”

After saying that, Melissa ignored Ryleigh and took Nina’s hand, “Nina, let’s go to find Mr. Luca.”

“Aren’t you going back to rest?” Nina asked in surprise.

After all, Melissa had just been saved and had been trapped in the cave for two whole days. Right

now, she looked haggard.

“I want to find Mr. Luca as soon as possible,” Melissa shook his head.

No matter what, Melissa wanted to find Mr. Luca as soon as possible and ask him to treat Mr. Marc.

“Melissa, I will go with you.” Murray suddenly said in a low voice.

Before Melissa could say anything, Ryleigh grabbed Murray and covered her chest, “Murray, don’t

go. I’m in pain. I’m in so much pain because of Melissa.”

Murray frowned, “Lily, I will let Alex send you back first. When I find Mr. Luca, I will go to you.”

Seeing that Murray insisted on going with Melissa to look for Mr. Luca, Ryleigh’s eyes flashed with

a hint of sinister light.

“Murray, you once said that you would protect me for the rest of your life. You said that you would love
me forever. Now, you want to leave me alone…”

All of these words fell into Melissa’s ears, which were so harsh.

Murray had once said something like that to Melissa.

“Melissa, don’t be afraid. I will protect you.”

“Melissa, I love you. I will make you the happiest woman in this world.”

However, he had also said those to Lily.

Taking a deep breath, Melissa drove away all the unhappy emotions in her heart and turned to look at
Nina, “Nina, let’s go!”

Melissa pulled Nina and turned to leave.

Staring at Melissa’s indifferent back, Murray spoke to Ryleigh somewhat absent-mindedly, “Lily,

listen to me and go back with Alex.”

“Murray!” Ryleigh clenched her fists tightly.

Melissa, it was because of Melissa again!


Why did Murray care about Melissa so much?

Under Rylciph’s jealous gaze, Murray caught up with Melissa and said in a deep voice, “Melissa, I will
go with you to find Mr. Luca.”

Melissa stopped in her tracks and turned to look at Murray indifferently, “No need. Mi Luca doesn’t like
strangers. You should go accompany your sweetheart Lily.”

“Lily and …” Justas Murray was about to explain, an anxious male voice suddenly came from the


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