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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 188

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Chapter 188 Have You Seen My Parents?

Melissa, Nina, and Jaylin walked forward. At this moment, the ice and snow had not completely melted.
They stumbled along the way. It was especially difficult for Melissa to walk.

“If I knew this would happen, I would have asked Murray to send us here with a helicopter,” Nina compl

Nina thought, It is better to let Murray send us over rather than messing around with Ryleigh.

After all, they were looking for Luca to save Marc.

Murray was responsible for sending them over.

Melissa‘s face paled. She frowned and looked around. “It should be somewhere near here.”

“Are you sure? This place is covered in snow and it looks like a barren land. There doesn‘t seem to be
anyone here.”

“According to Cathy, it should be here.” Melissa paused.

“Melissa, is it here?” Jaylin, who had been silent the entire time, suddenly asked in a low voice as he p
ointed forward.

Following the direction Jaylin pointed out, behind the dense forest nearby, they saw a small wooden


There was a completely different view on the other side of the forest.

“It should be here!” Melissa‘s said excitedly.

She went forward and knocked on the door. “Hello?”

There was no response.

“Could there be a mistake? Maybe this is not the right address,” Nina asked worriedly.

Melissa put on a gloomy face. She did not give up and continued to knock on the door. He raised his vo
ice allule “Hello? Mr. Luca, are you inside?”

After a while, the door creaked open. A middle–aged man with gray hair appeared

The man had straight eyebrows and bright eyes. He also had a beard. He looked very similar to the Lu
ca in Melissa‘s memory, just much older

Melissa derged in her heart, Irishin!

Mr. Luca!

Mr Marc can be saved!

“Mr. Luca, do you remember me?” Melissa asked, a little agitated.

“Are you Rachel?” Luca narrowed his eyes in shock. He stared at Melissa and muttered excitedly, “Rac
hel, Rachel…”


Who is that?

“Mr. Luca, don‘t you recognize me? I‘ın Melissa,” Melissa asked.

“Melissa? Oh, it‘s you,” said Luca calmly, his eyes flashing with disappointment.

“Yes, it‘s me. Mr. Luca, do you remember me?
I was seriously ill when I was a child. You saved me and then taught me medicine,” Melissa
said anxiously. She was afraid that Luca had forgotten about her.

Luca nodded. He looked at Melissa from head to toe and said with emotion, “You‘ve grown up. Come in

Seeing that Luca
knew her, Melissa relaxed and turned to Nina and Jaylin, “You guys can wait for me outside.”

She knew Luca. He didn‘t like strangers.

Melissa walked into the house and Luca slammed the door.

“Take a seat. How do you know I am here?” Luca pointed at the wooden stool in the room.

Melissa sat down and said straightforwardly, “Actually, I came here this time because I have something
to ask of you.”

“You want me to treat someone?” Luca knew what Melissa came for, but refused, “Go back. I won‘t lea
ve here.”

Melissa eagerly pleaded, “Mr. Luca, I know my request is very abrupt, but Mr. Marc is in danger. Only y
ou can save him. Can you help me?”

“Mr. Marc? Marc Gibson?” Luca frowned and asked.

“Yes, Mr. Marc and my grandpa are good friends. Mr. Luca, could you please save him? For my grandp
a‘s sake.” Melissa grabbed Luca‘s arm and pleaded.

After all, Melissa was responsible for Marc‘s illness. J Luca refused to treat Marc, she would feel

guilty for the rest of her life.

Feeling the temperature on Melissa‘s hand, Luca‘s thoughts drifted away

“Luca, save lim! Please save lum..”

Chapter 188 Have You Seon My Parinta?

Rachel also used to grab his arm and beg him to save her sweetheart.

Looking at Melissa, who looked like Rachel so much, Luca sighed softly. He thought for a moment

and finally nodded.

“Mr. Luca, did you agree?” Melissa was delighted.

“Yes,” Luca replied calmly.

“Thank you, Mr. Luca.” Melissa finally felt relieved.

“Can we go to Aldness as soon as possible?” Melissa asked, smiling.

Now that she had found Luca, the sooner they got to Aldness, the earlier Marc could get better.

“I‘ll have to pack first.” Luca stood up. He took a wooden box from his room and carried it on his back.

Melissa recognized that it was Luca‘s medical kit.

“Melissa, do you remember what happened in the past?” Luca suddenly asked.

Melissa thought, Does he mean the things before my illness?

Melissa looked down in disappointment. “I don‘t remember many things when I was a child. Grandpa sa

“Yes. Let‘s go.” Luca nodded perfunctorily.

“Mr. Luca, have you seen my parents? What do they look like?” Melissa asked after hesitating for a


She had asked Enoch this question before. But every time, Enoch would either change the topic or

get angry

So Melissa did not dare to ask again, afraid that it would cause Enoch to be sad.

But maybe Luca knew something and would tell her.

“No. When I went to your house, there were only you and your grandfather,” Luca looked away and

His answer made Melissa disappointed.

Meliss, was sure that Luca was hiding something from her.

Melist thought, What was lie buding?

Melissa knew Lirca Il Luca did not want to tell her about it, it would be useless for her to ask tum

Melissa thought, Forget about it. The most important thing now is to hurry back to Aldness so that Mr. Lu

Melissa and Luca walked out of the house together. Nina and Jaylin hurriedly came up to them.

“This is Mr. Luca. Mr. Luca, they are my friends, Nina and Jaylin.” Melissa introduced herself with a smile

“Mr. Luca, we have heard so much about you.” Nina and Jaylin admired Luca‘s medical skills.

However, Luca only glanced at Nina and Jaylin indifferently.

Nina and Jaylin had also heard from Melissa that Luca had a strange temper. They looked at each

other and silently followed Melissa.

Back at the village, just at the intersection, a tall and straight figure suddenly appeared in front of Meliss

“Murray, what are you doing?” Melissa frowned.

“I am waiting for you,” Murray spoke with a heavy tone.

“Don‘t worry. I‘ve already found Mr. Luca. He promised to go to Aldness with me to save Mr. Mare.” Melis

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