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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 187

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Chapter 187 The Complicated Love Quodhangla


This voice…

Melissa followed the voice and saw Jaylin rushing towards her.

“Jaylin, why are you here?” Melissa was surprised.

Jaylin rushed over, “I saw the news and realized that something bad had happened to you. Why are
you so silly? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Previously, when Melissa suddenly left with Nina, Jaylin did not know where Melissa had gone.

When Jaylin saw the news, he found out that something went wrong and rushed over immediately.

Unexpectedly, it was still too late and Murray save Melissa first.

Melissa thought for a moment and smiled, “I didn’t want you to worry, so I didn’t tell you.”

After a pause, Melissa continued, “Jaylin, I’m fine. Now, we are going to find Mr. Luca. You can go back

“Melissa, I’ll go with you.” Jaylin’s eyes fell on Melissa’s face.

After thinking for a moment, Melissa nodded, “Let’s go!”

Murray’s handsome face suddenly darkened.

Just now, Melissa refused to go with Murray because Mr. Luca didn’t like to see strangers.

But now, she allowed Jaylin to accompany her?

So it meant that Murray was a stranger, but Jaylin was not?

Melissa, Nina, and Jaylin walked in the direction of the Jade Mountain together.

“Melissa, why are you so silly? You came here alone. Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you let me
accompany you?” When he thought of how Melissa had almost died from an avalanche, Jaylin felt a
lingering fear.

Before Melissa could speak, Nina furrowed her brows, “Mr. Segar, Melissa has just had a narrow

escape. Can’t you just leave her alone?”

“Sorry, Melissa.” Jaylin was stunned for a moment and then quieted down.

Nina was still thinking about what had just happened, “Melissa, you should let Murray go with


“Why?” Melissa pursed her lips.

Nina sighed, “Can‘t you tell that he cares about you a lot? Also, everyone knows that Ryleigh wanted Mu

Melissa understood what Lily meant, but as soon as she thought of what Ryleigh
had said and how Murray had been so nervous about Ryleigh, Melissa would feel unease.

“You shouldn‘t push Murray away just for a moment of anger,” Nina said exasperatedly.

“Nina, what did you say? Murray loves Melissa. Don‘t talk nonsense.” Jaylin was no longer calm.

Nina knew that Jaylin loved Melissa, but Melissa loved Murray, and now there was Ryleigh…

Nina could only shake her head helplessly at the complicated love quadrangle.

B7 The Complicated Love Quadrangle

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