Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 164

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Chapter 164 Marc Has a Heart Attack

Melissa’s hands
were tightly held by Murray. Though she struggled with all her might, she could not break free.

“Melissa, why did you cancel the engagement ceremony?” Seeing that Melissa was silent, Murray repe

Seeing Murray like this, Melissa felt touched for a moment.

She closed her beautiful eyes. The scene of Murray and Lily hugging each other in the afternoon appea
red again.

Her heart ached.

Melissa took a few deep breaths. When she opened her eyes again, her eyes were
already filled with indifference. “Why? Don‘t you know why?”

– Murray froze. What was he supposed to know?

He knew nothing!

“Because of … Lily?” Murray frowned. “Didn‘t I say that I would explain everything about Lily to you?”


Melissa smiled coldly.

The facts were clear, What was there to explain?

At this moment, Marc walked into the lounge with the support of Jose.

“Murray, Meli, what are you doing?” Marc was
angry and anxious. The moment he saw Murray and Melissa, his face darkened and he asked with a s
omewhat anxious tone.

Why did they cancel the engagement ceremony?

And it was so sudden in front of all the guests?

To make a joke publicly was simply ridiculous!

“Grandpa.” Seeing Marc enter, Murray quickly released Melissa and went forward to support Mr. Marc.

“Did you do something that made Meli unhappy?” Marc‘s expression was
extremely ugly. He knocked on his walking stick and spoke in a serious and cold tone.

Without waiting for Murray to answer, Sarah came over at some point in time and cleared her throat.

Dad, why are you blaming Murray?” she asked.

After a pause, she glared at Melissa fiercely, “It‘s very obvious now that it was because of Melissa‘s doi
ng that the engagement ceremony has been canceled!

Those from the countryside don‘t know the rules at all! Today is such an important day. It‘s fine if you
want to embarrass yourself, but why did you implicate our Gibson family?”

Claire also smeared Melissa, “That‘s right, how could Murray do something to
make Melissa unhappy? Today was a perfectly fine engagement
ceremony, and Melissa actually made such a big joke, making our Gibson family lose face!”

Marc suddenly felt a tightness in his chest as he listened to the two people talking non–stop

He clutched his chest and looked at Melissa “Meli, tell me, what exactly is going on?”

“Mr. Marc, thank you for your concern all along, but I‘m sorry today. I must cancel the engagement with
Murray.” Melissa pursed her lips, her tone firm and resolute

“Meli, is it Murray, he…” Marc opened his mouth, wanting to say
something more. His chest ached, and his body swayed.


With a loud bang, Marc fell to the ground.

“Grandpa, Grandpa! What happened to you?” Murray
strode forward and tried to support Marc, but he was too late.

Marc‘s face was deathly pale. His face was drenched in sweat, and his eyes were tightly shut.

“Grandpa, what‘s wrong?” Murray was shocked and quickly squatted down and shouted.

However, Marc did not react in the slightest.

“Call the ambulance!” Looking at the unconscious Marc, Murray felt a sharp pain in his heart and almos


Many people gathered around, and the lounge was a mess.

Alex immediately called the ambulance, his tone a
little anxious, “Hello, this is the Empire Hotel, there is an old man who fainted, please come over immed

Melissa’s heart tightened. She looked down at Marc who was lying on the ground,

His symptoms looked like a sudden heart attack.

Melissa was about to walk over to see Marc, but
she was stopped by Sarah and Claire. “Melissa, you hurt

grandpa so much? What else do you want to do?”

“Get out of the way!” Melissa said in a cold tone.

Marc’s current situation was very critical. She had to give him first aid before the doctor arrived.

Otherwise, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

Claire snorted and did not want to move her body. “Melissa, who do you think you are? Now that you
have broken off the engagement with
your Murray. you are nothing! You are not qualified to see grandpa!”

“Out of the way!” Melissa didn’t have time to continue fighting with Claire and directly pushed Claire to
the ground.

“Ah!” “Melissa, you actually hit me?” Claire screamed and fell to the ground, glaring at Melissa hatefully.

Melissa didn‘t want to pay attention to Claire at all, but Claire hugged her leg.

Sarah and Claire pulled like two shrews and entangled Melissa.

Melissa was a little anxious and used a bit of strength to finally get rid
of Sarah and Claire. She pushed through the crowd and walked to Marc.

She crouched down and reached out to feel Marc‘s pulse, but Murray held her hand down,

“Melissa, what are you doing?” Murray frowned, his eyes cold.

Melissa looked at Murray expressionlessly. pushed him away, and directly revived Marc.

Murray was stunned by her skillful movements.

She suddenly remembered that when Susie fell into the water, it was also Melissa who helped her surviv

When they were on the deserted island, he was attacked by the big fish. His wound was inflamed, and
he was not awakened because of the high fever. It was also Melissa who helped him cure it.

So, Melissa knew medicine?

Melissa focused
all her attention on the recovery of Marc‘s heart, completely ignoring the people around her pointing fing

At that moment, she felt a little guilty. If she had not canceled the engagement ceremony and provoked

Ten minutes later, the ambulance arrived.

The doctor hurried into the lounge.

“Doctor, hurry up and check on my grandfather.” Murray, who had always stood tall and refused to bend

“The patient has a heart attack. He needs immediate treatment!” The doctor gave Marc a simple

examination. His expression was cold as he spoke in a low voice. He put on the emergency apparatus
that he

brought with him.

Murray followed the doctor to the door of the ambulance. When he passed by Melissa, he paused.

“If anything happens to grandfather, I will not forgive you.” Murray glanced at Melissa with cold eyes

brushed past her.

It was as cold as the chilly winter. Melissa‘s heart could not help but tremble.

She had not expected that things would turn out this way.

However, wasn’t Murray himself the one who had started this?

if it wasnt for the fact that he had always loved Lily, why would she cancel the engagement ceremony?

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