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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 158

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Chapter 158 I’m Lily

Thinking of tonight‘s engagement and the surprise he prepared for Melissa tonight, Murray revealed a f


Murray gripped the steering wheel tightly and drove towards the Gibson Corporation

Suddenly, a woman in a white dress ran over in a panic. She turned around and rushed out on the road
toward Murray‘s car.

Murray‘s face sank, and he hurriedly stepped on the brakes.


It was the sound of car tires rubbing against the ground,

Even though Murray quickly stepped on the brake, he hit the woman

Murray opened the car door and got out with a frown. He looked down at the pale woman on the groun

This woman seemed to be a little familiar.

Murray rubbed his eyebrows and remembered that this seemed to be a singer of Charm Bar,

Murray once heard her sing at the bar

It was unknown why she suddenly rushed out of the road and crashed into Murray‘s car.

Fortunately, it seemed that she was not seriously hit

“Are you alright?” Murray asked indifferently.

Ryleigh grabbed Murray‘s foot and looked behind her in panic. “Sir, save me!”

Murray frowned and pulled his foot away. Just as he was about to speak, two tall and strong men sudd

walked toward Ryleigh.

One bearded man pulled Ryleigh up from the ground and said fiercely, “Bitch, you still want to run?”

With a hiss, the collar of Ryleigh‘s dress was torn by the bearded man, revealing her shoulder.

From the corner of his eyes, Murray suddenly saw a plum–blossom–
shaped birthmark on Ryleigh‘s fair shoulder.

Murray narrowed his eyes.

This birthmark was… so familiar.

In the depths of Murray‘s memories, the little girl also had such a birthmark on her shoulder

“Lily?” Murray stared at the plum blossom birthmark in disbelief.

Ryleigh was stunned. She grabbed Murray‘s arm
and stared at his handsome face. Her beautiful eyes were glistening with tears. Her tone was excited. “
You are … Ray?” Chapter 158 im Lily


What a familiar name!

That was what Lily called Murray back then!

Was the fragile and pitiful girl Lily?

Those sealed memories were like the tide of a dam, surging over

Murray‘s mind was a little chaotic.

“Bitch, it‘s your good fortune that Mr. Cousy likes you. Many women want to line up and get into his bed
, You‘re lucky! Come with me! The bearded man pulled Ryleigh and slapped her.

Ryleigh covered her face with her hands and trembled. She looked at Murray with pleading eyes. “Ray,
save me! Please save me!”

Ryleigh‘s words rang in Murray‘s ears.

Back then, when Lily fell off the clill, she shouted, “Ray, save me! Please save me!”

Murray no longer hesitated. His cold eyes swept over the two men, “What do you want to do?”

Murray‘s powerful aura frightened the fierce man. “She owes our
boss money. She should pay the debt…”

Murray immediately took out a check, filled up the number, and threw it to the bearded man.

Murray then coldly said, “Scram!”

When the bearded man saw the number on the check, his eyes lit up and he hurriedly picked up the ch
eck from the ground

“Ray, thank you.” Ryleigh held Murray‘s hand and looked at him with a mixture of
all kinds of complicated feelings, such as excitement, happiness, shock…

It seemed that Ryleigh had a lot to say, but she did not know how to start.

“Are you Lily?” Murray narrowed his eyes when he felt the cold temperature of Ryleigh‘s fingertips.

“Yes, I‘m Lily.” Ryleigh nodded without hesitation

She was Lily

She was really Lily.

A gust of cold wind blew on Ryleigh‘s body. Her thin dress had been torn apart by the two men. She wa
s skinny as if she would fall at any time.

Murray cleared his throat. He had too many questions, but he did not know where to start,

Where exactly had Lily been to in these years? Why couldn‘t Murray find her?

“Ray, I finally found you…” Seeing Murray sizing her up with a scrutinizing gaze, Ryleigh said in a trem

voice. Then she swayed her body and fell into Murray‘s arms

“Lily? Lily? What‘s wrong?” Murray reached out to hold her subconsciously

Ryleigh in Murray‘s arms had a pale lace and her brows were tightly furrowed. She fainted

In Red Boutique ..

As soon as Melissa and Nina arrived, the store manager welcomed thern warmly. “Ms. Eugen, your dres

“Thank you.” Melissa smiled politely and took the dress

Murray had good taste. Even Nina praised him. This dress is comparable to our company‘s. It seems tha

your husband cares about you.”

“What husband? Don‘t talk nonsense.” Melissa pretended to be angry as she glared at Nina before follow

Nina smiled as she looked at her boss, who pouted prettily

Only an outstanding man like Murray could match Melissa

An hour later, after finishing the styling, Melissa walked out. Nina widened her eyes in shock

Nina knew that her boss was beautiful, but she didn‘t expect Melissa to be so gorgeous.

Melissa‘s elegant and slightly curly hair lell to her shoulders. She was dressed in a bright red dress, whic

“Melissa, you are beautiful!” Looking at the beautiful and noble Melissa in front of her, Nina exclaimed fro

The praise gave Melissa an
uncomfortable feeling. She looked down at her watch. “It seems to be late.*

“Well, you can‘t wait to see your husband, right?” Nina teased,

“I’ll call him.” Melissa picked up her phone and dialed Murray‘s number.

But Murray‘s phone was turned off. Melissa bit her lip and shook her head,

Seeing that there was something wrong with Melissa‘s face, Nina stopped smiling and asked with conce

“I can‘t get through to Murray.” Melissa frowned and replied.

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