Novel Name : Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 154

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Chapter 154 Jaylin’s Blessing

Jaylin, don‘t do this.” Melissa sighed and turned to look at Jaylin. “I found my true love. You should con
gratulate me, right?

True love.

Jaylin felt bitterness in his heart

He had chased after Melissa for two years, but it could not compare to the one–
month relationship between Murray and Melissa

He was a loser.

After a few minutes of silence, when Jaylin looked up again, he calmed down

He stared at Melissa. “I wish you happiness.”

If you loved one person, you didn‘t have to get her.

As long as Melissa could get happiness, Jaylin was willing to bless her.

“Thank you.‘ Melissa sighed in relief.

It would be best if Jaylin could figure it out. Melissa did not want him to be stubborn.

“Then, are we still friends?” Jaylin hesitated for a moment and then asked.

Melissa smiled and replied with certainty. “Of course.”

When they arrived at Star Entertainment, Melissa looked at the recent work arrangements and said wit
h satisfaction, ‘Well, this proposal is done well. The next season‘s new shoot will be carried out accordi

ng to this proposal

I‘m happy that you are satisfied,” Jaylin said indifferently

In order to do this proposal, Jaylin had worked for several nights.

Jaylin would do his best to make Melissa satisfied.

Jaylin then gave Melissa a detailed introduction of the next season‘s recruitment plan and Melissa gave
some suggestions.

By the time things were done, it was already dusk,

“I‘m going back.” Melissa handed the revised proposal to Jaylin and stood up.

I‘ll drive you back.” Jaylin followed her.

After thinking about it for seconds, Melissa nodded.

By the time Melissa returned to the Moonlight Mansion, it was already dark.

Jaylin got out of the car and opened the door on the side of the passenger seat for Melissa.

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Melissa got out of the car and thanked Jaylin with a smile. Thank you for driving me back”

After saying that, Melissa turned around and walked towards the house. Suddenly, she heard Jaylın sa
y, Melissa.”

Melissa stopped and turned around.

Jaylın quickly walked forward and approached Melissa with lightning speed. He hugged Melissa
and whispered in her ear, Melissa, I wish you happiness!”

His sudden approach made Melissa uncomfortable. Melissa took a step back and said, “Thank you.”

On the balcony on the third floor, Murray held a wine glass and looked at the scene downstairs with a gl


What were Melissa and Jaylin doing?

After the press conference today, Melissa left with Jaylin in front of so many people, leaving Murray alo
ne in the Gibson Corporation

Did she know how much patience Murray had used to suppress the urge to go to Star Entertainment to
pull her back?

When Murray returned home, he still didn‘t see Melissa

Murray was depressed. He drank the wine to drown his sorrows.

However, was Melissa flirting with Jaylin?

Was Melissa treating Murray as her fiance?

Melissa took out the key and opened the door. There was no light in the living room and it was dark.

“Has Murray not returned home yet?”

Just as Melissa was about to turn on the lights, a gloomy man‘s voice suddenly
sounded, “Are you willing to

come back now?

It was Murray

Melissa subconsciously turned around. Under the hazy moonlight from outside the window. Melissa sa
w Murray sitting on the sofa in the living room. He was dressed in a black suit and almost blended with
the moonlight.

Melissa turned on the light and was about to put down her handbag when a force came from behind he
r. Murray pressed her against the door.

A strong smell of wine came to her face. “Murray, what are you doing?” Melissa frowned.

Murray said coldly, “Melissa, what did you and Jaylin do?”

Melissa smiled, “I told you that I need to get his autograph for my friend?”


Does she think I‘m a fool?

Murray’s face was covered with anger. He stared at the beautiful face of the woman
in front of him. The image of Jaylin being intimate with her just now flashed through Murray‘s mind.

Murray twisted her chin, lowered his head and kissed her.

“Murray, let go of me…” A burst of pain came from her chin. Before Melissa finished speaking. Murray b
locked her mouth.

Murray‘s kiss, like a domineering punishment, made Melissa breathless.

Melissa struggled for a moment, but could not break free, so she stopped resisting

Melissa knew what Murray was angry about. She had also done something wrong in this matter

After a long time, Murray finally ended this overbearing kiss. His face was still terrible and his tone was a

What are you talking about?” Melissa gasped and glared at him,

“Didn‘t Jaylin drive you back just now? Why did he hug you? Were you together all afternoon? What did

“Murray, you are drunk.” Melissa pushed Murray away and walked to the sola.

The next second, a force came from her waist, Melissa stood unsteadily and fell on the sofa.

Murray pressed on her and said in a cold voice. “I am sober. Melissa, are you regretting it?

Or did you promise me just because we were stranded on a deserted island? Did you think you would n

come back?”

“Am I such a person in your heart?” Melissa was baffled

*Then tell me, what is the relationship between you and Jaylin?” Murray suppressed the anger in his hea

felt a strong sense of jealousy. Melissa thought for a moment and said, “I can only tell you that Jaylin an

“Blessing?” Murray frowned.

“Yes, because I told him that I found the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, and that man is y

Murray, can you stop being jealous now?”

“Really?” Murray smiled and finally relaxed.

Melissa nodded, “Yes. But…”

“But what?” Murray asked.

*But you accused me so indiscriminately. It seems that I have to reconsider my choice.”

Melissa smiled and said jokingly.

*Don‘t think about it! You have promised me, and you are not allowed to change your mind!”

Murray spoke in a domineering tone and lowered his head to kiss Melissa‘s red lips again.

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