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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 150

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Chapter 150 1 Will Not Let You Down

“But we don‘t have any evidence ” Melissa pursed her lips and looked concerned “So many years have
passed. Even if there were any clues left behind back then, I‘m afraid it would have been destroyed lon
g ago.”

Murray tightened his knuckles bit by bit and he sounded cold and firm. No matter how long it takes, as l
ong as it was done by him, there will definitely be traces left behind!”

“Yes, but our top priority right now is to expose Jim‘s wild ambition of putting your grandfather under ho
use arrest in an attempt to seize power.” Melissa‘s eyes flashed with a dark light

She definitely wouldn‘t let Jim, a despicable person, succeed!

Murray tilted his head and took a deep look at Melissa. He reached out and pulled her into his arms, ey
es full of affection. “Melissa, thank you for staying with me at this difficult time.”

In Murray‘s arms, Melissa reached out her hand and lightly tapped Murray‘s forehead, “Don‘t be
silly. I am your fiancée and I‘m ready to share the joys and sorrows with you.”

Murray held
the woman in his arms tightly and promised in a low voice, “Meli, I won‘t let you down in this life.”

Warmth came over Melissa. She looked up to meet Murray‘s deep eyes. “You have to keep your word.”

“Of course!” Murray kissed Melissa deeply as soon as he finished speaking

*Alex, Mr. Corbin is looking for you.” Lin Alex returned to the Gibson Corporation and was stopped by Ji


“I got it,” Alex nodded.

Alex took the elevator to the 18th floor, the CEO‘s office.

Originally, it was Murray‘s office, but now it was taken by Jim, Jim was really too proud and did not kno
w how to restrain himself.

Retracting his thoughts, Alex reached out his hand and knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Jim‘s voice care from the CEO‘s office.

“Mr. Corbin, are you looking for me?” Alex asked as he pushed open the door and entered.

At this moment, Jim was sitting in Murray‘s seat. When he saw Alex coming over, he raised his head an
d glanced at him. “Have you thought about what I told you?”

Thinking about what Murray had just said, Alex pretended to hesitate before speaking up.

“Well… I haven‘t thought about it yet…”

“What are you thinking?” Jim suddenly stood up and walked to Alex step by step.

Seeing that Alex looked like he was in a dilemma, Jim continued, “Don‘t tell me that you know nothing a

the current situation. Murray had a flight accident. There has been no news of him for so many days. I‘
m afraid he is already dead.”

“Marc is seriously ill in the hospital. He told me that I must take good care of the Gibson Corporation on

Murray‘s behall. In the current situation, no one except me can be the president of the Gibson Corporati

As he spoke, Jim stuffed a cheque into Lin Alex‘s hands “As long as you agree to vote for me at the pre
ss conference, this money will belong to you. In addition, I will promote you to be the vice president.”

“Really?” Alex seemed to be tempted by the offer and accepted the check

“Sure.” Jim raised the corners of his lips as if he was destined to win.

Two days later, Jim would hold a press conference.

It was a sunny day. The sun was bright and the sky was blue.

The press conference was set at two in the afternoon

Melissa and Murray woke up early in the morning. Murray sent Alex a text message: “How is everything


Alex quickly replied, “Everything is going well!”

“How is it?” Melissa walked over and asked concernedly.

Murray smiled and kissed Melissa‘s forehead slightly. His eyes
were gentle, “Everything is going well. Now, we are waiting for Jim to hold a press conference.”

“That‘s good.” When Melissa heard this, she let out a sigh of relief. “When the time comes, I‘ll go to the
press conference first. While he‘s holding the press conference and letting down his guard, you quickly
bring people to rescue Mr. Marc.”

“OK” Murray nodded lightly

At two o‘clock in the afternoon, the press conference started on time,

The conference hall of the Gibson Corporation was surrounded by reporters.

Melissa dressed up and mixed in with the crowd. She found a seat in the inconspicuous corner of the

conference hall

Melissa and Murray separated into two groups. She first came to the press conference to see how it wa
s going, while Murray took people to the hospital to save Marc.

Soon, the press conference was officially announced. Jim, dressed in a suit and leather shoes walked
up to the rostrum and sat down in the middle seat with a srnile on his face.

To his surprise, Sarah followed behind and sat beside him.

The host cleared his throat and said with a smile, “Welcome to the Gibson Corporation‘s press
conference. First of all, we have to invite the president‘s mother, Sarah Gibson, to deliver a speech.”


Why would Sarah appear at this news conference?

Under Melissa‘s surprised gaze, Sarah, who wore a black dress and high heels, walked to the center of

“It has been more than half a month now. Even though we have sent the most capable rescue team, the

still no news of him up to now. No one is sure whether he is still alive.”

“Based on the current situation, after a long discussion among board commissions
of the Gibson Corporation, we have decided to elect

a suitable candidate to be the executive president.”

As soon as Sarah finished speaking, everyone was worked up.

Although Sarah‘s wording was very tactful, it also showed that Murray‘s chance of survival was very slim
a new president.

Moreover, Mrs. Gibson was Murray‘s biological mother. Even she said so and she was dressed in black

In order to stabilize the situation, the Gibson family suppressed the news.

In the face of everyone‘s discussion, Melissa‘s eyes could not help but turn cold.

Although Sarah and Murray weren‘t on good terms, it still took Melissa by surprise that Sarah would help

Was there some secret between Sarah and Jim?

This could also explain why Jim was able to put Marc under house arrest.

Melissa bit her lips, her expression cold,

If Murray knew that his mother had treated him like this, wouldn‘t he be very disappointed?

“May I ask, Mrs. Gibson, regarding the candidate for the next president of the Gibson Corporation, has t

“Sure.” Sarah smiled faintly and turned to look at Jim, who was sitting in the center. “Our board of directo

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