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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 149

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Chapter 149 Get Him When He Is Least Prepared

“Mr. Marc is fine.‘ Alex hurried to Murray and said,

Murray heaved a sigh of relief. He then asked in a low voice, “Alex, what is going on?

“When I came back from Wyvernhalt, everything was normal, Alex said without thinking

“Not long after, the news that your plane crashed suddenly came

“When the news came, the whole city was stirred. Everyone was anxious, especially Mr Marc He got a l
ot of rescue teams to find you

“But the next day, Mr. Marc did not show up. Jim said Mr. Marc had a heart attack and was sent to the h

“A heart attack?” Murray frowned

Murray knew that Marc had heart disease. He also knew Marc had been taking medicine all
these years and controlled the problem well,

“Yes.” Alex nodded and continued, Jim said that because you were missing, Mr. Marc was upset. He fel
l ill after a few days of running around. I went to the hospital to see Mr. Marc, but Jim stopped me.”

“Jim won‘t let you see my grandpa?” Murray pursed his lips tightly

“Yes. He said that Mr. Marc is seriously ill and needs to rest. No one can disturb Mr. Marc.” Alex‘s expre

was cold.

“Then how did you know that Mr. Marc was fine?” Melissa interrupted Alex and asked.

As Alex had said, Jim placed Marc under house arrest. Then why was Alex so sure that Marc was fine?

Alex explained, “In the past few days, I had the rescue teams searching at sea. But the scope of the cr
ash could not be determined, so it was difficult.

*On the other hand, I also tried to go to the hospital to get in touch with Mr. Marc. But Jim has got every
thing under control. I didn‘t dare to do anything. I was afraid that he would hurt Mr. Marc.”

“And then?” Melissa asked.

Alex took a note from his coat and handed it to Murray. “Just when I was at a loss, a nurse handed me t


Murray took the note with his slender fingers and looked down. He saw a string of specific Morse code

written on it.

It meant, “Watch out for Jim Find Murray as soon as possible.”

Murray recognized his grandpa‘s handwriting.

“I tried to contact the nurse but failed.” Alex continued, “On the surface, the Gibson
Corporation is peaceful. But from that day
onwards, Jim temporarily assumed the position of president and dealt with business


“So, Jim has been eyeing the position of the president of the Gibson Corporation for a long time ” Murra
y‘s deep eyes flashed a trace of coldness. His intuition was indeed correct

Jim had deliberately done so many things. Maybe he was responsible for the crash.

Alex continued, “He also tried to bribe me. That was not all. Today, at the board meeting, Jim announce
d that he would take over as the president of the Gibson Corporation. There will be a press conference
in two days.

“Jim couldn‘t hide anymore,” Murray sneered.

“I was afraid that something had happened to you Mr. Marc‘s whereabouts are still unknown. I couldn‘t f
ind anyone to discuss this. Fortunately, you and Ms. Eugen are back now.” Alex sighed.

In the past few days, he had been busy handling Jim. And he was exhausted.

“Murray was fine and came back at a critical moment. Alex breathed a sigh of relief.

“The current situation is advantageous to us.” Melissa analyzed, “Jim is eager for quick success, and h
as already revealed his ambition.

“Now, he thought that something had happened to Murray Before confirming whether Murray was alive
or dead, he was eager to get the Gibson Corporation. We are in the dark now, so we can get him when
he is least prepared.”

Murray looked at Melissa with admiration. He had long known that his fiancee was terrific.

It was exactly what Murray had in mind.

“Alex, we need to gather evidence and rescue my grandpa before Jim holds a press conference,” Murr
ay said

in a cold tone

“Yes, Mr. Gibson.” Alex‘s expression also turned cold.

“It is a bit rushed, but we should be able to make it in time.” Melissa sat down next to Murray and rubbe
d his


It was not so easy to find evidence to prove that Jim had tampered with Murray‘s private jet

But it was still not too late to stop him from becoming the president of the Gibson Corporation.

“Since Jim wants to buy you off, we‘ll play along,” Murray muttered,

“Mr. Gibson, what do you mean?” Alex asked respectfully.

“If you agreed to his request and made him think that he had succeeded. He would let his guard down.
And we would take the opportunity to collect evidence.” Melissa added.

Looking at Murray and Melissa, Alex nodded repeatedly. No wonder they were a couple!

The gloom in Alex’s heart was swept away.

Chanter 149 Get Him When He Is Least Prepared

Murray gave Alex a detailed account of what needed to be done.

“Mr. Gibson. I’ll go back now. So Jim won‘t get suspicious.” Alex raised his hand to look at the time. He h

Murray replied indifferently, “Okay.”

After Alex left, Melissa took out her phone and swiped the screen.

The Internet was filled with reports about the Gibson Corporation

“Plane Crash, Murray Gibson Is Missing!”

“Marc Gibson Had a Heart Attack and is in Critical Conditions!”

*Jim, Marc Gibson‘s Adopted Son, Steps Forward in the Crisis and Will Be the President of the Gibson C

Melissa narrowed her eyes. She knew that Jim was behind the news.

Seeing that Murray was getting more and more upset, Melissa put away her phone in frustration. She fro

“My grandpa must be very disappointed,” Murray looked gloomy.

Actually, not only would his grandpa be disappointed, but Murray was also extremely disappointed.

He remembered that when he was a child, Jim often played with him and bought him toys.

And Jim often drove him to school.

Murray had been very respectful to Jim since then.

Murray didn‘t expect Jim to have been coveting the Gibson Corporation for so many years.

Jim was waiting for this day.

“Murray, what‘s on your mind?” Seeing that Murray had a cold face, Melissa held his hand and asked wi


“I suspect that my father‘s accident back then was also related to Jim,” Murray came back to his senses

hint of pain flashed across his eyes.

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