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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 148

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Chapter 148 The Gibson Corporation is in Trouble

“Grandpa…” In front of Enoch, Melissa was a little shy and she said like a spoiled child,

“Come on.”

“Everyone needs a marriage. You don‘t have to be shy.” Enoch teased her.

“Grandpa, cut it out!” Melissa turned around and patted her cheeks with her hands

Seeing the shy look of the woman beside him, Murray raised his eyebrows and said ver “Grandpa, I will
take care of Melissa and protect her.”

“That‘s great. I was right about you.” Enoch was very satisfied with Murray.

This was the first time Murray saw Enoch. Enoch was in good spirits and his aura was so strong. He di
d not look like an old man from the countryside at all.

Murray suddenly remembered that his grandfather had an old friend with the surname Eugen. Back the
n, the two of them were so powerful and famous in the business world, but they suddenly retired.

Was it him?

Just as Murray was thinking, Melissa suddenly opened his mouth and interrupted his thoughts, “Grandp
a. how did you know we were here? Did you receive my distress signal?”

“Yes” Enoch nodded.

That day when Enoch was fishing by the lake, his sensor suddenly vibrated,

Enoch‘s heart sank. His precious granddaughter was in danger!

He knew his granddaughter‘s ability. Melissa sent a distress signal. She must be in serious danger.

The signal was very weak, and it took a lot of effort for Enoch to locale it.

Therefore, he hurriedly brought people to search and rescue them,

The necklace fell into the deep
sea, and the signal was getting weaker and weaker. Just when Enoch was feeling a little desperate, he
found Melissa,

The sea breeze blew on Melissa‘s face, and Melissa‘s long and smooth hair was flying

“Grandpa, how‘s the situation outside?” Melissa asked as he gradually calmed down,

The President of the Gibson Corporation had fallen into the sea, and no one knew whether he was aliv
e or not. The outside world would be in an uproar.

expected, Enoch narrowed his eyes and looked at Murray with a sharp gaze. “Murray, the Gibson Corp
oration is in trouble.”

“I know,” Murray frowned slightly.

“Grandpa, what is going on?” Melissa asked.

Enoch stroked his beard, and his expression turned serious, “After receiving your signal, immediately

contacted Murray‘s grandfather, but

“How is my grandpa?” Murray‘s eyebrows twitched, and he said in a low voice

Enoch looked at Murray. “Your servant said that he was sick, so I couldn‘t reach him This has never ha
ppened before, but the situation was urgent, so I couldn‘t afford to waste more time I could only come t
o find you first.”

After hearing Enoch‘s words, Murray‘s handsome lace turned cold

Even if his grandfather was sick, it was impossible for him to be unable to reach him.

Something must be wrong

“Murray, your grandfather will be fine.” Melissa shook Murray‘s hand and comforted him softly, “Let‘s hu
rry back No matter what kind of trouble the Gibson Corporation is in, we will face it together,

“Yes.” Murray nodded, turned his head, and looked deeply at Melissa,

There was deep love in his eyes.

“Grandpa, let the captain sail faster.” Melissa knew that although Murray looked calm on the surface, h

must be very worried and anxious in his heart,

She was the same. She wanted to return as soon as possible.

Marc had always been so good to her. If something happened to him, she would also be very sad, not t

mention Murray.

“Il‘s pointless for us to worry now Corne in and take a rest. At the fastest speed, it will take at least thre
e days to arrive “Enoch was also worried about his best friend‘s safety, but he was calmer than Melissa
and Murray

He believed that no matter what happened, Marc could handle it.

Moreover, now that he had found Murray, with Murray‘s ability, Murray could handle any problem the Gi
bson Corporation encountered after they returned.

After cailing on the sea for a few days, Melissa and Murray finally returned to Aldness.

Al the port, Enoch sent Melissa and Murray ashore and warned them, “I will return to Pailbury
City first. You

must be careful. If you can‘t handle it, let me know.”

“Grandpa, take care ” Melissa was a little reluctant, but she had more important things to do now

Enoch‘s cruise ship disappeared from Melissa‘s sight, and her eyes were slightly red.

“Melissa, after we settle the matters here, I will accompany you to see your grandpa.”

Murray‘s clear voice sounded in Melissa‘s ears. Melissa withdrew her thoughts and frowned,

“Let‘s go and see your grandfather first.”

‘No, we cant alarm the enemies, Murray said indifferently

Alarm the enemy?

Melissa quickly understood what Murray meant

When Melissa was at the Gibson‘s house, she used to secretly feel Marc‘s pulse At that time, Marc see

to be healthy. How could he suddenly become seriously ill?

Someone must have faked Marcs illness on purpose

The person was very likely to be the one who wanted to kill Murray on the plane

“Let‘s find Alex first. Murray said solemnly.

Melissa nodded and handed the phone that Enoch gave her to Murray.

Both her and Murray‘s mobile phones fell into the sea.

Murray took the phone over and called Alex.

“Hello, who is this?” Alex‘s voice came from the oiher side of the line.

“It‘s me.” Murray said coldly.

“Mr. Gibson? Are you alright?” Alex asked excitedly

Murray replied indifferently. “Yes.”

“Mr. Gibson, it‘s great that you are fine!” Alex‘s tone was filled with excitement and concern,

“We were all very worried about you and Ms. Eugen. During the days you were missing, many things ha

“Let‘s talk after we meet. I‘m at the port,” Murray said as he looked around.

“I‘ll pick you up right away.” Alex said respectfully.

“Don‘t tell anyone that I contacted you,” Murray warned in a deep voice

“I understand.”

Half an hour later, Alex drove to the port.

“Mr. Gibson, Ms. Eugen, it‘s so nice to meet you again!” Alex opened the car door and saw Murray
and Melissa. It felt like a lifetime ago.

“Let‘s get in the car,” Murray spoke coldly and got in the car with Melissa.

“Mr. Gibson, where are we going?‘ Alex started the car and drove out of the port.

“To my villa in the suburbs” Murray raised his thin lips,

Murray‘s grandfather gave him this villa a long time ago. It was very hidden and no one knew about it.

innlein Traithia

He didn‘t want people to know that he had returned to Aldness.

They finally arrived at the villa. Murray brought Melissa and Alex into the living room.

He sat down on the sofa and crossed his legs. He was so calm that it seemed nothing would shock him.

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