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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 145

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Chapter 145 Be With Him Forever

What nonsense?” After listening to Murray‘s words, Melissa could not help but become amous

Murray looked in the direction of the island Although they were getting closer and closer to the island th
ey were still far from it.

Now, he was exhausted and could not swim at all. He would only burden Melissa

He didn‘t want to burden her.

Murray frowned slightly and reached out to untie the life jacket that connected him with Melissa “Meliss
a, I’m a little tired. I want to rest. You swim over first and wait for me on the island.

Of course, Melissa knew what Murray was thinking She pressed down
on Murray‘s big hand. “No. Let‘s swim

over together.”

“I‘m a burden” Murray gave Melissa a deep look, his eyes flashing with tenderness and gratitude

He was happy that the woman he liked would never leave him behind.

Even if he had to die in the vast sea, he would not regret it.

Melissa took a deep breath. I am not afraid of being burdened. Since I have given you the answer, I will
try my best. I won‘t leave you alone. It is my turn to protect you. We will always be together, live togeth
er, and die together!”

Melissa‘s voice was firm.

Anyway, Murray was injured because he saved her.

He risked his life to save her again and again, so how could she abandon him when he was seriously in

Melissa held Murray with one hand and desperately pulled water with the other, gritting her teeth and h

She thought, Murray, you must not give up!

Melissa went all out and approached the island bit by bit.

The island in front of her looked bigger and bigger.

Melissa panted heavily and turned to look at Murray. “Murray, we will be there soon. Hold on,”

Murray groaned.

He felt extremely uncomfortable all over. His remaining consciousness told him that he couldn‘t faint.

Melissa loved him very much and was always with him.

He couldn‘t disappoint her.

After exhausting the last bit of her strength, Melissa finally brought Murray to the island.

When she stepped on the land, Melissa heaved a long sigh of reliel We‘ve arrived”

Melissa gritted her teeth, helped Murray ashore, and collapsed on the ground.

She looked worriedly at Murray.

His handsome face was abnormally pale. His eyes were tightly closed, and his breathing was quick. He
was in a coma.

Melissa‘s eyes were filled with anxiety. She stretched out her hand and carefully placed her fair
fingers on Murray‘s right wrist to feel his pulse.

Murray‘s hand was so hot.

His pulse was racing but weak. His wounds must have been infected, and he had been soaked in the s
ea for so long, so he got a high lever.

“You will be fine. I will save you.” Melissa held Murray‘s hand tightly, put it to her lips, and kissed it gentl

She took out a bottle of water from Murray‘s backpack, sat on the ground, held Murray‘s head with one
hand, let him lean against her chest, and unscrewed the cap of the bottle with the other hand, “Murray,
drink some


However, the man in her arms was still unconscious and didn‘t move.

“Murray, wake up.” Melissa endured the distress and called out Murray‘s name.

However, no matter what Melissa said to him, Murray didn‘t react at all.

“Murray, drink water.” Melissa filled the cap with water, gently opened Murray‘s lips, and poured the wat
er into

his mouth

Yet Murray was out cold, and the water that had just been fed to him flowed down the corner of his mou

Melissa knitted her beautiful eyebrows. She took a sip of water and bent down slightly toward Murray‘s
lips without hesitation

Her lips were pressed against his thin lips that were still sexy and delicate even though he was uncons

Melissa felt that Murray‘s lips were boiling hot and even made her lips hot.

Her face turned red.

But it was not the time to think about this. Melissa took a deep breath, firmly held Murray‘s head, and fe
d him the water in her mouth.

Murray unconsciously grunted and wanted to spit out the water, but Melissa‘s lips tightly blocked his mo

His adam‘s apple moved, and he finally drank ali the water.

It worked!

Melissa let out a long sigh of relief. Having no time to feel awkward, she fed Murray
water in this way several

harta 145 Do With Him Forever

Melissa found a towel from Murray‘s backpack, dipped it in water, and placed it on his forehead to cool
him down.

After that, she looked around the island.

There was a beach near the sea.

In the inner part of the island, there was a dense forest.

Melissa smiled. Since there were plants, it meant that there must be freshwater, which was enough for

and Murray to survive.

She wondered, Are there any beasts on this island?

At the thought of the big fish they had just encountered in the sea, Melissa was still scared.

If Murray hadn‘t pulled her behind him, she would probably have been seriously injured.

As she looked at the man who was still in a coma, Melissa‘s nose twitched, and her eyes were wet.

She told herself to be strong

She had to face everything calmly.

Murray was still waiting for her to save him

Moreover, she had sent a distress signal to her grandfather. Perhaps, her grandfather was already on
his way


Melissa touched her neck and realized that her necklace was missing

It must have been lost when they met the terrible big fish

Melissa couldn‘t help but feel annoyed. She couldn‘t even send another distress signal to her

She hoped that her grandpa had received the signal yesterday

Just as Melissa was upset, Murray‘s weak voice interrupted her. “Water, water…”

Melissa‘s heart thumped.

“Murray, are you awake?” She looked down at the man in her arms with a hint of joy

However, to Melissa‘s disappointment, Murray was still in a coma and was just subconsciously muttering

Murray, you will be alright.

Melissa prayed silently. She picked up the bottle, kept some water in her mouth, and put her lips close to

When their lips touched, Murray was in a daze. He felt comfortable and cool. He smoothed his deeply fu
breathing became steady.

He greedily sucked the water from Melissa‘s
lips. The familiar feeling that had been lingering in his mind

He thought, Lily, is that you?

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