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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 143

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Chapter 143 Fall into the Sea

There was no signal when they were above the vast sea,

Melissa was not sure if the necklace her grandfather had given her could send the distress signal.

“It will work.” Murray looked at her eyes and raised his eyebrows.

Murray had never seen such a transmitter

Wasn‘t Melissa‘s grandfather a countryman? How could he have such a high–tech object?

Murray‘s gaze carried a bit of inquiry in it.

His fiancée was not simple.

But Melissa did not say it, so he would not ask.

The person he liked was her, and his feelings had nothing to do with her identity and family background

They were getting closer and closer to the surface of the sea. Melissa looked around. In the distance, t
here seemed to be an island.

Melissa was surprised. Just
as she was about to tell Murray, she heard Murray‘s sexy voice, “Melissa, do you see the island over th

“Yes.” Melissa nodded, “I was just about to tell you that.”

Murray let out a low chuckle, and then he whispered into her ear, “Is that our tacit understanding?

When Murray finished speaking, he gently sucked Melissa‘s earlobe.

Immediately, a numb feeling spread throughout Melissa‘s body from her earlobe.

Melissa blushed. This man was still flirtatious even at such a critical moment.

“Stop messing around.” She turned away and looked at the island in the distance.

If there was fresh water on the island, they would have hope.

However, how long would it take to swim to the island?

Could the food Murray brought be enough to support them?

Could her grandfather receive the signal and come over to save her?

Melissa was deep in thought when she suddenly heard Murray‘s low voice. “Can you swim?”

Melissa nodded.

Murray took out a life jacket from his backpack and carefully put it on Melissa. “We will swim in the dire

of that island together.”

“Alright.” Melissa responded, hoping that they could be lucky to encounter a ship that happened to pass

The two slowly descended and got close to the sea.

The vast sea stretched as far as they could see. The sea breeze blew to raise surging waves

Melissa became nervous once again,

She was a good swimmer, but she may encounter all kinds of dangers in the vast sea

“We are about to fall into the water. Hold your breath. After calculating the time, Murray untied the rope
and tied himself to Melissa‘s life jacket

The two held hands tightly and fell into the sea,

Melissa choked on seawater, and the salty taste filled her mouth. It was very unpleasant.

“Melissa, are you alright?” Murray tilted his head to look at Melissa and asked with concern

“I‘m fine. What about you?” The surging waves hit Melissa and made her feel a little painful

She pulled Murray‘s arm.

Murray took the opportunity to hug Melissa and kiss her on the forehead. “I‘m fine. Listen to me. Let‘s s
wim to the island together.”

After saying that, Murray let go of Melissa, and with a beautiful leap, he swam towards the island in a

standard breaststroke position.

The wound on his arm started to hurt.

To protect Melissa, Murray was stabbed by Annie, and the wound had scarred. It was no longer a big pr
oblem for him

But now, after soaking in the seawater, the wound was torn again.

Murray frowned and forcibly suppressed the pain.

At this time, he was Melissa‘s solid and strong mental support. He could not show any discomfort

He was afraid Melissa would worry.

He didn‘t want that

Melissa followed closely, and the two swam forward together

However, the waves seemed to be getting stronger. The two rose and fell along with the waves. It was

difficult to swim forward.

Melissa looked up at the island in the distance and was shocked to find that the island seemed to be ge

further and further away from them.

“Murray, we seem to be getting further away from the island…” she said in panic.

Murray also discovered it.

They happened to be swimming against the wind.

Although they tried their best, the waves pushed them away,

Murray thought for a moment and said, “How about this, stay put for now and preserve our energy Whe
n the wind dies down, we will swim again.”

“That‘s the only way.” Melissa agreed.

They stopped swimming and leaned against each other.

Fortunately, they were wearing life jackets, so they could just follow the waves without worrying about s
inking even though they didn‘t swim.

The waves surged, and the wind whistled. Melissa braced herself and gritted her teeth.

Bursts of waves came towards Melissa and Murray

“Melissa, don‘t be afraid. Hold on.” Murray hugged her tightly

“I‘m not afraid.” Melissa felt touched.

With Murray by her side, she inexplicably felt relieved.

No matter how big the storm could be, she wouldn‘t be afraid.

The two followed the waves and drifted away,

After a long time, the wind and waves began to soften

“Drink some water and replenish your energy” Murray took out a bottle of mineral water from his backpa
to Melissa. “After the wind is gone, we will swim in the direction of the island over there.”

“Alright.” Melissa drank a few mouthfuls of water and handed Murray the bottle.

Murray put the bottle back into his backpack.

“You‘re not drinking?” Melissa asked in surprise.

“I‘m not thirsty,” Murray said indifferently

In the vast sea, fresh water was the source of life.

Even if they made it to the island, there might not be any fresh water there.

Therefore, the mineral water was especially precious

Murray wanted to leave it to Melissa as much as possible.

Melissa knew that Murray was thirsty, but she was still touched by what he had done.

The night fell, and the curved moon hung in the sky.

The hazy moonlight shone on the vast sea. The blue seawater was sparkling, and the waves rippled.

If they were not in danger, how romantic would it be to swim on the sea with her beloved?

“Melissa, the wind is gone now. Let‘s swim to the island now.” Murray looked
into the distance and spoke, interrupting Melissa‘s thoughts.

The island was looming, and they had to swim over quickly, or things would be terrible if
they encountered more storms.

“Yeah, let‘s hurry.” Just after drinking the water, Melissa became spirited.

She turned around and accidentally touched Murray‘s wound,

“Hiss…” Murray gasped.

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