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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 136

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Chapter 136 Charity Auction

Alayna looked around and found Melissa sitting in the corner.

Melissa was not with a man, but with a woman who looked familiar.

Alayna stared at Nina for a while, then she recognized her. She was Nina, the person in charge of Loe

When the Gibson Corporation was accused of plagiarism, Nina testified for Melissa and defeated

What is Melissa’s relationship with Nina?

Isn’t Melissa a girl from the countryside? Why is she with Nina?

It looks like they are close.

Alayna was a little confused. She quietly sat down not far from Melissa and Nina. She vaguely heard
that Melissa was going to attend a charity auction tomorrow.

Charity auction?

A light flashed in her eyes. Alayna quickly sent a text message to Adela, “Ms. Yale, Melissa will be
attending the charity auction held by Loe Studio tomorrow.”

Adela quickly replied, “Prepare yourself.”

After a few glasses of wine, Melissa felt dizzy.

Nina took the wine from Melissa’s hand. “Stop drinking. Come back with me and get some sleep.”

“Okay.” Melissa rubbed her temples. She felt tired.

Melissa stood up and walked to the entrance of the bar with Nina.

Out of the corner of her eye, she suddenly saw a familiar figure.


Melissa frowned. Is it a coincidence? Or…

Melissa stayed at Nina’s place that night. When she woke up, it was almost noon.

Rubbing her eyebrows, Melissa saw the message Nina left her.

“I’m going to prepare for the charity dinner. There is breakfast in the kitchen. Help yourself. I will send
you an email for the launch plan for the new product for the next season, you can check it when you
are free. See you at night.”

Melissa felt a burst of warmth in her heart. What a good friend!

After breakfast, Melissa looked at the proposal Nina sent her seriously and made a few suggestions.

The charity dinner tonight was held in a five-star hotel in Wyvernholt.

have 15LH



As the person in charge of the charity banquet, Nina went to the hotel early in the morning, and all was


Melissa greeted Nina and sat down in a corner.

The charity auction was a public charity event held by Loe Studio, and many celebrities were invited.

Adela asked Declan to get an invitation to enter the auction hall.

She looked around in the auction hall and saw Melissa sitting in the corner. Murray was not there.

It seemed that Murray did not like Melissa very much. Otherwise, Melissa wouldn’t have run out in the
middle of the night and come to the charity auction alone.

A hint of ruthlessness flashed through Adela’s eyes.

Melissa, I’ll make you a joke tonight.

At 8.00 PM, the auction officially began

The host said, “Welcome to the charity auction hosted by Loe Studio tonight. We will donate all the
auction income to charity. Thank you for your support!

“Tonight, we have ten items, all donated by Loe Studio. I hope we can find the lated person.”

Applause rang out and the host announced, “The auction officially begins.”

“The first item to be auctioned is a porcelain bowl from 500 years ago. Please, bring it up!”

The hostess walked to the center of the stage with elegant steps, holding a delicate tray in both hands.
The host uncovered the red cloth on the tray. A blue porcelain bowl appeared.

“The starting price is 80 thousand dollars. Each increase must not be less than 8 thousand. The


Melissa looked up at the porcelain bowl. She got it from her grandfather.

She had too many antiques at home. They had no place to store them. Selling them at the auction and
donating the money to charity was a good choice.

Very quickly, someone bought it for 320 thousand dollars.

The second item to be auctioned was a fluffy cat toy.

“This cat is very cute, isn’t it?” The host introduced, “Don’t underestimate it. It is made by Loe,
the world-renowned designer, The eyes of the cat are inlaid with diamonds. It’s very valuable.”

Someone below whispered, “Made by Loe? It’s indeed valuable.”

“That’s quite expensive. I wonder who will buy it in the end.”

This cat was personally sewn by Melissa and Melissa liked it quite a bit. She planned to take it back.

The host’s voice sounded again, “This cat has a starting price of 160 thousand. Each increase must be

As soon as the host finished speaking, someone quickly raised his card 792 thousand

*240 thousand

*320 thousand!”

The price continued to nse and eventually reached 800 thousand

“Now the price is 800 thousand is there anyone else who wants to bid higher?” The host s loud and

voice rang out

Melissa raised her hand, and said, “2 million

The host raised his voice a little. “This young lady bids 2 million Is there anyone else.”

Before the host could finish speaking. Adela raised her card high, *2.2 million!”

Adela glared at Melissa She didn’t want the cat, but since Melissa liked it, she had to snatch it!

Receiving Adela’s provocative gaze, Melissa smiled faintly and raised her card again, 2.5 million”

2.5 million!

Adela looked at Melissa with disdain.

Where did this village girl get so much money? She must have gotten it from some guys,

From Murray!

Adela looked around but she did not see Murray

Adela stood up, walked to Melissa, looked down at her, and said sarcastically. “Melissa, does Murray
know that you spent so much money to buy a cat toy?”

Melissa looked at Adela like she was looking at an idiot. “It’s none of your business, Ms. Yale.”

“So he doesn’t know?” Adela smiled coldly. “Even if you win the bid, wouldnt it be too embarrassing if
you don’t have the money to pay?”

“Ms. Yale, dont worry.” Melissa smiled lightly and took out a black card, waving it in front of Adela.

I dont have the money to buy it? What a joke!

Adela suddenly remembered that Melissa had snatched the Ailsa dress in Red shop with this card.

Adela was furious She must get the cat toy.

Thus, she raised her paddle again “4 million!”

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