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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 135

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Chapter 135 You Do Care About Him

“Alayna, what happened to you?” Adela pretended to be concerned.

Alayna was a little
embarrassed. She pulled her dress but failed to cover anything. She could only smile awkwardly. “I fell
by accident.”

“Oh, I see. Would you like to come to my room? I have some ointment for you. You won‘t want them to
become scars,” Adela said.

“Thank you, Ms. Yale.” Alayna nodded. Joseph almost broke her. She was in great pain now and she n
eeded some rest.

Adela brought Alayna into her room and brought her some ointment.

“Thank you.” Alayna felt a little touched.

“How are you and Bruce?” Adela asked even though she knew the answer.

Hearing the name Bruce, Alayna‘s eyes dimmed.

“We broke up.” Alayna‘s tone was full of sadness.

“Why did you break up? Just because of what happened at the banquet that day?” Adela casually ment

“It‘s all Melissa! All of this is because of Melissa!” Alayna bit her lip.

The wine was for Melissa, but Melissa tricked Alayna to drink it. And Alayna became a fool in front of ev

If not for Melissa, Bruce wouldn‘t break up with her, and she wouldn‘t be reduced to sleeping with Jose
ph for

a role.

“So, what happened that day was all caused by Melissa,” Adela said as if she suddenly realized somet

“Yes, it‘s all her fault!” At the mention of Melissa, Alayna gritted her teeth in hatred.

“Melissa is a slut. The only thing she is capable of is seducing men.” Adela narrowed her eyes. “Actuall
y, if you want Bruce back, it‘s very simple.”

“Ms. Yale, do you know how I can do it?” Alayna asked anxiously when she heard this.

Alayna was willing to give up everything if Bruce came back to her.

Adela smiled and said, “Bruce broke up with you mostly because of Melissa. You just need to reveal
Melissa’s true face in front of Bruce and make her admit that she framed you.”

“How could Melissa admit it!” Alayna said angrily.

Adela took a step forward and whispered into Alayna‘s ear.

“She is dead this time!” Alayna smiled.

Late in the night.

Melissa was lying on the bed, unable to sleep.

She was thinking about Murray‘s confession on the Ferris wheel, and how he called her Lily just now.

She felt like a mess.

Melissa sat up and called Nina, “Let‘s go to the bar!”

Nina was sleeping soundly when she received Melissa‘s phone call. She said somewhat speechlessly.
“Melissa, what time is it now? It‘s midnight. What happened to you?”

“I am in a bad mood,” Melissa said gloomily.

Nina woke up and asked with concern, “What‘s wrong?

“I‘ll tell you face to face,” Melissa said lightly.

Nina got up and picked up the car key, “Send me the address of your hotel, I‘ll pick you up.”

Melissa changed her clothes and walked out of the room, waiting for Nina at the entrance of the hall.

Alayna came out of Adela‘s room and saw Melissa standing at the door.

She quickly hid herself in a corner.

She heard from Adela that Melissa and Murray were also in this hotel.

Why is Melissa standing alone at the gate in the middle of the night?

Alayna stared at Melissa hatefully. Is she dating another man behind Murray‘s back?

At this moment, Nina‘s car stopped beside Melissa. Nina opened the window and said, “Melissa, get in!

Melissa opened the door and sat in the passenger seat.

Alayna only saw Melissa get in a white Maserati. She did not see the person in the car.

She believed that Melissa was cheating.

“Follow the car in front,” Alayna grabbed a taxi.

Nina glanced at Melissa, “What happened to you? Did Murray make you angry again?

“Don‘t mention him!” Upon hearing the name Murray, Melissa became angry.

Nina smiled, it seemed that she was right again.

Besides Murray, who else could make Melissa so angry?

Nina brought Melissa to the bar. They sat down in a corner, Nina poured a glass of red wine for Melissa
, “Ms. Eugen, tell me, what did Murray do this time?”

Nina brought
Melissa to the bar. They sat down in a corner, Nina poured a glass of red wine for Melissa, “Ms. Eugen,
tell me, what did Murray do this time?”

“I don‘t know what to say either,” Melissa said as she drank her wine in one go.

Nina was puzzled.

Melissa poured herself another glass of wine and shook it gently. “Murray is secretly in love with someon


Melissa told Nina about Murray and Lily.

Nina nodded, “So you think Murray regards you as Lily‘s substitute?”

“Isn‘t it?” Melissa frowned slightly, her heart heavy.

“I don‘t think so.” Nina said in a deep voice, “Murray is pursuing you, why do you care about Lily?”

“I have my phobias, especially in terms of feelings,” Melissa said lightly. “I won‘t allow my partner to think

“Alright… Then what about Jaylin? He is devoted to you, but you are not interested in him.”

Nina curled her lips disapprovingly. “Would you mind it if Jaylin thinks about someone else?

Melissa mined it when Murray loved someone else because she cared about him.

Jaylin? Melissa paused. “We are just friends. Who he thinks about has nothing to do with me.”

“Oh, I see, then. Melissa, you have fallen in love with Murray. Otherwise, why do you care so much abou

‘Is that so?” Melissa rubbed her temples in frustration “Can you stop mentioning him?”

Melissa was trapped by love but, yet she didn‘t know. Nina smiled and changed the topic,

“Will you go to the charity auction tomorrow night?”

Melissa nodded.

The charity auction tomorrow night was held by the sponsor of the studio. Melissa did not intend to
attend, but now she suddenly wanted to go and take a look.

Alayna took a taxi to the bar and covered her face with the brim of her hat, looking around for Melissa

She wished to see Melissa dating a man.

Melissa had hurt her so badly, she must get revenge.

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