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Mrs. Gibson Your Identity Is Exposed Chapter 123

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Chapter 123 Have You Seen Murray

You can’t have anything terrible, Murray!

Melissa endured the pain and gritted her teeth as she got off the bed.

She was going to Murray. She had to see him with her own eyes that he was perfectly fine.

“Ms. Eugen, you’re awake?” Just then, Joe pushed the door open and entered.

“Joe, I’m so glad to know you are well.” When Melissa saw Joe, she was relieved and asked,

“Where is Murray? Where is he? Have you seen Murray?”

Joe glanced at Melissa and said hesitantly, “Mr. Gibson is…”

“What happened to him?” Melissa blurted out anxiously when she saw Joe’s hesitation.

“He’s injured. He’s in the middle of emergency treatment.” Joe sighed and added, “Mr. Gibson is
seriously injured.”

Emergency treatment… Seriously injured…

Melissa’s mind suddenly went blank.

Murray was injured because of her.

The horrible explosion of the warehouse kept flashing in Melissa’s mind.

If not for saving her, Murray would not have been injured at all.

“Where is the emergency room?” Melissa asked Joe loudly.

“It’s on the 18th floor,” said Joe. He seemed to be shocked by Melissa’s look.

On hearing Joe’s answer, Melissa rushed out of the ward and went straight to the elevator.

But the elevator stopped on the top floor. Melissa turned around and walked to the stairs,

rushing upstairs.

Melissa’s ward was on the fifth floor. She climbed thirteen floors at once and finally reached the

eighteenth floor.

“Where is Murray?” Melissa asked a doctor in a white coat and asked in French.

“Oh, do you mean Mr. Gibson of the Gibson Corporation?” The doctor looked Melissa up and down and
pointed inside. “In the emergency room over there,” he said.

“How is he? Is he alright?” Melissa asked anxiously.

“Sorry, I don’t know.” The doctor shook his head.

Melissa rushed to the door of the emergency room anxiously but was stopped by the nurse at the door.
“I’m sorry, miss. The doctor is giving the patient first aid. You can’t go in.”

“Is the patient inside okay?” Melissa gazed at the closed door of the emergency room as she asked

“Miss, please rest assured that the doctor will try his best,” the nurse said with a polite smile.

Rest assured?

How could she rest assured?

She would feel guilty for the rest of her life if anything happened to Murray.

Melissa was so nervous and she placed her hands in front of her chest praying.

It’ll be okay! Murray is always lucky and blessed!

“Ms. Eugen.” A familiar voice came to Melissa.

Melissa turned her head and found that Bruce and some management staff of the Gibson Corporation
branch in France were sitting in the seats next to the emergency room, and everyone looked worried.

Melissa walked over and asked, “Mr. Bailey, how is Murray?”

“I just arrived too. I rushed over as soon as I received the news. How could this happen?” Bruce said,
looking very somber.

“I don’t know. The warehouse exploded.” Melissa pressed her fingers into her temples.

She suddenly realized that something was not right.

The warehouse did not explode earlier or later, but only when she and Murray went over.

Was there such a coincidence in this world?

At this time, the door of the emergency room opened and the doctor pushed Murray out.

“Murray, are you alright?” Melissa rushed forward, looking at Murray with concern.

However, Murray did not answer her.

He was unconscious, lying quietly on the hospital bed. His handsome face was extremely pale at the
moment. His eyes were tightly closed, and his head and legs were wrapped in gauze. Blood was faintly

seeping out.

Looking at Murray like this, Melissa felt so sad and tears almost came out.

Chanter 123 Have You Seen Murtav

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She sniffed and told herself to calm down. She could not panic at this time.

“Doctor, is he alright?” Melissa turned to the doctor at the side and asked, her voice slightly trembling

She was afraid to hear what she was not willing to hear.

“Mr. Gibson was hit in the head and leg by a steel plate. The injury on his head is relatively serious.
Although we gave him the emergency treatment, we are not that optimistic,” the doctor said in a

low voice.

Not optimistic… What did this mean?

Melissa felt like her heart was being stabbed by a knife, and it was in great pain.

Why was Murray so stupid? He risked his life to save me.

“When will he wake up?” Melissa bit her lip and asked urgently.

The doctor sighed. “It’s hard to say. He might wake up tomorrow, but he might also….”

The doctor didn’t continue, but what he meant was self-evident.

Worry, anxiety, frustration… mixed and complicated feelings swirled in Melissa’s heart. She looked
down at the unconscious Murray and said firmly, “No, Murray will definitely be fine!”

Bruce patted Melissa on the shoulder, “Yes, he will be fine. Ms. Eugen, you are also injured, go back to
the ward to rest. We will have people to take care of Murray.”

“I’m fine. I want to accompany Murray.” Melissa shook her head.

The doctor moved Murray to the VIP ward. Melissa sat next to the hospital bed and looked down at the
familiar handsome face in front of him. She said in annoyance, “I’m sorry, Murray. It was all

because of me that you were injured. If I hadn’t insisted on coming to Wyvernholt, so many things

wouldn’t have happened.”

Melissa paused, and then held Murray’s hand, “Murray, wake up! You must wake up!”

Just then, there was a light knock on the door.

Melissa tiptoed to open the door. It was Joe standing outside.

“Joe, what’s the matter?” Melissa asked in a low voice.

“Is Mr. Gibson…alright?” Joe asked as he looked at the ward.

Melissa pursed her lips. “He’s still in a coma.”

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Chapter 123 Have You Seen Murray

“I can’t believe such a thing could happen to him. God bless Mr. Gibson. He will be fine.” Joe sighed.

Melissa looked up at Joe, “As soon as we arrived in Wyvernholt, the warehouse just exploded. It could
be more than a coincidence. Joe, did you find anything?”

“It all happened so fast.” Joe’s eyes darkened. “At the scene of the explosion, the firefighters found two
people dead.”

Melissa’s eyelids flickered. “Two people dead? Who are they?”

“The initial suspicion is that they are warehouse managers. We need to do a further DNA test to
confirm it,” Joe said in a deep voice. “If there is a problem with the raw materials, it is possible that
these two people did something to it.”

Melissa nodded thoughtfully, “Joe, thank you for your hard work. Please go on and figure out whether
the raw materials were tampered with by these two people and whether the explosion is related to

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